Friday, August 04, 2006

Seminole Heightsians In the News

Hmmm. This title brings up an interesting question.

What do you call someone from Seminole Heights
Seminole Heightsian?
Seminole Heightser?
Seminole Heightsarian?
Seminole Heightsoid?
Other ideas?

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

In the Times today:

Latin restaurant becomes a Pipo's St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA... roots. LaVoie is moving his business from Old Seminole Heights to Ybor City under the new moniker Ybor City Nostalgia Market. LaVoie ...

Surviving in java jungle St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA... What's going on?'". Sacred Grounds' owner, Karen Lowman of Seminole Heights, tries to cultivate an atmosphere of intimacy, creativity and a little irreverence. ...

In the Tribune last week:

On The Fence About Porches Tampa Tribune - Tampa,FL,USA... The Seminole Heights residents sit on their front porch several nights a week, sipping wine, eating dinner, relaxing in white rocking chairs and chatting with ...


daniel said...

Seminole Heightie?

IFly said...

and Soshers
anything but

Anonymous said...

I call a person from Seminole Heights, a person from Seminole Heights.

Helen Harmon said...

I like Seminole Heightster...sort of like hipster but cooler!

For a while, a few of us in Hampton Terrace referred to ourselves as Hampton Terrorists...We like to shake things up a bit :)

Anonymous said...

An S.H.