Tuesday, August 29, 2006

City of Tampa TV Online

Do you want to know what is going on in City Government? Do you want to want to know what would happen if you were to appear at any City Council meeting, Municipal Code Board, Variance Review Board, Architectual Review Committee or other boards or committees?

Do you not have cable? Like me?

Well according to the City of Tampa website:

"CTTV, Channel 15 is now being webcast around the clock on the Internet. The same programming broadcast over the city municipal channel, CTTV, is simultaneously streamed on line. This makes city government channel programming available, via the Internet, to anyone in the world with access to a computer!"

View the CTTV, Channel 15 Live Webcast

As I am typing this I am watching (and listening) to the Variance Review Board. The owners of 2811 San Nicholas are trying to a variance to build a 12 foot porch on their self proclaimed "ugly" house, crossing 2 feet over setbacks. They did a pretty good presentation but it was denied. I have seen other people be ill prepared or they did not understand the process or really why they were there.

9:57 PM As I contine to listen I see my neighbor Tom from 10th Street comment on a porch addition variance on 805 E. North Bay St. He asked that the porch be kept open as a requirement of granting the variance. The variance was granted with that condition.


Anonymous said...

From a fellow non-cable owner: Thank you!

CouldBeSherry said...

i have cable, at home. But this is an excellent piece of information. I know I will tune in on line from time to time. I am a city coumcil session junkie! Thanks Scott, as usual for some good info!