Thursday, August 17, 2006

BGOSH in the news

Business Guild's 1st-Year Membership Tops 50
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By KATHY STEELE The Tampa Tribune
Published: Aug 17, 2006

"In less than a year, the Business Guild of Seminole Heights can boast of more than 50 members - 56 to be exact, as of Aug. 10."

"hours mixers have been held at Judy's Treasure Chest and Urban Fitness. Another is planned for December at King's shop. Home-based businesses will be encouraged to display art or gifts they have for sale, King said.

Committees are working on membership, beautification of the business district and marketing. The guild plans to form a regulatory committee that King said would look at "antiquated zoning laws."

"Also, a beautification award will be given to business owners who spruce up their storefront. Home-based businesses are not eligible. The deadline for the first award is Oct. 15. Nominations can be made on the group's Web site, For information call, Sherry's YesterDaze at (813) 231-2020 or Judy's Treasure Chest at (813) 234-1230."


Anonymous said...

Whats antiquated about the zoning laws?

Bungalowlady said...

There is no mixed use allowed. Because Florida Ave on the E side is in an historic district So. of Hanna, doing anything to a building is extremely difficult and the guidelines for the SH historic district were not written for commercial entities. In addition, the lots cannot be re-platted to enable sufficient parking for any retail.As long as it's CI (commercial Industrial) it is extremely difficult to get retail businesses and professional businesses to come in. After all there may be big time industrial business next door.

The other issue is that the roads are all DOT controlled. DOT cares about nothing but moving cars. So, cleaning up Nebradska, Hillsborough and/or Florida is not anywhere near their priority list.

Anonymous said...

With CI zoning you can do any form of retail or professional office. A zoning change is not going to bring retail here, If someone wanted to open retail here they can with CI.

CI zoning is the best! You can open a Starbucks or Cappy's or anything else you want. As a commercial property owner I want to keep the CI zoning I bought and paid for.
The lots are to small to support retail unless you buy additional property for parking.
This zoning issue is good for the neighborhood otherwise you would have all there customers and employees parking in front of our houses on the side streets createing a mess like we had at the north street church.
Whats mixed use? I think we have alot of mixed uses here already. Car lots, motels, grocery, retail, restaurants, bars, liquor stores, convenience stores, Paint stores, Antique Stores, profession offices, etc. What more could you want? philip

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more, but most people are wetting their pants wishing for a pretty little shopping district that just isnt going to happen. I support the current zoning also. If you want to open a business and need parking buy two properties. Oh, thats right, its not affordable. Good luck.