Friday, November 25, 2005

Tampa Antiquarian Book Company

Woohoo! Sound the trumpets. Lay out the red carpet. Throw confetti. Let the balloons loose. Drink lots of wine.

I was driving by Hanna and Central on my way to get a cuban sanwich at Aviles Market, when I saw paper in the windows at the old Sign Art place at Hanna and Central. As I came back I saw vehicles and people. Of course I quickly whipped into the parking lot and found out that the Tampa Antiquarian Book Company is moving in. Previously located at 6306 N Armenia Ave. Stephanie is the owner and she plans to be opened December 1st. As the name states, they specialize in antique books as early as 1700's. For those bungalow lovers, she plans to get a collection of bungalow books.

Acording to their listing in the TampaBay City Search

One of Tampa Bay's Best
Nominated for Best Bookstore for the many treasures that fill its shelves.

More Than Words
It's not just books. They sell notions, antiques and a curious assortment of knick-knacks, like campaign buttons and antique keychains.

Class Reunion Time?
Because they'll gladly take your old books, they have a revolving inventory of old Florida yearbooks from the '60s through '80s.

This store will fit in nicely with our other antique and collectible stores. Karen's Place Antiques, Now And Again II, Greenshift Music and Comics, and Sherry's Yesterdaze.

Any more antique places looking for a crtical mass to join? Try Seminole Heights.


YesterDazed said...

OMG, This is BIG news!! Yippee!.
I saw the work going on today too, but didn't have time to stop. Thanks for finding out for us. This is an excellent store and a perfect fit for SH. We are very lucky.

Anonymous said...

I drove by this location today, and not only is the store not open, but doesn't look like it's going to open any time soon. Does anyone have updates? I'd really like to do my Christmas shopping in the neighborhood this year!

YesterDazed said...

The word is, she is shooting for opening on Monday, 12/12....stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by this bookstore yesterday afternoon, and they're open for business! There's an excellent selection of books from antiquarian to more recent, and Stephanie, the owner, has lots of plans for the store. What a GREAT addition to the neighborhood!

Bob D'Angelo said...

I drove by the store yesterday and it was gone! When did Stephanie close shop?

Jennifer said...

End of November. It was covered pretty well over at, and had to do with the cost of rent. I think she moved the shop somewhere else (north Dale Mabry, maybe?) but it was a significant downsize.