Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tampa Police Arrest Fake Officer from Seminole Heights

From TPD Press Release:

August 29, 2006 -

Suspect: Cusumano, Anthony, W/M, DOB: 04/16/84, 1404 E. Chelsea St.

Charges: Falsely Personating a Police Officer

Tampa Police Officers arrested Anthony Cusumano, Monday, at the Ballast Point Pier on charges for attempting to impersonate a police officer.

Officers responded to a call that the suspect identified himself as a police officer by flashing his badge and ID. He said that he was investigating several sexual offenses and tried to lure the victims to get in his vehicle, which prompted them to call Tampa Police.

Police officers discovered that Cusumano was a paramedic in Pinellas County and graduated from the Police Academy at Hillsborough Community College, but was not employed by any police agency. Officers searched his vehicle and uncovered a siren, PA system, and red/white emergency lights in the front and rear of the car. Tampa Police also found an Hillsborough County Sheriff’s badge, two sets of handcuffs, a bullet proof vest, .40 caliber handgun, two 9mm glock magazines, and two gun belts.

Tampa Police Officers impounded Cusumano’s car, confiscated his police equipment as evidence, and transported him to the Hillsborough County Jail.


Anonymous said...

I know a place you can live once you get out of prison.
1303 East New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Dang, what a fool. If I was going to impersonate a city employee, I would impersonate a Code Manager.

Collect a guaranteed paycheck and not have to do anything!

Anonymous said...

those plucked eye brows and those zits would have kept me far away from his vehicle.

Anonymous said...

What a scary, scary world. We teach our children to seek out a police officer if they are in need! How are they to know the difference if a guy has a siren and badge at his disposal?

ndahood said...


wow...a cop huh? hmm.

He isnt but two years older than my son.....What a waste of his life
...record .jail time...gees

jaded1 said...

Wonder what a profiler would think of this guy?

Anonymous said...

What's scary is that he lives down the street from me!

Anonymous said...

Looks like prison meat to me.

Anonymous said...

GUILTY!!!! just look at him...GUILTY, I TELL YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

He wont' be staying down the street anymore..
He has some Psy issues; He could really hurt some easily, that what makes this so scarry.

Anonymous said...

He has drag queen eyebrows!

copheadpicker said...

Someone inquired about "profiling"

a no brainer

He is someone without..he desired to be looked up to and admired

he is someone with no authority and never had any in life.
he lives with parent or over bearing party

most likely he applied for positions with some authority but was denied because of proper ed.
and perhaps could not pass psych or physical exams

he is lacking in proper ed.
and has poor boundry skills

a loner

anyone else?

Anonymous said...

he should try some ProActiv .. it worked for Jessica Simspon

Anonymous said...

Whats even scarier is the fact that he did go through the police academy!

blogginfool said...

pro active......sigh

So he did go thru ..hm.....well he wont be ever one in Tampa huh?

Anonymous said...

What is really scary is the fact that he has been doing this crap since he was 16. He went to Leto High School with me for a while then just disappeared.

interestedpeoplewanna know said...

wow no kidding leto huh?

so what else is he about?

he is just as interesting as the fella who killed the young fellas here in the heights

um lorenzo and some one else?
from another state?

I saw on tv he is still unfit for court..