Friday, August 25, 2006


From Lisa:
They installed the "cut-through inhibitor" stop signs in Hampton Terrace this morning. This is a photo of the one at my corner of 13th and Comanche."

From Alan of Bike Stories
"I took this photo for Bike Stories the other day. It's one of the new stop signs at the 3-way stop sign at Henry and 12th"

These are the new Human Stop Signs the City is installing. They yell at you if you don't stop.


Ndahood said...

maybe if we feed em something or
send em a drink he will smile more......

gosh that is one amazing job
should we all SIGN up.....

lmaooo sorry couldnt resist

jaded1 said...

STOP!! you're killing me!

Anonymous said...

lolol im nuts

but god it so much fun.......

i work for the city of tampa too.!!

lmaooooo no i dont......lololol

Im just a nut in the "heights"