Thursday, November 29, 2007

Area Business Directory: List your Business FREE

New Heights Magazine is listing businesses free of charge in its Local Business Directory section. This directory will be included in the hardcopy and online versions of the magazine, which will have a Tampa-wide circulation of 15,000+ per issue.

To qualify for your no-cost listing, your business must be in either the 33602, 33603, 33604 or 33605 zip code.

For more information, visit the magazine's blog at:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Call for Articles: New Heights Magazine - Jan/Feb’08 Issue

New Heights, the official magazine of Tampa’s Urban Corridor (UC), is requesting articles for key sections of its inaugural Jan-Feb 2008 issue. Articles must be prudent to residents and business owners within the UC (defined below), while written broad enough to appeal to all of Tampa. Extra editorial placement consideration will be given to articles with two or more direct quotes from residents/business owners within the areas that the magazine highlights.

Authors must submit their articles to Jay McGee at by 5pm on Dec. 7, 2007 for consideration. Articles chosen, as well as their accompanying images, will be published in the hardcopy and online versions of New Heights, along with appropriate author/artist credits. (There are no stipends available at this time.)

For more information, contact Jay McGee via phone, (813) 389-8116. or email, or visit the magazine's blog:

Monday, November 26, 2007

River Parade

All boaters with kayaks, canoes and traditional motor craft are invited to join the 7th Annual Hillsborough River Holiday Boat Parade, Saturday December 8, sponsored by Friends of the River. Boaters meet at the Lowry Park ramp at 5:30 p.m. and travel upriver from 6-8 p.m. past the illuminated Sulphur Springs Tower to the Harbor Club on the river at Nebraska Ave. Incoming tides will be favorable that evening for this trip. Free entry.

Spectators can gather to view the parade at the riverfront park by the Sulphur Springs City Pool and historic Gazebo, where they’ll find plenty of parking and room for viewing.

This is the boat parade for the rest of us here in Seminole Heights – yacht ownership NOT required. Decorate whatever you have that floats and join the fun!

This year’s parade’s theme is A New Day in Tampa Bay, celebrating the coming rebirth of the Lower Hillsborough River. New Year’s Day 2008 fresh water starts flowing down the river every day from now on, something our community hasn’t seen for 36 years. This daily minimal flow will provide good conditions for the River to once again function as Tampa Bay ’s estuary, the nursery where fish are born & raised. Friends of the River advocated the river’s restoration for the past 9 years, winning its case when Swiftmud set the River Recovery Plan in motion this fall. As a result, scientists expect fishing in the Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay to improve dramatically next year, along with birds and manatees, and to get even better every year from now on as conditions necessary for fish to spawn continue to improve.

For information, contact Phil Compton, 813-841-3601,

Phil Compton, Chair

Friends of the River, Inc.

Restoring the health & beauty of the Heart of Tampa:

the Lower Hillsborough River & Tampa Bay ;


><((( (º> `·._ .·´¯`·. _ .·´¯`·. ><( (((º>

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday Boat Parade

Holiday Boat Parade! Saturday, December 8 Starting at 6:00 p.m.
Holiday Lights on Decorated Boats, Canoes & Kayaks

PARTICIPATE: Bring your decorated boat, canoe or kayak & join the fun. Anything that floats! Boaters meet at 5.30 pm at Lowry Park Boat Ramp – Free Parking

BOAT ROUTE: From Lowry Park, upriver past illuminated SULPHUR SPRINGS TOWER at Florida Ave. Bridge, ending at historic Harbor Club at Nebraska Avenue.

SPECTATORS: Enjoy the parade of lights over the water between 6 pm - 8 pm from your dock or at the riverfront park by the Sulphur Springs City Pool and historic Gazebo – plenty of parking and room for viewing.

Spectators Welcome;
Boaters Needed!
Friends of the River: 813-237-8497 or email:

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dinner is served

Hello Everyone!

We have some exciting news to spread. The Bungalow Bistro will soon be open for DINNER! Beginning next Friday, you will be able to enjoy our gourmet delights from day into night.
Beginning on 11/23/07: The new hours will be from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday (with our lunch menu from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and our dinner menu from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.). In addition, due to popular demand, we have made our 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday Brunch a permanent part of the weekly schedule! You can keep up-to-date by visiting our Bungalow Bistro Web Site, but you will want to check back often as we continue updating the menu and imagery.
Most importantly, please note that we are currently accepting reservations for your holiday parties, call (813) 237-2000 to make your arrangements. We truly look forward to enticing you with a daily special or one of our signature dishes.
Bon Appetite!

Bungalow Bistro of Seminole Heights
5137 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa , FL 33603
Email us: 11/23/07
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

High Time for Hi-Tide

Actually, I kind of like this place. Having lived in Pasco when I was growing up, I grew an appreciation for greasy dives. But anyhow, it looks like its time has come on gone.

On other note, this SEEMS VERY AFFORDABLE to me, but who knows the condition it's actually in.

Property Use Type: Vacant/Owner-User
Primary Type: RetailRestaurant
Building Size: 1,890 SF
Lot Size: 12,200 SF
Price: $379,000
Price/SF: $200.53
Date Last Verified: 11/19/2007

Property Description: 2000 sq ft building currently operating as Fast Food Seafood Restaurant. 73 seats and 33 parking spaces, on corner lot that has easy access from busy Hillsborough Ave or the side street. One block east of I-275. Previousoly had 2 COP License. Seller is leaving equipment. Buyer can use name or put in their own concept. Owner is selling building only, as is with right to inspect. Seller will leave equipment but will not show books, records for business.

Location Description:Corner lot on Hillsborough 1 block east of I-275

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Missing Moe

A few weeks back I was quite excited about the changes at 3 Coins. The new owner (at that time) was Moe and he was making great changes. The eatery had a whole new ambitious attitude. The menu was great. The service improved dramatically. I hoped it would succeed at a dressed up 24-7 diner. I went there so often I joked it had become my second kitchen.

The night of the Florida Orchestra concert at Tower Park we took my neighbor Terry there. That was the last night that I would see Moe working his ambitious project. As I spoke with him he introduced us to some restaurant owners who were in town. I thought nothing of it.

The following week, I discovered that he had sold the restaurant to the folks I had met the week before. That was after a disasterous start to our visit. It went downhill from there. If there was a corner to be cut it seemed to be the path taken. The waitress was new with an attitude that was more at home in the old 3 Coins, not the one I had gotten use to patronizing. I made another visit about 10 days later. The pre-Moe 3 Coins seemed to have returned.

Since then I have heard from others who have become disenchanted. Today, I heard from another customer the newest owner has lost. So sad.

I wonder how many others have seen the same changes

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


County Commissioner Facing Sex Discrimination Claim
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A former aide to Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White has filed a claim saying he made repeated sexual advances towards her. Watch the story. TAMPA (Bay News 9) -- A sexual discrimination claim has been filed against Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White.
A former aide to White, Alyssa Ogden, filed the claim Tuesday with the Equal Opportunity Office in Tampa. Ogden, 23, worked for White for seven months and said she was fired last week for refusing his sexual advances.
Ogden said the advances began immediately after she was hired. She added that White even promised her career success if she would relent to his requests.
White told Bay News 9's partner newspaper, The St. Petersburg Times, that the reason for Ogden's firing was well documented. He said he would not comment further until he consults with Hillsborough County attorney Renee Lee.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Introducing the first Magazine to Highlight the Best of Tampa’s Urban Corridor

For residents and business owners of Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights, Riverside Heights, The Heights – and surrounding neighborhoods – your time has come.

New Heights, the first Tampa magazine dedicated to sharing information about the revitalization of your community, is set to launch early 2008. But it can’t be done right without your help!

As editor of New Heights – and longtime local resident – I am seeking contributors to assist in the following areas:

  • Board of Directors – residents from serviced areas to contribute ideas and resources to the launch and success of New Heights.
  • Donors – people willing to donate time and money, who share in the vision of how New Heights will aid in the continuing revitalization of their community.
  • Writing – talented people to conduct research and contribute relevant, high-profile content.
  • Photographers – artists to provide photographs of local people and places to complement articles.
  • Distributors – people who wish to help distribute the good news of New Heights to local storefront stands and assist in USPS mailings.
  • Distribution Points – storefronts and organizations that would like to include a New Heights magazine rack at their location.
For more information, please call Jay McGee, editor/publisher, at (813) 389-8116 or email You can also visit the website,, or blog,

Monday, November 12, 2007

More on Sangria's coming to S.H.

Eatery Nibbles At Heights Plan
By KATHY STEELE, The Tampa Tribune
Published: November 10, 2007

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS - The owners of Sangria's Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant are exploring a new restaurant in the neighborhood.

The restaurant could replace LeRoy's 4X4 Automotive Service Center, 512 E. Hillsborough Ave., if the city council approves a license for beer, wine and liquor sales. The property is next to Starbucks at Hillsborough and Central Avenue.

The council will vote on the license Dec. 20, records show.

Approval will require waivers because the property is within 1,000 feet of four residences and a gas station that sells beer and wine. City records also show Seminole Heights Baptist Church, on the east side of Interstate 275, is about 920 feet from the site, which is on the west side of I-275. That also would require a waiver.

"By and large, people are very excited," said Susan Long, president of the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association. She and the group's past president, Randy Baron, recently met with the owners of Sangria's, 315 S. Howard Ave.

"It's in the very early stages," Long said. "They don't have plans drawn up."

Initial discussions included a Sangria's on half of the property and leased space on the other half, she said.

The association's executive board is expected to discuss the project Nov. 19.

Sangria's co-owner John Obediente declined to discuss the project, but the alcohol license application states the property would be used for a restaurant, with 100 seats indoors and 20 outdoors, and multipurpose retail offices.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Heaven's Gate?

I know this isn't nearly as important as the jet fuel line they are threatening to put through our neighborhoods (see Tommy's Blog); but what the hell is going on at the De La Saron church at 5127 N. Florida Ave.? Having most recently had a stop work order plastered on their front window for months -- for non-permited construction -- now they have put up a chain link fence, ala the thought process of their nearby neighbor S.H.I.P.

They are in the historic district -- and I'm not sure on set backs and so forth -- but I think this is irresponsible at best; but most likely just plain stupid.

I know it's hard to see in this picture, my apologies (camera phone at night time).

For those naysayers, please keep in mind that this is the same church that parks a big, white semi-truck behind it. Jesus first came into town on a slow mule, but next time he's coming in hammer-down driving a Mack Truck!

Tax-free parking for semis in the name of the Lord!

This city needs its arm twisted to allow parking for a restaurant. Then strong-arms restaurants to change the shape of their windows. But then allows these type of actions from our fly-by-night churches. Priorities, priorities ...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jet Fuel and Fireworks - Meeting 11/8




LifePath Hospice Collecting Donations

From the OSHNA mailing list:

Do you have useable items of which you wish to dispose, but not enough to participate in OSHNA's Great Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday?
Why not donate the items to LifePath Hospice?
LifePath Hospice will be in the neighborhood Saturday, November 10th, picking up items from the yard sale. You may contact Terry, a LifePath manager, at 363-8748,
from 12 noon the day of the yard sale and she will coordinate a pick up.
LifePath Hospice is a 503(c) and will provide tax receipts the day of the Yard Sale.
Please remember to place a "FOR HOSPICE" sign on the items,
if you leave them in your front yard, for Hospice to pick up.

This is a great organization, please donate if you can.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BGoSH meeting

Don't forget

Florida Ave. Face Lift

Businesses on Florida Ave., particularly (for this posting) between MLK and Hillsborough, seem to be sprucing up slowly, but surely. In addition to Bungalow Bistro, Cappy's and Tampa Street Market, other business are joining in. The latest is the Engineering firm across from Bali Trading Co. (pictured here).

PS -- Bali, we love your place, but your building's exterior could certainly use a facelift too. It's starting to show its drabness as others nearby improve.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Second Annual Martinioff - 11/2, Friday, 7pm


It's that time again! So get out your shakers and get creative..................
Here is an email from the host of the Second Annual Martinioff, Glenn Cable.

The November Porch Party, Friday 11/2/2007 7:00, will be at my house, 901 E McBerry. Last year we had 10 people vying for the title of SESH "Tini-master" About 80 people attended and we went through around 600 1 oz plastic glasses. Each entrant will be given a numbered placemat, 50-75 sampling glasses, and a spot in my kitchen to compete for the 2007 title. The entry fee of $5 will be donated to SESHCA. I am searching for the right prize/trophy for the winner. Details to follow...

So grab your mixologist manuals, start fermenting your secret brews, and get ready for some serious competition! As many of you know, the Pumpkin martini last year was a landslide winner. The creator of that wonderful beverage is slightly smug but secret about her new recipe. This year's crowd already includes a couple visitors from South Tampa and Winter Haven with some bartending skills who want to take the prize home so be prepared to sample some unique concoctions. Chipotle?

Bring a dish to share. Walk,don't drive. There is parking behind and next to my house.The voting will be held at 11! This year's DVDs will be Keith Urban's newest and the movie, Dreamgirls.

*Entire entry reprinted from the S.H. Hot Topics website.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Do it yourself traffic calming

I tried a little social experiment last night. After watching too many kids dodging speeding traffic last Halloween on my street (no sidewalk on my side of the street), my wife and I decided to slow the traffic down ourselves, since the city won't. Who wants to see a 4 year old in a lion suit getting yanked out of the way of a car, just before being hit?

Parking on the Hanna Ave racetrack, slightly staggered, we managed to get traffic down to residential speeds. This gave birth to the anger of many. Oddly, quite a few were parents with cars full of kids on their way to got trick or treating. I guess that it's only important to keep their kids safe.

Also in my unscientific survey of irritation levels, I found that people with Jesus Fish on the back of their cars are the most susceptible to residential road rage. The irony has not gone to waste.

The worst of all of this is that the people who speed by in the evening are, for the most part, people who live here. Again, I guess it's a case of only worrying about your own street/child/pet. If you were one of the people irritated by my efforts last night, well, I'm not going to appologize. And please slow down, I shouldn't have to make you.