Saturday, August 12, 2006

Scientology and Christianity

As previously posted, a minister in East Tampa (Rev. Charles L. Kennedy of the Glorious Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is teaching his congregation Scientology techniques.

Today there was an article in the St. Pete Times about a minister who wrote a booklet: "A study of Scientology, a Decidedly Non-Christian Perspective"

"“I have developed this primarily as a means to help Christians understand three important things. First of all, that Scientology — despite its language — is not Christian, and they will admit to that fact. Secondly, that their attempt to use modern technology to improve the lives of individuals can be misleading,’’ Miller said.

He tries to make another important point, Miller said. Scientology’s “clash with Christianity is whether or not one can earn or develop one’s own salvation as opposed to letting God come into your life and without earning the transformations,’’ he said, referring to the cost of Scientology’s classes and counseling sessions."

Is Rev. Kennedy selling out his congreagation? I wonder what the COGIC hierarchy thinks about this? For example: Bishop Harvey D. Bryan, Sr. of the Florida, Western Jurisdiction or The Most Reverend Gilbert Earl Patterson Presiding Bishop for COGIC Worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Is the church of Scientology still operating on Louisiana?

Anonymous said...

If they are still on Louisiana I hope they come to a porch party some time. I want to ask them about the aliens:)

Dan said...

Cool, then I can tell them how condescended I felt when the my gods, the Norse gods, were portrayed as aliens on the Stargate series. That will really spin that conversation into a loop!

Anonymous said...

I just want to put my hands on their cans!

Anonymous said...

cans or lemons?

Anonymous said...

Selling out his congreagation...more like morally and ethically defiling them without their consent. Having dealt with Dr. Kennedy and his Our Trust Co-op group that is run through the church, I have come to know him as a fraud. Running a scam under any religions house is corrupt in my opinion. If you ever come across Our Trust Co-op that wants to do business with you, I only ask that you runaway as fast as possible.