Thursday, August 17, 2006


Another email:

"i find this all very interesting that the judge in this case is "outraged" by the conditions of the cemetery and how the owner better comply or face jail time. i realize it's a bit of an apples and oranges comparison but really, in the picture, isn't it funny that the only time things move forward is when people are "watching"....ridiculous"

I wish Judge Dominguez would be as outraged as this Judge. Perhaps if he saw some of the house of the cases he dismissed, he wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think code enforcement is such a joke. You have Bill, Curtis and Harold running the department. They do absolutely nothing until someone make a threat. The worst part is, the Mayor will not have the courage to do anything either.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the situation is bound to get worse in the next few years. Speculators bought houses in Seminole Heights and Tampa Heights with the intent to flip them. Now that the market is declining and interest is going up, they're abandoning the properties altogether. There are five abandoned houses within two blocks of my house in N. Seminole Heights. All have code enforcement actions pending, some are in foreclosure because the "flippers" abandoned them, and the city won't or can't do anything. The abandoned buildings have attracted more drugs and prostitution into the area, so we're going backwards. Somehow I don't think the Mayor would permit this to happen in Palma Ceia.

Flyer anon said...

Are there any abandoned houses in Palma Ceia?

Something else to keep in mind.
A lot of these houses that the investors sold were all prettied up to get the most money out of them. Now they're owner occupied by ppl having the same financial constraints as listed in another thread. When push comes to shove the owners may feel expenditures on cosmetics to keep em' looking that way will take a back seat to other bills generated by the house.