Saturday, August 19, 2006

Princess Ella and her new bed.

Yesterday Ella's new bed from LL Bean arrived. We got her a new dog bed because her old bed was bit too small.

This new bed is huge and it is only a medium size at 28" x 36". I can't imagine were we would fit their extra large bed at 42" x 52". That bed is kept in our bedroom next to my side of the bed. Same side that Siggy sleeps in in his basket. (Seen covered by a towel).

So this dog has the choice of 4 places to sleep. Her crate in the dining room which is left open all the time. The couch in the living room. The old bed in the spare bedroom and her new bed in our bedroom. You can certainly tell we are dog people, giving our dogs plenty of places to hang out.

Ella really likes the bedroom bed. She feels safest there. It is usually a darker room. She is sandwiched in between the bed, the wall, the dresser and gets to sleep next to Siggy. Posted by Picasa

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