Friday, August 11, 2006

Update on Misty Schroeder

A story providing an update on Seminole Heights Resident Misty Schroeder who was severely innjured in an auto accident in January.

Friends Of Starbucks Barista Lament Their 'Misty Gap'
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By RYAN KOST The Tampa Tribune
Published: Aug 11, 2006

Woman remains in coma.
TAMPA - The Howard Avenue Starbucks seems perpetually busy, customers standing in line awaiting their caffeine fix or lounging about the oversized patio, latte in hand.
. . .
"Misty, a second-semester senior, suffered serious head injuries. As she lay, comatose, in Tampa General Hospital's Trauma Unit, her reach in the community became clear. Misty's hundreds of customers, it seemed, were also her friends."
. . .
"It has been more than six months since Misty stood behind the cafe counter in her signature green Starbucks apron slinging lattes and mochas, but a visitor isn't likely to order his or her morning chai without hearing - or reading - about her.

A poster near the entrance is filled with get-well messages, a sign near the bar explains the story to those new to the Howard hot spot, and Sarah Sargent can't work a single shift without four or five people asking how Misty is doing."
. . .
"While the benefits continue, the small wooden lockbox atop the sleek Starbucks counters isn't for cash donations.

Instead, the box serves as a memory bank; friends are urged to write down one of their most treasured times with Misty."

Anyone have any memories of Misty to share?

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