Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Political Scandals

Political Satire

While thinking about Jim Norman rewarding his campaign donors, ("Norman relentlessly and successfully negotiated to set aside $1 million in county funds to build them a better wall"), coupled with his support a 40 million dollar sports center, I started pondering political and other scandals, including the previous arrests of Hillsborough county commissioners for bribery, and the arrest of a catholic priest for soliciting a male prostitute on Kennedy Blvd. Arrogance and Holier than Thou attitudes. Hubris. I began thinking about scandals could embrace our current commission, most of whom I am not impressed with. This is what I came up with:

1. Jim Norman gets arrested for accepting bribes in the guise of campaign contributions.

2. Brian Blair gets charged with sexual harrassment of a county employee.

3. Tom Scott gets arrested while soliciting sex from a transgender prostitute on Kennedy Blvd.

4. I have not figured out what scandal Ronda Storms would be in.

5. Ken Hagan is found missing and no one noticed.

I'm leaving out Mark Sharpe because some of his recent decisions have changed my opinion about him. Kathy Castor, I have always liked.


jaded1 said...

Ronda Storms is really a man. After a bad car wreck, she is taken in for emergency surgery where it is discovered she has partial male genitalia. There is a small penis, although no testicles are ever found.

Anonymous said...

I thought she possesed neither male or female genitalia hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Today's TBT featured a story on Kevin White's campaign fund expenditures....$500 suits.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Scandal for Ronda Storms? Hmmm... let me count the ways.

(1) She's a closet Wiccan, and in the middle of her campaign for state Senate her ceremonial knife and pentagram tattoo are photographed while she's passing out conservative pagan literature at a nudist camp.

(2) She's caught trying to help newly gay Joe Redner rediscover his heterosexual side. (I'll pause a minute while you gouge out your mental eyes.)

(3) She's sued by a homeowner's association for helping people put up large neon crosses by the clubhouse pool.

(4) She and Jim Norman get into a fistfight over who has the larger "edifice complex".

ENC 1101 said...

I like this "writing prompt" sort of post. All the creative responses make for good reading. :)

Next, please compare and contrast a small town and a big city! (or, how about "Why Tampa is really still a town but tends to think otherwise, but without planning for things like good public transportation").
A proctor will be watching over your shoulder as you write to ensure freedom from "terror" or Anti-American thoughts. BEGIN!