Friday, August 11, 2006


There are several traditions in Seminole Heights.

One is The Curb. Getting rid of something but think it might be of use to someone? Put it out by the curb. Someone will drive by and pick it up.

Another tradition is Pre-NEAT (SWEEP) curb shopping. The Friday night before NEAT/SWEEP drive through the neighborhood and see what goodies are available. You would be amazed what can be found.

We would see some of these treasures while riding on the garbage truck to help pick up for NEAT. Occasionally we or the city garbage guys would keep an item. Once while on the garbage truck someone wanted to giveaway a brass fire extinquisher. I could not throw it away and I told them to take it to an antique store.


What is the best find you have taken home from the Curb or Pre-NEAT?

What is the oddest thing you have seen?

What is the ugliest thing you have put out on The Curb or for NEAT that you know someone picked up?


PReSON said...

I picked up a beautiful antique dresser last year on crest. Its very old, I can tell by the dove tail detailing and the type of wood used. They don't make em like this anymore.

Anonymous said...

My house and all of the houses of my entire family are decorated with delicious pre-SWEEP finds. We live like Kings.

Anonymous said...

we found a lovely wicker
chest of drawers

and its gonna be painted a new color
we had been looking for a new tv stand and there it is
thanks for the refuse
another man's trash