Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mayor's Town Hall Meeting

August 31, 2006 - Mayor Pam Iorio will host the final 2006 town hall meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2006. The meeting will be held in the media center at Hillsborough High School, located at 5000 North Central Avenue from 6 to 8 p.m. The town hall meeting is open to the public. City administrators and department representatives will also be available to answer questions on a variety of topics. A total of four regional town hall meetings were scheduled in 2006 in an effort to make city government more accessible to Tampa's residents.


Anonymous said...

OK codies, time to put your money where your mouth is,,,,,,,,,SHOW UP AND SPEAK UP

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Please put grandma Iorio on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that she will be brave enough (or ignorant enough) to bring Curtis Lane. I say we show up and when it becomes Q&A time, we line up and demand answers. I would like to know...

1) At what point was she notified about the home at 1303 E. New Orlens?

2) Why did it take the city so long to respond?

3) How is it that the code issues in our neighborhood that were reported 4 years ago are still lost in the system?

4) Why is it that the only way we can accomplish anything with the code department is to go around the department and complain to Shannon or Santiago?

5) Can you describe the role or responsibilities of the code office?

6) Most important...What has been done, or what is being done to better the code office.

jaded1 said...

One more question.
In the event something tragic happens to a child living near this house full of sex offenders, do you want to be remembered as the mayor who sat on her hands and did nothing about this when you had all the legal tools to shut this place down?

protect the children said...

Good one. I watched the news tonight and was mortified at all of the stories of Sexual abuse. The newscast started off with 4 stories of sex abuse. How can the mayor and code officers move so slowly with this situation. I agree, there has got to be a way to ban this Helen Pridgen from ever being allowed to obtain a rental certificate. Granted, she does not have any now. However, if a ban were to be put in place, they could arrest her if ever found renting a home.

Anonymous said...

We have to speak up at this meeting.
For the future of the Seminole Heights children.
Yours could be the next one missing.
If you are a no show, don't complain when little Johnny doesn't come back one day on his walk home from the school bus stop on New Orleans Ave.
You can't arrest her if the code leaders don't care.

mzopionionated said...

I went to one "town hall" meeting at Seminole Heights Church several years ago. She only took 2 or 3 questions. It is not her answering our questions it is her, handing us her line of Bull-hockey.

neighborhoodgrump said...

not her style huh>?
we'll see about that

I fully intend to go to this meeting and inquire about the time and lack of it put into this whole situation with the housing

so that is isnt repeated
listen I dont have children in this area
and it dont matter
what matters is that those men dont belong here and that how it is
this is primarily family orientated area
fk the people who want to make it all better for those pervs
fk em all to hell

this isnt fair to kids who need a safe enviroment why dont those idiots watch the news

o excuse me they cannot there idiots with their thumbs up their bums

mzopionionated said...

I hope for the sake of your time you get to speak, but at the church town hall meeting we were promised better code inforcement and no more street walkers on Nebraska ave. Hello I am still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Legalize prostitution

that is truely the only way to resolve this problem

send them all to some brothel
and clean them up >while i realize some of them will never be cleaned up > State should legalize it
so this mess can be cleared up
in OSH.
Put them next door to the offenders house