Monday, August 07, 2006

Gardens Happen Here

I am not a city girl. I soothe my country spirit by working in the yard. And the greatest thing about my yard, is that it is planted with the generosity of neighbors and friends. I always try to root something from my previous yard when we move, to have a sense of continuity. I brought a small amur maple to this house when we came from Lutz. Unfortunately, it didn't survive. A friend in Odessa gave me two Florida dogwoods that have done quite well under my oaks. I was gifted a pair of honeysuckles for my arbor. Then, I got to know some folks here and I found the magnanimity of the gardeners in this communtiy unsurpassed. I have landscaped much of my yard with donations of crocus, basket plants, iris, lilies, banana trees, jatropha, and oyster plants.

A couple years ago, a neighbor and I decided to have a plant exchange. We announced it on the email list. One Saturday morn we perked some coffee, set out some bagels and danish, and watched as plants arrived in cars, trucks and wheelbarrows. I took home more front porch plants than I knew what to do with. There were gardeners from Seminole Heights, as well as North Tampa and Carrollwood. It was great to actually get firsthand knowledge about the plants we received. Everyone left with a smile on their face. SESHCA is planning to do a plant exchange this fall. I hope it will bring even more of us dirt- digging spirits together. The best part about hand me down plants is your yard grows into a place where you commune with the memory of friendship.


Anonymous said...

A more eloquent expression of the benefit of community and connectness to the earth I have never heard.

Anonymous said...

please where and when?

sounds delicious to me
cause it is my life

plants and yard


ty for info

Anonymous said...

Yes, please post date, time, location, and as a soon to be Hampton Terrace resident with a sadly inadequately landscaped yard, I'll be there for advice.

Bloggerwife said...

I contacted the SESHCA Prez and was told the date is forthcoming. They're trying to coordinate with the county Extension Service who will be doing a composting workshop. I'll post the info as soon as I get it.

Anonymous said...

ty for that .look forward to attending.

nikki couture said...

Does anyone need fern? I have it coming out of my ears! You pull, it's yours!