Monday, June 06, 2005

Guerrilla Marketing of Seminole Heights

12 businesses along Florida Ave in Seminole Heights, led by Sherry King, created a brochure to let people "discover and enjoy the unique shops, galleries and restaurants in this beatiful historic district."

This brochure is titled
Antiques, Art, Shopping and Dining in Historic Seminole Heights (on Florida Avenue)
and is available at many places in Seminole Heights.

It would be cool to do some guerrilla marketing of Seminole Heights, to bring more customers into the hood.

Download the brochure from the above link. Make a bunch of copies and take them to work. Put them into your co-workers office mailboxes, on the table in the break rooms, on the bulletin board or wherever information is shared in your office. If you work at at hotel, why don't you see if you could get some originals from Sherry King at Yesterdaze and see if they can be placed in your tourist info boxes in your lobbies.

If 500 Seminole Heights people were to share these with 20 co-workers, that's 10,000 possible customers (not including their families.) 500 people should not be a problem given that we got that many to come to the Seminole Height Town Hall meeting last year.

The more people who come in from outside of our neighborhood and shop in our existing businesses, the more new businesses this neighborhood can support. The more new busineesses, the more fun we get to have inside our neghborhood.

So be selfish and share this information with everyone!


Sherry King said...

Hi! from Sherry King of Sherry's YesterDaze. I have lots of these brochures available if folks want some for their places of business or for distribution of, just about, any kind.
Also, if you're a retail business, restaurant or art space on (or near) Florida Ave. in Seminole Heights, join us in the brochure when we print again, which will be this fall. I'd love to see it get bigger!!
I can be contacted at the shop: 231-2020 (11 - 6, or leave voice mail), or email me at

Anonymous said...

What brochures. There is a PDF brochures for
House Portraits on A great unique gift.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I've been inside yesterdaze...
Too bad you were so horribly rude that i walked out and never went back!!
Remember Customer Service and a Welcoming Attitude if you want to SUCCEED!!!