Thursday, August 31, 2006

Seminole Heights Library Programs

Bedtime Stories
Sep 12 Tue 7pm
Oct 10 Tue 7pm

Ophelia‘s Girls‘ Circle:
Friendship For grades 6 and 7; registration required. Co-sponsored by The Ophelia Project, a community initiative of the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA. Signup now for this exciting book club just for girls. This six-week program will include topics on friendship and self-esteem. Enjoy poetry, books and special activities. Sep 7,14,21 Thur 4pm

Alley Cat Players The Alley Cat Players, a professional theatre group, presents a poetry reading. Theme will be —Ain‘t I A Woman.“ Sep 19 Tue 7pm

Alley Cat Players. The Alley Cat Players, a professional theatre group present s an evening of poetry readings. Themes will be Peach-Bottom, Nuclear Reactor and Full of Sleepers.
Oct 17 Tue 7pm

Book Group:
The Doctor‘s House
By Ann Beattie Sep 9 Sat 10:30 am
Message in a Bottle
By Nicholas Sparks Oct 14 Sat 11:30 am


Anonymous said...

Ophelia; she loses her sanity, and falls into a stream while collecting flowers. She drowns without attempting to save herself. Some say this lends credence to a theory that alleges she was carrying Hamlet's child as drowning one's self was supposedly a common way for unwed mothers in that era to commit suicide.

Good name for a Girls Project.

Anonymous said...

Bedtime stories for what age group?

jaded1 said...

Anybody with a daughter, I recommend reading "Reviving Ophelia", by Mary Pipher.