Monday, July 31, 2006

Oklahoma's Loss - Seminole Heights Gain

Welcome Lucky Molecules of Alien Intelligencer to the neighborhood. He just moved from Oklahoma and came to us (via New York and Virginia). He has discovered the pleasures of the Fun Lan Drive In and the horrors of huge hoppers (And I don't mean Hedda)


Don't feel alone if you read something on this blog and you don't quite get it. I sometimes read someone's comments and scratch my head. Fortunately, often time someone else will add a comment that demystifies.

Exercise Club Reunites

"Join our Exercise Club Reunion walk tomorrow night! Our nationally famous exercise club will be hosting a reunion walk tomorrow night, Tuesday, Aug. 1, beginning at 7:00 at Seminole Heights Baptist Church. We plan on walking from Hillsborough to MLK and back. Our exercise club became famous for walking Nebraska Av. with our dogs late at night to discourage drug sales and prostitution. We were so successful in our walks then, that one night we had 67 people photographed at 2:00 AM in front of the Publix! Our exercise club earned our neighborhood a finalist nomination for Neighborhood of the Year in 2002. Bring your dog and join your neighbors as we walked along Nebraska Av. tomorrow night. Hope to see you! "

Old Seminole Heights gets a new website

Go to

Great job Shawn and Christie.

SE Seminole Heights August Porch Party

"This month's porch party will be held at the home of Susan Ladika (1109 E.
Chelsea). Susan is new to da hood. So, let's all give her a friendly SESHCA
welcome! The fun begins this Friday (8/4) at 7:00 p.m. Bring a dish to
share and a drink for yourself. It's summer - so, you might want to bring
some extra fluids to keep you hydrated :)

Parking may be a little tricky as Chelsea is a narrow street and Susan is
located on the corner of 12th and Chelsea. If you are a South Sider, I
recommend walking - just think of all the Porch Party calories you will
burn......If you are a North Sider, you might want to try parking on other
streets if Chelsea is too full."

We welcome guests from other parts of Seminole Heights. On occasion I have seen Bill Duval, Randy Baron, Susan Long, Steve Gluckman and many others drop by.

Updates on the shops at Osborne and Florida

From my sources:

There will still be an antique store where Now & Again II was at. Michael and John (formerly of N@A II) will be managing it and most of the same dealers with their merchandise will be there, with room for fresh merchandise/dealers to come in too.

Karen's Place Antiques has expanded into Ashley's old place.

The most exciting news is a that a couple is seeking to open a coffee shop in the old Coffee Bean location. They have experience with owning coffee shops, and plan to renovate the interior to create more of a comfy (sofas) atmosphere. They hope to open in September, with proposed hours of 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. (or maybe even start at 6:30 a.m., with a curbside takeout for phoned in orders!). They will be a full coffee bar with lots of choices of blended hot & cold beverages, plus some light fare, like gourmet sandwiches, pastries.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

What the heck do I call you?

Anything but late for dinner.

Recently I have been asked this question.

Q. So what is with the Scott or David business?

A. Call me by either name.

My first name is David. My middle is Scott.

When I grew up I was Scott because my Dad was David (his middle name - he was a Junior and his dad took the first name)

At some point at school I decided I wanted to be called David. This established the pattern that at home it was Scott and at school and then work, it was David.

Then I moved into this neighborhood, and with the Civic Association and anti-crime involvement my personal and professional lives became mixed. Through my work I am known by many Law Enforcement and other professionals as David. Again through work, I was used to being interviewed by the news as David.

So some know me as Scott, and others as David, a few as Dave, and (only by my mom and occasionally by my wife's best friend's mother (Tillie) as Scotty).

Seminole Heights Home For Sale

The Seminole Heights home of Carrie Mackin is for sale.

House is located at 6614 N. Elizabeth St.


1,050 sq. ft. 2 Bdr, 1 bath, sun room with 2 skylights and 14 windows, 28 windows total, (formerly a 3/1 1/2 - easy conversion), remodeled kitchen with black granite counter tops, original built in breakfast nook in kitchen, stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher, central heat and air, original carriage house with tin roof (garage), remodeled bathroom with subway tiles, refurbished red brick fireplace, hardwood floors, Burglar and smoke alarm, front porch, carport, high ceilings with crown molding, bamboo filled yard. Near Seminole Heights Garden Club, Seminole Heights Elementary, Starbucks, Lowry Park Zoo, 10 mins. To USF and MOSI.

Directions from North Tampa: 275 South to Hillsborough Ave., travel west to Central Ave (.1 miles), travel north to Knollwood st.(1 mile), travel one block east to Elizabeth St. House is on the Southwest corner of Knollwood and Elizabeth.Directions from South Tampa: 275 North to Hillsborough Ave. –West exit, travel west to Central Ave (.3 miles), travel north to Knollwood st. (1 mile), travel one block east to Elizabeth St. House corner of Knollwood and Elizabeth.

Contact Carrie at Covivant to purchase the home.

Covivant Goes to New Yotk

Moving to New York Closing Reception
Saturday, August 12, 2006
7-11pm | Admission: FREE
Music: TBA

Gallery Sale: Sunday, August 13th
8am-2pm | Admission: FREE
Items include: Audio/Visual equipment, electric tools, gallery
materials, misc. hardware, bikes, landscaping equipment,etc.

Dear Vivants,
Come out and celebrate history... that you've helped make over the
years. If not for the continued support by the artists and collectors
of Tampa Bay, Covivant would have seen a much different life. In
September, I will be moving to Chelsea to take a very courageous leap
into the city of the BIG red delicious APPLE. I won't be able to take
the entire collection with me, so I urge collectors and the like to
come out for the closing reception party and sale. Several works from
my personal collection will be added to the main gallery, as well as,
additional works by artists who exhibited in the 100 Smacks or More
show in May. Most works will be sold at very desirable prices, so mark
your calendars.

Over the next year, I will be working closely with the Intown Group to
complete a major public art commission on Skypoint's exterior west
wall. Skypoint is currently under construction in downtown Tampa, and
is expected to see its completion in early 2007. Skypoint is Tampa's
newest residential/commercial high-rise situated between our two
biggest cultural institutions, the Tampa Museum and the Tampa Theatre.

As for Covivant, I am still working on the purchase of the property,
and I hope to continue with an arts venue under a new director. There
have been several serious conversations with creative businesses to
preserve what was started seven years ago, though the deadline to
purchase the property is moving closer, and is only possible with the
sale of my home. Covivant has until the end of October to close on the
property, or it will return into the hands of owner Larry Olsen for
personal use. Larry has been a huge contributing factor to Covivant's
success by offering stabilized rent year after year. Thank you

If you know someone who is looking for a very charming bungalow in
Historic Seminole Heights, please send them to

participating artists include:
Richard Beckman, Tracy Midulla, Megan Bisbee-Durlam, Sabrina Small, Jim
Houser, Kurt Halsey, Aric Miller, Lisa Kereszi, Trong G. Nguyen, Dan
Levinson, Tes One, Ryan Berg, Davin Brainard (Time Stereo, Detroit),
Kathie Olivas, Chris Deacon, Neil Bender, Joe Griffith, Brandt Peters,
BOOKS IIII, Danny King, BASK, Brandon Dunlap, Tim Warner, and more.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Architectual Histories

The brick is from several places in Tampa. One place was the house at 13th and New Orleans. He had torn up his brick driveway to put in a concrete one. He just left the brick on the grass on the side of the driveway. Susan asked me to ask him what he was going to do with them. He gave them to me for free.

The rams heads are from my neighbors yard. She was redoing her yard and gave them to us. I think they are made of plaster or some soft material that the rainwatches leaches away. It has a coral feel to it. They now hold a plant in a pot.

The round inset concrete table top is from the Travelers Motel. This motel is located on Nebraska Avenue, north of Fowler. Writer Connie May Fowler lived in that motel as a child and it was featured in her book "Before Women Had Wings". We lived a few blocks away from the motel on the other side of the Interstate when Susan read the book. What a surprise to find the motel in the book was just around the corner from us.

One day after we moved to Seminole Heights, we were driving down Nebraska headed home when spotted the table top at the motel laying broken on the ground. She asked me to see if I could get it. Maybe to break up and use for a walkway. So I did. I told them my wife was an artist and wanted to use the pieces for an art project. So they gave it to me. Heavy, heavy thing. Took it home. Since it was rebared together, we decided to keep all the pieces together and use it as a base.

Moving it once I dropped it on Susan's fingers. Fortunately nothing was broken.

So, if your wife or partner asks you to ask, go ahead. All people can say is no. If they say yes, well, cool stuff comes home. Posted by Picasa

Please explain

I forget. I think saw this on New Orleans east of 12th Street. Or maybe Louisiana. It has been here in the neighborhood for several years. Posted by Picasa

Clown Palace

This is on Louisiana between 12th and 14th. This is the home of a clown. Hence the name.

Note the Clown shoes.

She use to have two clowns dolls but one was stolen.
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Cristal's Demolished

Kathy Steele wrote about the destruction of this former nightclub. This place was a big problem while it was open. The parking lot would get full. They would park on the residential streets. Food and liquor would be sold in the parking lot. Several times they had outside bands I could hear at my house.

Replacing it will be "The Urban Enterprise Center, 1907 E. Hillsborough Ave., the new headquarters for the nonprofit Corporation to Develop Communities in Tampa. The corporation, which paid $600,000 for the club, also will lease space to a call center." Posted by Picasa

Fence say bye bye

Well the fence is partially gone. Let's what how long it takes to get the poles out.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Connecting Through Books

The Seminole Heights Book Group will celebrate it's fourth anniversary this October. It started when I posted an email on the OSHNA website to see if there was an interest. About ten of us showed up at Rigo's restaurant (ah, those were the days!) and a bookgroup was born. Originally, all of our members were from this area, but we now have two from north Tampa. We are an eclectic mix of women, young to middle aged, single and attached, with career histories in televison, art, anthropology, construction sales, tech data, military, teaching, physical therapy and library science. Men have been welcome guests, but none have yet to join.

In the past year we've read books such as, "House of Spirits", "The Beekeeper's Apprentice", "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking", and "The Rule of Four". Future books include "The Devil in the White City", "Cold Sassy Tree", "Revolutionary Road", and "Behind the Scenes at the Museum". Book discussions are informal and led by the person who chose the book. We rotate hosting duties. Food is potluck and ranges from simple snacks to lavish book- themed fare, depending upon the mood.

When we first gathered, only two of us had met. Now, we are friends who continue a ritual of good conversation and enlightenment through literature. We have space for a couple new members. Our meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month, starting at 7:30 p.m. If you're interested email me . We also have a website, where you can view the entire book list and check out a sampling of our meeting recaps. That I know of there are two other bookgroups in Seminole Heights, one at the library and one in Hampton Terrace.

Johnny Cash

Two of my birthday presents were Johnny Cash CDs. American V. A Hundred Highways and Johnny Cash at San Quentin. I have two other of his American Recordings series, American IV - Man Comes Around and Johnny Cash - American Recordings. I also have several other earlier period/prime years albums.

His American Recording series affect me greatly, touching my soul.

He is singing them in the last 12 years of his life. His voice not quite the same as his youth, but it makes the songs more emotional.

"The Man Comes Around

And I heard as it were the noise of thunder
One of the four beasts saying come and see and I saw
And behold a white horse

There's a man going around taking names and he decides
Who to free and who to blame every body won't be treated
Quite the same there will be a golden ladder reaching down
When the man comes around

The hairs on your arm will stand up at the terror in each
Sip and each sup will you partake of that last offered cup
Or disappear into the potter's ground
When the man comes around


Hear the trumpets hear the pipers one hundred million angels singing
Multitudes are marching to a big kettledrum
Voices calling and voices crying
Some are born and some are dying
Its alpha and omegas kingdom come
And the whirlwind is in the thorn trees
The virgins are all trimming their wicks
The whirlwind is in the thorn trees
It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks
Till Armageddon no shalom no shalom

Then the father hen will call his chicken's home
The wise man will bow down before the thorn and at his feet
They will cast the golden crowns
When the man comes around

Whoever is unjust let him be unjust still
Whoever is righteous let him be righteous still
Whoever is filthy let him be filthy still
Listen to the words long written down
When the man comes around


Hear the trumpets hear the pipers one hundred million angels singing
Multitudes are marching to a big kettledrum
Voices calling and voices crying
Some are born and some are dying
Its alpha and omegas kingdom come
And the whirlwind is in the thorn trees
The virgins are all trimming their wicks
The whirlwind is in the thorn trees
It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks
In measured hundred weight and penny pound
When the man comes around

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
And I looked and behold, a pale horse
And it's name it said on him was Death
And Hell followed with him.


Why me Lord, what have I ever done To deserve even one Of the pleasures I've known Tell me Lord, what did I ever do That was worth loving you Or the kindness you've shown.

Lord help me Jesus, I've wasted it so Help me Jesus I know what I am Now that I know that I've need you so Help me Jesus, my soul's in your hand.

Tell me Lord, if you think there's a way I can try to repay All I've taken from you Maybe Lord, I can show someone else What I've been through myself On my way back to you.

Lord help me Jesus, I've wasted it so Help me Jesus I know what I am Now that I know that I've need you so Help me Jesus, my soul's in your hand.


I got a friend named Whiskey Sam He was my boonierat buddy for a year in Nam He said is my country just a little off track Took 'em twenty-five years to welcome me back But, it's better than not coming back at all Many a good man I saw fall And even now, every time I dream I hear the men and the monkeys in the jungle scream

Drive on, don't mean nothin' My children love me , but they don't understand And I got a woman who knows her man Drive on, don't mean nothin', drive on

I remember one night, Tex and me Rappelled in on a hot L.Z. We had our 16's on rock and roll But, with all that fire, I was scared and cold We were crazy, we were wild And I have seen the tiger smile I spit in a bamboo viper's face And I'd be dead , but by God's grace

Drive on, don't mean nothin' My children love me, but they don't understand And I got a woman who knows her man Drive on, don't mean nothin', drive on

It was a real slow walk in a real sad rain And nobody tried to be John Wayne I came home, but Tex did not And I can't talk about the hit he got I got a little limp now when I walk Got a little tremolo when I talk But my letter read from Whiskey Sam You're a walkin' talkin' miracle from Vietnam

Drive on, don't mean nothin' My children love me, but they don't understand And I got a woman who knows her man Drive on, don't mean nothin', drive on


From the hands it came down From the side it came down From the feet it came down And ran to the ground Between heaven and hell A teardrop fell In the deep crimson dew The tree of life grew

And the blood gave life To the branches of the tree And the blood was the price That set the captives free And the numbers that came Through the fire and the flood Clung to the tree And were redeemed by the blood

From the tree streamed a light That started the fight 'Round the tree grew a vine On whose fruit I could dine My old friend Lucifer came Fought to keep me in chains But I saw through the tricks Of six-sixty-six

And the blood gave life To the branches of the tree And the blood was the price That set the captives free And the numbers that came Through the fire and the flood Clung to the tree And were redeemed by the blood

From his hands it came down From his side it came down From his feet it came down And ran to the ground And a small inner voice Said "You do have a choice." The vine engrafted me And I clung to the tree

Code Musings

A couple of years ago one of my new neighbors then next block over started to put a chain link fence. I went over to let him know about the restrictions on chain link fences in front yard to save him time and money. He got pissy on me. Although I could have just let him stew in his own mess, instead I went to his direct neighbor whom I knew and asked them to talk to him to explain I was trying to save him grief. I did feel like telling him to screw it.

Picket fences work fine for front yards. Mine keeps my dogs in.

Do you plan to do something to your house? Don't be stupid. Find out if you are allowed to do what you are trying to do. Get the permit if you need one. This is not Idaho or Montana, where zoning does not exist.

Sometimes I find the people who are the pissiest are the ones who know they were in the wrong.

A few years ago one of my other neighbors called animal control on a neighbor whose dogs were always getting getting loose and whose dogs barked all the time, making it difficult for that neighbor to rest. Apparently they also did not have county tags and shots. They got all pissy and came over accusing us of calling animal control. 1st we did not do it. 2nd they knew their dogs were problems and did not take care of it. Many neighbors told them their dogs were loose and gave then ideas who to take care of it. They never did. It finally took animal control coming over to take care of it.

Emergency Home repairs & major yard clean up for home owners over the age of 60 with low income. The Senior Home Improvement Program (SHIP) provides carpentry, weatherization, minor plumbing repairs, wheelchair ramps and walker steps, roof repairs and replacement, water heater replacements Main Phone: (813) 250-9336

Non-medical services to seniors in their homes so that they are not prematurely institutionalized. The Centre for Women and seven other non-profit organizations have joined to create The ElderLink Consortium. The purpose of ElderLink is to link seniors to in-home, non-medical services to help them continue to live independently in their own homes.SERVICES OFFERED: ·Friendly Visitors·Telephone Reassurance·Check Writing and Bill Paying Assistance·Major Yard Cleanup·Respite for Caregivers·Personal Care·Major Housecleaning·Food Bank·Self-Care Training for the Visually- ImpairedServices are provided free of charge for Hillsborough County residents, 60 years of age and older, who meet income guidelines. A sliding fee scale is also available.Main Phone: (813) 571-1684


On the Seminole Heights Playgroups someone wanted to know about any Yoga that is available in the area.

Treehouse Yoga was mentioned. This is a cool place. It's is in a house that overlooks the river up behind Rowlett Park area.

It was mentioned that there used to be Yoga at the Seminole Heights Rec. Center.

Any other places?

WestFetch in Westchase

An email from Ginny:

Another possibility for dog owners

WestFetch in Westchase

A nice couple, Craig & Michelle Muniz, who has a house in Westchase offers a home away from home environment for your dog. After searching for a boarding place for their dog and not finding one to their liking they decided to open up their home to others in this predicament.

Their dog Dante is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs of all sizes. Their capacity is very limited so call or email early. They charge $35.00 per night with no charges for the so called “extras”, personal time, cuddle time, play time. Their email address is
Duncan had a great time playing with Dante. He received lots of love and attention during his 5 day stay. Their house has tile floor and is very clean. Good back yard filled with lots of grass to race and wrestle in.

11:10 P.M.
You will have to call them and discuss the "beastly" dogs. Their number is 813-333-1004 but I would recommend you also check out their website at

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cappy's can get drunk

Todd Gable and his wife Natalie Mandeville, owners of Seminole Heights Cappy's Pizza, were granted their beer and wine variance by City Council on 7/20/06.

From the transcripts:
"Gary Elsworth, president of south Seminole Heights civic association. This is exactly what we're looking for in the Seminole Heights community. And I think it certainly falls within the business strategic plan that the neighborhood has been working on. I don't know if you have had a chance to see this building but the petitioners have taken I think it was a former martial arts building but a vacant building and converted it to restaurant space, and done a fantastic job. There's also right next to it, there is outdoor dining area, which hopefully when the dog ordinance passes you should go for pizza. So this is a block which is becoming what we all hoped would happen in Seminole Heights. And the civic association is totally behind this. "

Seminole Heights Classifieds

Looking to buy or sell or rent in Seminole Heights. There are two places you can go.

Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association website has an online Flea Market

SeminoleHeights.Com has classifieds

I endorse April Griffin for Hillsborough County School Board, District 6, Countywide

I have featured Seminole Heights own April Griffin and her Blog regarding her candidacy for School Board on this Blog but never took a stance. I am now. I endorse April Griffin.

Wayne Garcia of the Weekly Planet wrote a good article about April.

"Griffin is running for the School Board in Hillsborough County, which is at the front lines of the biggest issues in Florida: growth and education. When this Seminole Heights resident suggested we meet for a conversation at the new Starbucks in her neighborhood, frankly I was expecting just another "throw more money at education" liberal. I got a much more pragmatic candidate instead, one who'd have an ally in the School Board's only true maverick member, Susan Valdes"
. . .
"She comes across as a realistic critic of the school system, neither wild-eyed bomb thrower nor insider-supported status quo candidate. She talks about canvassing neighborhoods in her campaign and offers, "Do you know how many times I've heard the phrase 'good old boy system'" applied to Hillsborough schools?"

Vote April in November.

Utility Break on Wilder Ave/Alley

I thought I posted this on Tuesday. I was refering to this in the prior post.

Monday the City was working on Sewer/Storm Water Pipes on the Wilder Ave/Alley between 12th and 11th Streets. They cut phone lines for 100 homes and a gas pipe. The phone lines are from the 1920's or 1930's and were in lead pipe. The lines were covered in paper not plastic and were not color coded so the phone guys had a long job connectiong them. The connection is the silver cylinder in between the treads. The yellow pipe is the cap on the gas line.

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Another Break caused by the City's Contractors

"Our street (200 block of West Violet) has been under construction first by Verizon and now it seems that the City of Tampa is taking it apart, via Dallas Contractors hired by the city. I need help if you know who I can call as to making a formal complaint. Yesterday these people hit a water line and we were without water for 6 hrs. Today they hit a gas line and not only do I smell gas inside the house but the front of the house has been like that for the past hour. Peoples gas is there now fixing the break, but when I complainted to the site manager he said, Miss this is a 100 year old street and pipes we really don't know where were going since we really don't have any blueprints!!!!! I called the office and the CEO Paul Lancaster was in a meeting. My worry I have animals and I work from home, plus my mother is here visiting and is home all day."

Anyone have an answer?

This raises a larger question. How does the City of Tampa, Verizon, TECO, Peoples' Gas and others ensure pipes will not be cut? As I just posted we lost service to 100 phones and a gas line was cut. Perhaps these are not lsited on maps either. If they know that these old neighborhoods has lines not marked, are there other things they can do to locate them? Should we be insisting that more occur? Or are they marked well and the contractors simply careless?

Here is an article Finding Buried Utilities Before They Find You from the the website "Grading and Excavation Contractors".

"Though it would be nice to have x-ray vision to allow us to see through the ground surface or pavement to determine what lies beneath, the next best thing can be obtained from a range of subsurface detection technologies on the market. This article will examine basic subsurface investigation devices, their operational techniques, the results they provide, the effects of soil characteristics on their performance, and other limitations. "

Utility Maps and Agency Information
Finding Pipes and Other Objects: Metal Detection
Ground-Penetrating Radar
Finding Leaks: Passive Sound Detection
Computerized Databases
Equipment Models

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Neighborhood Nuisance Program - San Diego

I found this. Interesting.

Neighborhood Nuisance Program
The City of San Diego sponsors a program to help residents abate nuisances in their neighborhood. Nuisances can include an unsightly property, excessive noise, gang activity, prostitution, drug activity, trespassing, CC&R violations, etc. The basis for the program is California law that makes property owners responsible for using their property in an ordinary and reasonable manner that is conducive to the peace and harmony of the neighborhood and does not interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property by others. Property owners violate the law by allowing a nuisance to exist on their property whether they themselves live there or not. Once they become aware of the nuisance they become responsible for abating it.

Under the Neighborhood Nuisance Program, the affected residents work with a City representative who guides them through a process to abate the nuisance. The process involves the following steps: collection of evidence, documentation of the nuisance effects, notification and negotiation with the property owner, demand that the nuisance be stopped, etc. If the owner fails to abate the nuisance the residents can file a suit in small claims court where they can describe the nuisance and their efforts to resolve it. In addition to a court cost of $22, service fees range from $15 to $150 depending on the method of service and number of defendants. The judge has the power to order the property owner to abate the nuisance and/or pay monetary damages to the residents.

For information about this program contact the City of San Diego Neighborhood Code Compliance Department at (619) 533-6123.

Looking for Godot ooops Looking for a Good Place to Rent

Sometimes as I type a title, tangential phrases just pop up in my head. Anyways, see below.

An email:

. . . If you get a chance to ask your readers, I have a friend who works in my insurance agent’s office . . . . is looking for a place to rent. Something like a mother-in-law apt or garage apt. if you could ask your readers if they know of anything, I would appreciate it. "

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hurricane Panels

Design and construction by Quinton Mitchell

He is uses plastic panels made out of corrugated sheet plastic.

He attaches it to his window using a progessional grade hooking material made by 3-M.

Buy the product at Freddie's Plastics.
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Salvage = JunkYard?

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This is a house at 1104 W. New Orleans Ave. I have been told it has been cited by code for an illegal chain link fence. This fence was built while the house was in process of getting ready to sell.

What responsibility does the realtor have in all of this?

This is important because at the recent SE Seminole Hts Civic Association Tom Snelling said that zoning/permit violations go with the property, meaning that new owners would bear responsibility for the violations even though they did not cause it. I presume that is the same for code violations. What recourse would new owners have? Sue the seller and seller's realtor? Report the seller's realtor to state licensing agency?

Mark-It Realty owned by Mark Weiss

Is this the same aituation for 912 E. Broad Street and the illegal driveway?
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Suspicious Vehicle

An email from Helen Harmon

"A neighbor reported a suspicious vehicle, at 13th Street and Idlewild Ave, around 3pm this afternoon. The vehicle was an older model, dark green sedan. The driver was a Caucasian male and the passenger was unidentified. The vehicle was driving slowly, up and down 13th street between Clifton and Idlewild, possibly “casing” homes in the area.

Most often, these folks are looking for an opportunity to steal items from an open or unlocked garage. Last week, near Idlewild and Flora Vista, a neighbor left her garage door open (for a brief time) and some tools were stolen. A few days prior, a vehicle break-in occurred at a different house on the same corner.

Please be sure to remove all valuables from your vehicles, make sure that nothing is left in plain sight and lock your vehicles at all times. If you have a vehicle alarm or Club, please use it. Be sure to lock all windows and doors during the night and when you are away from your house. If you have a house alarm, make sure you set it, even if you are only away for a short time.

As always, please don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the Tampa Police Department by calling 231-6130. You never know, TPD may be looking for that same suspicious vehicle"

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cool House

I had a chance to tour this house today, located at 1404 E. Idlewild. 1700 Sq Feet. The living room, dining room and kitchen share a very large space. The master bedroom is large with a whirlpool tub and a shower. French doors open off the master bedroom. I love the turret. There is alot of great detail work. The home was is owned and built by Quinton Mitchell and Larry Rushing. They have built 6 homes. The last one was on Clifton and was a new bungalow. They would be great to have an the home tour.

They succeeded in trying to capture the feel of granite curbs.
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The Rock Of Seminole Heights

Yours for 663.47. Posted by Picasa

Views of Cappy's Pizza

I do not know when Cappy's Pizza is going to open, but it looks like a first class operation.

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Library Joe

An Email I received:

Hello everyone :

My name is Joseph O'Sullivan (please call me Joe) and I am the new supervisor over at the Seminole Heights Branch Library. Tina Russo has been promoted and has moved to the Main Library downtown. . . . I have already had the pleasure of meeting Steve Gluckman and look forward to meeting everyone else. Here is my contact information :

Joe O'Sullivan
Senior Librarian
Seminole Heights Branch Library

Steve has graciously invited me to the dinner on the 25th and I look forward to meeting most of you. Thanks.

Peace, Love, and Respect--Joe

Anyone who signs off an email with "Peace Love and Respect" is going to fit in well here.

Activist Action

Alan Snel titled his article City Takes Action on Rowlett Park.

I prefer to call it Activist's Action Moves City. He sees a problem and prods the city and they respond.

Good work!

Eating Meeting or Chewing Jawing or Drinking Discussions

Don’t forget…….

OSHNA’ s General Membership Meeting is the “7th Annual Eating Meeting”, and will be held this Tuesday, July 25th, 6:30 PM, at the Seminole Heights United Methodist Church (corner of Central and Hanna Avenues).
OSHNA will provide the drinks, utensils, plates and the meat. If your last name begins with A-M, please bring your favorite side dish or vegetable. If it begins with N-Z, bring a salad or dessert.
Bring a neighbor, bring a friend and, especially, bring your appetite!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ella Attempts Obedience

After three months of getting Ella accustomed to us and our environment, we decided to try an obedience class. You might recall, we tried a group agility class a couple months ago after a few private lessons. She shut down and we stopped attending. Since then Scott's been walking her twice a day around the neighborhood. It took several weeks just to get her to walk to the end of our street. Now, she walks up to the dog park at Giddens and if there's a willing companion in the park, she jumps right into play mode. Last week she was invited to a dog birthday party. (I'll let Scott tell you about that since he escorted Ella.) She has become quite the society animal. So, we figured we'd give the group class another shot.

The class was held at the Humane Society animal shelter on Armenia. Ann Farmer, an instructor from Courteous Canine was teaching. As we walked up to the building, I wondered how Ella would feel about this place. She was in the Animal Services shelter for two months and one step away from being euthanized when we got her. The room inside where the class would take place was very small. Ella let us know just how anxious she was by defecating on the floor. Ann spent some time stroking her and gave her lots of treats. She was concerned this might still be too overwhelming for her. But we could tell Ella was relaxing a bit and when the next dog showed up, she wanted to greet it.

There were five of us enrolled, a Jack Russell named Dancer, big chunky lab named Carter, Zoey, a beautiful Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and Peewee, a not at all small Pit Bull mix. Almost all were rescue dogs. We introduced ourselves and our dogs. We were all couples, bringing our dog children to class. I imagine that's a recent phenomenon. In the past, it might have been a single person, or one parent, or even a child who brought their dog to train. Now, our pets have become a part of our culture. We walk them as a means of being sociable. We take them on dog dates and to dog parties. We consider them in our wills. We expect them to be family members and there lies the need for training. The training is mostly for the owners, so we can learn to communicate with a family member that doesn't speak the same language.

"Sit" was the first lesson in class. We were so proud when Ella was used to demonstrate. It is the one thing we successfully taught her at home. She offers sit whenever she wants attention, so when the trainer approached her she sat like a queen, looked up with pleading eyes and was promptly given a treat. After a few more sits, the teacher moved away to work with th rest of the class. Ella followed her all night and everytime she got near her, she sat. At that point, we knew she was totally relaxed. The rest of the night was spent learning "down" and teaching the dogs to focus on us by looking directly in our eyes on command, which is a crucial training element.

When we packed up to leave, I felt we had already bonded with this new dog family and their caretakers. We were on the road to learning how to communicate with our canine pals. One last note, we bought a new harness on the way out. It's a Gentle Leader called Easy Walk. It's much easier to put on the dog with quick releases under the belly and around the chest. The leash attaches in the front so the dog is no longer inclined to pull against pressure which is natural for them. Ella took to it right away and has been walking much better on the leash. Can't wait until next week so we can show off what Ella has taught us!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Run Forest Run


Wed 6:45PM
(Runners &Walkers)
The Garden Center on Central Avenue

Saturday 8:00am (Runners)
9:00am (Walkers)
Seminole Heights Baptist Church,
I-275 & Hillsborough Ave

Contact Angie or Glen.

The YMCA is helping coordinate this from a request by Glen and Tara.

Hampton Terrace - historic district?

An email:
"My husband heard that Hampton Terrace is no longer being considered for local historic district designation. Do you know if that is correct?"

Code Board 6-26-06

Sean V. Donnelly June 28, 2006
Code Enforcement Board Chairman 9:00 am

4. CASE #: 05-16702 JANOWIAK MARK & KEN
169914.0000, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33629
ISSUED: 06/24/2005 INSPECTOR: Ryan Shepherd 274-5545
CODE SECTION : 19-47, 27-464 (E) (9)
DISPOSITION: Case found guilty of failure to obtain a
variance for the improper parking and driveway. Failure to
submit plans to Construction Services for driveway repairs.
which is causing a public nuisance. Deadline 11/1/06 Fine $
25.00 per day if deadline is not met. vote 7/0

6807 N NAVIN AV 12252 69th Terrace
162710.0000, FL 33604 SEMINOLE, FL 33772
CODE SECTION : 13-45 (a) (1)
DISPOSITION: Respondent Damon Bergbauer was present. Board
found this case Not Guilty, case dismissed. vote 6/0

13. CASE #: 06-06711 SCHAFFER MARK
170827.0050, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33674
CODE SECTION : 13-43, 13-45 (A)(1)
DISPOSITION: Respondent Mark Schaffer was present. Case
found guilty of effective removal of a 24" protected tree
without a permit. Deadline 08/02/06 Fine $25.00 per day if
deadline is not met. vote 6/0 Gray absent.

20. CASE #: 05-20016 IRVING DUDLEY A
5108 N 15TH ST 5108 N 15TH ST
171812.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33610-4937
Case heard 02/01/06 D/L 04/05/06 Violations: 19-47,
19-49, 19-231, 19-232 and 27-133. Fine $65 per day.
Complied 05/04/06 Fine $1,820. Respondent states confusion
regarding obtaining a reinspection.
DISPOSITION: Respondent Lola Irving was present. Fine was
reduced from $1,820.00 to $0. vote 5/1 Gray absent.

170623.0000, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33604
Case heard 04/05/06, D/L 05/10/06 Fine $60 per day.
Violations: 19-46, 19-47, 19-49 and 19-231. Complied upon
request by owner on 05/15/06. Fine is $240.
DISPOSITION: Respondent Merrill Seabury was present. Board
voted to reduce fine from $240.00 to $0. vote 6/0

27. CASE #: 05-31603 BENSON DOROTHY F
164915.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33603
Case heard by Board on 05/26/06 with violations: Order
given for Violations: 27-129 (illegal storage pods) D/L
07/26/06 Fine $50 per day. Request cites errors on the
DISPOSITION: Respondent Eric Flasterstein was present, and
Attorney for respondent Luke Lirot, P.A. Board voted to deny
the request for a rehearing. vote 6/0 Gray absent.

165794.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33603
CODE SECTION : 19-56 and 19-231

A Home for Flora

Welcoming Spirit Encircles Flora Home

By KATHY STEELE The Tampa Tribune
Published: Jul 20, 2006

"SEFFNER - Flora Revesz will be remembered and cherished by family, friends and strangers she will never meet."
. . .
"On Saturday, Flora's family and friends gathered to honor her by dedicating Flora House. The adult group home on Stark Road in Seffner is managed by the Human Development Center, a private, nonprofit agency that serves adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral disorders."

Buyer Beware

Sevim Tavlan, of Creative Housing makes a made a poor business decision and so neighbors had to suffer.

Not anymore.

Church Relocates After 2-Year Battle With Neighbors
By KATHY STEELE The Tampa Tribune
SEMINOLE HEIGHTS - "After more than two years, a parking dispute between neighbors and church worshippers ended when the city council denied a zoning petition from the owner of the church's building."

"Tavlan said the building had been used as a church for about 50 years. She bought the property as it was going into foreclosure and did not know a previous owner had sold other parcels. The church, which seats about 275 people, looked like a good investment, she said."

Anyone want a church to turn into a really cool home? Once the parking lots were sold off by the previous owner that's all it's good for.

Bandaid Bandit Unpeeled

Previously . . .

Now . . .

TAMPA - Authorities announced today that they arrested Rafael Rondon, 50, a central Florida man, and charged him with being the Band Aid Bandit.

His accomplice, who is also jailed, has been identified as Emeregildo Roman, 54, according to the FDLE.

Mrs. Claywell

An email:

I am a new rentor in the heights and enjoy this place quite a bit.

About twelve years back my children's father and I owned a home on the 300 blk of Idlewild east. Wondering if any one there can tell me what has happend to Mrs. Claywell's home and when did she pass on. She was quite older when I resided there . I am sure she is now deceased.
I missed my old house and often have gone by to see its changes. The old neighborhood is changing I see.

The auto dealership > I actually worked there for two weeks!> still runs up and down the streets for its "test outs" . But all in all this area continues to be a beautiful place and I for one totally love the atmosphere and the peoples.

8:58 P.M Answer in the Tribune:

"CLAYWELL, Betty A., 99, a native of Indiana, passed away December 29, 2004. She resided in Florida since 1926 and was the widow of William Henry Claywell, founder of Hills- borough County Teachers' Credit Union, now known as Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union. Survivors include two daughters, Claridell C. Eason, and Betty Lou Washington and husband, Emory; son, Henry A. Claywell and wife, Patricia; three grandchildren, Tommy Claywell, Cindy Chambers and husband, Danny, and Elizabeth Eason; two great-grandchildren, Cheryl Bernales and husband, Jorge, and Kimberly Chambers; one great-great-grandchild, Sofia Isabella Bernales. She taught in Hillsborough County Schools for 38 years and was a member of Seminole Heights United Methodist Church, past president of Tampa Kiwanee Club, charter member of Daughters of the Nile and honorary member of Delta Kappa Gamma. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, January 6, 2005, at Seminole Heights United Methodist Church. Interment to follow at Garden of Memories Cemetery. Visitation will be 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, January 5, 2005, at Garden of Memories Funeral Home, 4207 E. Lake Ave., Tampa, Fla. Flowers are accepted or contributions may be made in her memory to Seminole Heights United Methodist Church, 6111 N. Central Ave., Tampa, FL 33604; or LifePath Hospice, 908 American Eagle Blvd., Sun City Center, FL 33573; or The Duvall Presbyterian Home, P.O. Box 220036, Glenwood, FL 32722."

Whatever happened to?

Merino's Deli?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beds for Tampa Fire Rescue

I received this in an email:
"Kevin White, an executive with Rooms To Go learned of the deplorable bedding conditions that existed throughout Tampa Fire Rescue (TFR). Rooms to Go along with other generous donors felt compelled as community leaders to step in and make a difference in the quality of life for the individuals who protect our families on a daily basis.

On Friday July 21st at 9:30 a.m. Rooms to Go in partnership with their co-sponsors will be staging at Tampa Fire Rescue Station 18 located at 5706 N. 30th Street, one block north of Hillsborough Ave.

Tampa Fire Rescue Station 18 will be the first of 20 fire stations throughout the City of Tampa to receive new bedding donated by Rooms to Go and its co-sponsors. Rooms To Go will deliver, set up and remove approximately 170 new beds throughout the city, to help enhance the quality of life for the men and women of (TFR) who protect our residents 24/7/365 days a year.

Thanks to this unique donation spearheaded by Kevin White this effort will save the taxpayers of the City of Tampa in excess of $50,000.

For more information regarding this event please contact,

Kevin White
813-267-0770 or 813-361-0692 "

Why go to the SE Seminole Heights Civic Association Meetings?

For the door prizes, silent auctions and food

Get art at good prices benefiting SESHCA. Posted by Picasa

Southeast Seminole Heights gets covered

At last night's SE Sem Hts Civic Association Meeting the board displayed our newest item of high fashion. Southeast Seminole Heights ball caps. $10.00

As modeled by Mike Ferlita

The board bought themselves shirts to wear with the logo on it.
Here is one style modeled by Pat Benjamin.

The board will be coming up with t-shirt for nwighbors to buy and wear. Posted by Picasa