Friday, August 11, 2006

Fixing Seminole Heights

1. According to the Trib: repairs are budgeted for the Seminole Heights Garden Center.

"The city's Seminole Garden Center, a 67-year-old rental facility, could get about $1.5 million to repair ceilings, floors and restrooms. "

"A fire some years ago led to poor reconstruction, he said. A dormer window is covered with plywood, and steps lead to a window where once there was a door"

"Linoleum flooring possibly covers restorable wood floors. The restrooms are in disrepair, and Baron said the association rents portable toilets when staging events.

The aluminum windows are not in keeping with the building's historical character, association member Susan Long said.

"It screams ugly, and it should be gorgeous," she said."

2. And stop signs will be placed at Henry Avenue and 12th Street and Comanche Avenue and 13th Street.

"About 60 residents attended an earlier neighborhood meeting when LaMotte said studies on Henry did not justify speed tables or stop signs.

About 600 daily trips were counted on Henry. By comparison, studies showed about 1,600 daily trips on nearby Idlewild Avenue, but no stop signs or tables have been installed there.

LaMotte said the city responded to residents' concerns by looking beyond Henry to the surrounding street grid. It became a quality-of-life issue, he said."

"Residents want the city next to consider making Ninth Street one-way from Mohawk Avenue to Hillsborough."

3. Tampa 2007 Proposed Budget
Nebraska Avenue Enhancements
Nebraska Ave: Kennedy Boulevard to Hillsborough Avenue Department:

Monetary Information FY07 Budget: $418,000

Description: This project provides for irrigation conduit substructures for running irrigation lines to landscaped areas and enhanced crosswalks. The landscaping project will be completed in conjunction with a Florida Department of Transportation resurfacing project. Priority is given to the segments of Nebraska Avenue extending from Kennedy Boulevard to the north.

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