Monday, August 28, 2006

Was this. . . . .?

A background to this conversation is Illegal Boarding Houses and Update on the Illegal Boarding House

Note that in April 2005 this place was first written about on the blog.

"City of Tampa Code Enforcement cited them in early 2004 for failure to cease operation of illegal rooming house and found guilty by the Code Enforcement Board on 8/18/04. Due to non-compliance, fines of $60.00 a day were levied from 9/23/04. Additionally they were cited in early 2003 for: Failure to Remove accumulations of junk, trash and debris from property and right of way; Failure to make repairs of walls, doors, doors frames, eaves, floor coverings, electrical fixtures in rear of building; Failure to repair or remove unsound shed. They were found guilty on 9/15/04 and have had fines of $30.00 a day from 11/04/04. As of 4/20/05 the current fines for both citations could be $16,550. The City may be exploring foreclosure."

There were multiple conversations with Bill Doherty and the neighborhood leadership throughout the process about the nuisance that this place presented. He agreed. He understood clearly why it was an illegal rooming house. He suggested that the neighborhood push the City Attorney's office on getting the foreclosure process moving along.

On July 25 2005 it was noted on the blog: "Regardless of which license they have, since 9/23/04 they still are still facing fines of $60.00 a day after being found guilty by the Code Enforcement Board for failing to cease operation of illegal rooming house.This facility now could be foreclosed by the City. Yet this has not happened. So Clifford Hill continues to operate illegally. Why has the City not shut this facility down?"

The foreclosure process was not going anywhere because the one person handling foreclosures was overwhelmed. Other staff were expected to be hired but had not been. Also the amount of the fines at that time were not enough to make it a high priority item.

Then in January 2006 area supervisor Harold Scott and his manager Bill Doherty mistakenly concluded the zoning violation was not correct and close the case. At this time the fines would have been up to $29,000 just for the illegal rooming house violation. What happened? What made them decide the zoning violation was incorrect . . . after 15 months? After being found guilty by the code board? Nothing had changed. This place was still operating illegally with multiple people living there.

Was this incompetence? Or was this something else?

However since this place can not stop itself from being a code violation factory they got cited again for accumulation issues in March 2006 and again for being an illegal boarding house. The process had to start all over again.

The day Code was to reinspect the place, Harold Scott was looking for a letter of support from Zoning to back up the violation. To ensure the inspection was going to occur properly the neighborhood facilitated that process. Yes. The neighborhood facilitated that process. The neighborhood had to get two parts of the city government to speak to each other.

Was this incompetence or something else?

Later on TV Harold Scott is quoted as saying that Code has no way of knowing how many people live there. He apparently went into Code court saying the same thing

Interesting since the FLDE website listed 13 to 16 sex offenders living there.

Interesting since Tampa Police Department runs the Sexual Predator Identification Program (SPIN) "officers conduct at home verifications of the sexual offender or predator's residence." Verfification of how many people lived there could have come from one phone call to the SPIN Officer.

Interesting since many of the offenders were on felony probation. These probationers are on a more intensive probation and often get at home visits by their Florida Department of Corrections Probation Officers. Call the Probation could have verified whether those offenders indeed lived there.

I might expect a rookie code inspector not to know these things. I would expect a long serving supervisor to know these things.

Was this incompetence or something else?

I used to work for the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services years and years ago. I know how to conduct an investigation and how to use collateral sources of information to build a case. I know how to use various private and public databases to obtain information.

Why doesn't Code know how to do this?

Especially since Code is now led by former TPD deputy police chief Curtis Lane. You would think he would have imparted his knowledge in investigations to his staff. Of course this former narcotics officer did not know what pot looked like so perhaps that would explain why.

Was this incompetence or something else?


Resident Blogger said...

Praise to you o' masterful blogger! Thanks for telling it like it is and asking the hard questions!!

I vote imcompetence! On a major scale! The dynamic trio are not smart enough for "something else"

Anonymous said...

Well... bust my bubble.
Only three people may know what it actually was.
I just can't imagine that they didn't know "Anything" about this house.
Especially since a prior case was open and "Mysteriously" closed in error.
The F&^%##% Bast@#$^

Anonymous said...

I vote incompetence. I wish we could all work as slow, lazy and half hearted as they do. Can you imagine what a great cushy life it would be. Do what you want and never have to answer to anyone or be held accountable for your actions. Sooner or later, the cititens will grow tired of this crappy service and look to hold someone accountable. Trust me, it won't be Curtis Lane, Bill Dorherty, or Harold Scott, by then, we will have grown accustomed to their stupidity and lack luster performance...It will be Mayor Iorio because we should expect more from her leadership.

Anonymous said...

Can't you see the election commercials next year..."When a Tampa neighborhood had problems with a illegal boarding house and sex offenders, where sas Ms. where to be found. Where was her leadership, her code department, where to be found!

jaded1 said...

Having lived next to Austin Industries properties and watched their serious code violations,(I'm not talking about tall grass or junk cars) I have long suspected there is more to Code Enforcement's problems than just incompetence.It would not suprise me to one day hear that wide spread graft and corruption have been exposed in this department. Whatever we have to do to keep this in the public eye we need to do.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Scott, (I really hate to say this) has had a very LONG history of using racists practices in his selective enforcement of Code. I have seen many instances where he has actually told black members of our community "not to worry about it" and their cases just mysteriously disappeared. I have witnessed this with my own investigations and have had this CONFIRMED to my by a little insider birdy that works in that Dept. The other fact of the matter is that the Code Dept "leadership" has grown to absolutely DESPISE Southeast Seminole Heights' efforts to clean up the neighborhood. You will also see that as soon as this topic "calms down" a bit, Mr. Lane will be on the news with his face in the camera claiming victory at a major clean-up of either a large apt complex or a trailer park. DOES ANY OF THIS NEWS REACH SPAM IORIO??

Anonymous said...

What is your name and what do you have to gain by acting like you know things you don't?
Anyone can insinuate anything on here and it doesn't mean it's true.
Only facts are true.
The only thing you have done is try and get people in trouble that are trying to work and stay out of this crap.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:37.

FYI anon 9:39 is not insinuating anything. I've heard that same info. Also, it's a known fact that Mr. Scott is a minister as well as a code official, and that he likes to use the "soft" approach with his "fellow man". (mixing church and state - gotta love it.)

And we've seen it happen.

So - what really constitutes as "fact"?

Anonymous said...

What houses do you have to back this up?

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that many leader in the code office, including the city's legal team, do not like upholding the Florida Law as it is written because it would not be "popular" for the city. Instead, their practice has been sending letter, after letter, after letter to try to gain compliance. A tactic that has proven ineffective and costly for the taxpayers.

What the city does not realize is that the majority of the Tampa population wants them to uphold the code laws and protect and better our neighborhoods. With minimal effort and education, it is easy to keep your property in compliance with city standards. The code office has caused the lines to become blurred where it becomes a racial, or socioeconomic issues and that is a shame. Everyone, regardless of race, sex, financial situation, etc should be held accountable to the same simple standards. Mow your yard, keep trash picked up, etc. IT IS NOT HARD!

Don’t even think about using the old or disabled card. The city and several organizations offer free assistance to elderly, disabled and low income residents.

Anonymous said...

You have to provide factual information to back up your accusations.
I can get on here and say I think President Bush has cheated on Laura.
Does that mean it is true?
Was I in the bedroom when it happened?
Unless you witness something or you can provide "facts" to support your claim, its best not to say anything at all.
Not to say that I like the code department because I think they bite the big one.
I do know some personal facts.
One is that I hear that Santiago Corralda is the man to see if you need some code action or help with matters.
Apparently he is a big man around SESH from talking with the neighbors.
That is a definite fact.
I am more impressed with him than anyone else down at the city.
I think he takes matters seriously.
Not to say that we should all bug the heck out of him because he may get tired of it but on serious matters I think we should form a committee and report to him directly.
Screw it.

Anonymous said...

I guess the bottom line becomes that if we have to "go to" Santiago because he is the only one that will get things done, what the heck are we paying the 3 stooges for? As we see our taxes go up every year, I can't help but get Pi**ed off that these clowns probably make more than most of us and do absolutely nothing! Personally, I don't think it should be tolerated in more!

Anonymous said...

You're right.
Eventually they will fu*k something up bad.
Hopefully it will be worse than the sex offender house if you can imagine that.
I think they deserve an Emmy for their performances on TV.
"I have to have proof." was the quote I heard.
Does the FDLE list not count as proof?
The cops do not know what they are talking about when they verified the names for Code?
I think their is too much fat at the top of code and Sanntigo needs to trim, trim, trim the fat off.
Trim the fat since they cant make good decisions.
Just the fact that the case was closed by a mistake already is enough to get me pissed.
That is a fact.
The case was closed by a mistake.
Another dam_ mistake.
It is embarassing to watch them on tV and lie through their pants.
There are only two people living there.
They should all be aressted for a crime.
They must have had to take an oath to speak at a public meeting.
Harold said only 2 people were living there.
That is a fact.
He must have seen the FDLE report.
They don't care about us anymore.
What is Sanntigo's number?
I was already pissed when our inspector was higher than a x-mas tree last year smoking the cheech and chong.
I might have been able to accept that BUT everytime I reported a problem, I would call back and she wouldn't do ANYTHING AT ALL.
Do something.
I think they probably comitted a crime by covering this up and/or lying under oath.
I think that is starting to look like a fu@king fact dipshi!.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that if the city closes down these sex offender boarding houses run by churches, then there will be NOWHERE for sex offenders to stay. Lay citizens will not rent to them, unless it is very lucrative. Given that these sex offenders have a hard time holding down ANY job because of their Scarlet Letter, they don't exactly have a lot of money to pay for rent in a qualifing area. Think about it . . . the untouchables in India have a higher status in society than our sex offenders.

Guess where the sex offenders will be when the city closes the boarding houses . . . roaming around on YOUR streets because there is NOWHERE ELSE FOR THEM TO STAY! I guess that is what SESH wants. Sex offenders roaming around, in and out of jail, and then back on the streets. Ultimately, they will get off on their failing to register charges because they have no address to register because they are HOMELESS, mainly because you people set in motion the process that put them on the streets without first offering a solution.

It is easy to scream and yell. It's harder to offer solutions to difficult issues. I don't purport to have a solution but if I were going to make waves as you people are, I would first be prepared to offer solutions to the problem.

Let's hear some solutions . . .

Safe Place said...

SESH is not asking to close down church sex offender boarding houses just because they are sex offender boaridng houses. SESH is asking that boarding houses be run in a legal, safe and appropriate fashion and since this particular organization has shown it cannot do so, it needs to be shut down.

Anonymous said...

They cant rent a perfectly good home if they want.
We just don't want 20 predators in one small house with no supervision right next door to children.
They didn't get the label by just whacking off.
They whacked off on a six year old or disabled person.
Or they raped someone.
Hmmm..maybe we should get tougher on the laws so they can't even get out of prison.
End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, we are not asking that it is impossible to find a home, we want them to live in a safe, properly managed legal home with adequate supervision. This slum lord had them living in 3rd world conditions, not properly supervised creating in environment that would eventually go awry...with no one capable of detecting the warning signs. In the meantime, she probably laughed her way to the bank.

We need answers to this:

IS THE RENT FOR THE SEX OFFENDERS GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED? (Similar to section 8) If so, what is she making per head? I would imagine the house on New Orleans that she has a minimal house payment, generated over several thousands of dollars per month. Take that figure and multiply it by however many homes, churches or other that she may be operating. If the government does subsidize the rent, there has got to be better, more qualified options.

CouldBeSherry said...

Sex offender/predators, no matter how despicable or unchangeable they may be, absolutely have a right to live somewhere. And a “church” sponsored location would seem ideal. However, according to the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s office, The Solid Rock of Jesus Church, Inc. facility which is listed by FDLE as home to eleven of these individuals is not a suitable location. There are two buildings. One is listed as having two bedrooms and six fixtures. Zoning is clear that it is not zoned for a boarding house. It is an old building which houses a storefront church in a commercial intensive zoning. One of it’s two buildings is an open space, not heated or air-conditioned, with below standard plumbing. For those of you who are concerned that these individuals have no place to live consider the type of living conditions this woman and her associates offer to them. Overcrowded, substandard, unsupervised, non code compliant places do not make suitable homes for anyone. Also, lets not forget that this facility is open to all who are hard to place, not just sexual offender/predators. We just have no way, at the moment, of knowing how many others might be at either location. Substandard housing is not appropriate for any of them.

I admit, I have pretty harsh feelings about the sexual offender/predator in my neighborhood in general, but more specifically I do not agree with housing them in huge groups, in substandard living conditions and allowing them to simply sit around all day drinking beer, trading stories and contemplating their next move.

No matter what side you are on this type of housing is illegal and inappropriate and it is unacceptable that all this has escaped the attention of the various government agencies which have been in contact with these facilities and this group of owners and managers.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the neighborhood association for where the church is located has been contacted or notified of thier new neighbors?

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree. As a neighborh who has a life-time investment in the neighborhood, I should not have to suffer any loss of property value due to the dispicable acts of these perverts. I really don't care where they live (or die for that matter).

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, I drove by this house the other day and as I passed by, the creepiest looking man with long hair and a thick mustache was staring out the window. It was quite startling.

A few houses away heading west on New Orleans we're two young girls. I watched them as they passed by the house in my rearview mirror.

It was a bad scene. I'm not quite sure what I would do to the house and its tenants if I lived in the area. I might have to go visit the "Solid Rock" folks personally and let them know I would be so far up their a$$, they would be able to taste what I had for breakfast.

These so-called church going folks need to be held responsible for the environment they are fostering.

jaded1 said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the SO's finding a decent place to live. They're like cockroaches. You spray where they live, they'll just move to another unsuspecting house.

Anonymous said...

As a landlord I would welcome them. Who is code to tell me who I can have in my rental unit. If code showed up at my door I wouldn't let them in and that is totally legal. Seems to me this is more of a personal gain issue for some of you bloggers rather than preserving the neighborhood. You guys probably invested way over your heads and now that the market blows you can't turn the profit you thought and now your screwed. What did you think you were going to do, turn this area into...Palma Ceia, Beach Park, or even New Tampa. I don't want code around my place either, just everyone elses property. You dopes will have your so called front porch parties, why is that any different than someone (felon or no felon) sitting in their front yard throwing a few down. Hypocritcal to say the least. SESH should embrace landlords that house the homeless, convicted, mentally ill, elderly etc instead of trying to put them out of business. Last I checked, FDLE has over 40 Sexual offenders in a 1 mile radius with several more of them with unknown were-a-bouts. Personal gain should never come before preservation but then again some of you never look at the man in the mirror!

Anonymous said...

"You dopes will have your so called front porch parties, why is that any different than someone (felon or no felon) sitting in their front yard throwing a few down."

Now that's hilarious. Nice parody post bubb, thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

I think you keep missing the point! We could care less if there is a sex offender in a rental. They are all over the neighborhood. The issue is over 20 in one single family house. You would be in violation no matter of their criminal history if you have this many residents in one house.

Resident Blogger said...

Anons 2:23 & 3:26
Ok, Porch Parties are a little different than if I sat in my yard day and night after day and night and drank. BUT even that is not really the problem.

And BTW I did not over invest in my house, the market can go to hell and it has nothing to do with my living conditions. And I moved here before all this upward climb began, just because I could afford it and the fabric of the community.

If your rental unit is in the city of Tampa, then they have every right to tell you what you may and may not do. If you don't like it move outside the city limits, and play by the county rules, and if that does not work buy your own country, make your own rules. There are rules no matter where you live. Code is an arm of the city and they and zoning have regulations. You can rent to a sex offender, or an ax murderer for that matter, you just can't have more of them than is allowed in your particular zoning and for your particular type of structure. AND you must have a rental certificate and keep the structure in reasonable condition. What is so hard to understand about that?

When it comes to personal gain. What do you think is at the heart of the home owner of 1303? Philanthropy? NO it is the money she gets (probably the government) for each of these individuals. So packing them like sardines in a house that is probably long since paid for or at the least has a minimal mortgage, is high profit. Her desire for personal gain drives her to break the law and act innocent. The living quarters she provides are third world and it endangers the lives not only of those that live in these conditions but also those who live around this house. She has no concern for anything but her bottom line. She is a slum lord, nothing more.

From your statements, I am guessing that is your aspiration also?

Anonymous said...

I understand your arguments about the illegality of boarding houses. The government does not subsidize sex offender housing. My only point is that this is a serious problem without much of a solution. ANY leader would be faced with the question of whether to enforce the rooming house code in this case and allow an even worse situation of creating homeless sex offenders. There is really NO place for them to live in Tampa.

Yes, I understand your violation of code arguments. I'm just saying, if you're going to kick our leaders out, why not give them some suggestions of your own for what to do with the sex offenders? That's all.

Again, there is NO where for them to live, if they don't have familiy who live in qualifying areas. All that is available is the boarding houses. It's the boarding houses or the streets, period! To enforce the code law or to put them out on the streets, that is the question that no one wants to offer suggestions for an alternative to.

Oh, btw, I am not the dope who called you all dopes. I am just the devil's advocate trying to show you all the problem that you don't want to see or help solve.

Yes, you can lock them up for life, if that is what you want to do with your taxes. That's too easy and too expensive.

Anonymous said...

Oh please.
That is not the only solution Mr. Devil.
Enforce the code.
No rooming houses in a residential district period.
Sex offenders or not.
Its not the neighborhoods job to make sure sex offenders have housing.
Bad choices in life have consequences that will haunt you for years to come.
Why can't they buy a house or rent an apartment?
If it was "Just a minor sex offense" they should be able to right.
Because it was a major offense and when you commit major offenses there are consequences.
Follow the rules or go live somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I know of many sex offenders in this neighborhood that seem to coexist just fine. They have served time for their mistakes and moved on. The problem with this house is they are living in bad conditions. The majority are drug or at least alcoholics that do nothing but look for the next high. They are dangerous and do not belong in a residential neighborhood with 20 in one spot.

Anonymous said...

I would bet, the code and city officials know of the "New illegal boarding house" on Florida avenue and I would bet they have not made any attempts to warned the surrounding neighbors. IF this is true, this would again highlight the poor leadership and poor judgement of city officials. Since it is not in their backyard, you can see that they aren't too concerned. All it will take is one more arrest, attack, etc for them to finally wake up and get a handle on the situation.

Anonymous said...

I was told that Santtigo ordered a complete round the clock check on the new house.
Santtigo for Presdient!
I got 5 votes for Santtigo in my house alone.

Flyer anon said...

Anonymous : 8/29/2006 9:39 AM
"the Code Dept "leadership" has grown to absolutely DESPISE Southeast Seminole Heights"

Is this verification of my earlier assement?
Will things change after the election? maybe? for the worse? (In your eyes of corse)

In the last five years you got more attention than anyone through your outgoing efforts, but you still keep bitching.
After the squeaky wheel gets the grease and still keeps making noise what's the next move?

Anonymous said...

How bout we call on your house flyer anon.
We all know where you live.
Lets much can we casll your house in to code in a one week period..
Or...who can find the most zoning violations at your house in a 48 hour period..

quitcherbitchin said...

Flyeranon, For years, you have sat there and whined and cried...ewwww too much code enforcement. If you would open your eyes and realize Code has not done a dang thing since Iorio has taken office. Name one success or closure you can attribute to the code department. You can't find one. This useless mayor came in at the last minute of the campaign and no one got to see that she has no substance. She has not done one thing with regards to improving code. Any small success to code is because our neighbors bitch and scream, and we should not have to do that! The mayor promised foreclosures years ago and as of this minute today, there have been zero! She promised faster times to compliance, they are still taking years. I am so freaking confused why anyone would not want stricter code compliance. It cleans the city, creates safer neighborhoods and the list goes on! I am so sick of the bitching and moaning of "leave us a lone, we want to live this way" You might, but you can bet your neighbors don't! As a parent, I would not let my kids around have of the unsafe homes in the n'hood! If for no other reason, inspect the homes to make sure people are living in safe living conditions, make sure they are not creating dangerous environments for surrounding homes. You sit there and complain because you, one person, thinks its unfair. Let me send "flyers" to you neighbors and see if they think its fair to put up with your code issues that affect their lives.

How freakin hard is it to mow your yard once a week, clean off the crap on your carport, etc. If you can't keep up your property, maybe you should move to a condo! Home ownership is a privilege, not a right!

Anonymous said...

If you have "supported" this homeowner at 1303 E. New Orleans, picture this scenario...

Your aging parents are seeking a lovely retirement home in Sunny Florida to spend their last years with you...They log onto the internet to find a great home and up pops 1303 E. New Orleans, Clifford Hills Boarding Homes Inc. Retirement Home. Yes, this money whore is advertising online as a retirement home on This is sick, disgusting and shows that she does not care who lives in this home, as long as she gets the money. They has got to be some sort of criminal or cival charges that can be brought against this homeowner. If the city does not step in and start immediate foreclosure, they are messed up!

I would be absolutely mortified to find that anyones parent had been living there!

Anonymous said...

OK here we go, Devil's Advocate Part Deux. I was just wondering if you know how stupid you sound. Not one of these entries has been based on fact, just hearsay or make believe which ever you choose. New to this community, I have to assume that some of you have been in this structure since the statements list this place is unfit or, are some of the residents giving you the so-called inside information. Why would they complain on themselves especially since this is one of the only places that would welcome them? Some of you state there are too many of "these" people living at this residence. Who is taking roll call and when/how often is the FDLE site updated? A list that you found on a web site is not something I would bet money on. How many times have we seen that these offenders are not where they are when a child is missing or has been attacked? The police/FDLE make a sweep based on offender/predator status and most of the time they're missing. The ones that are in the place they're registered to are the ones we probably should'nt worry about. I for one would not be happy at all with one offender living in my neighborhood and also think there is no repentance for that crime, but like the law that you want enforced there is also a law that says they are entitled to be part of society after their sentence. Have any of you REALLY taken the time to read the state statutes regarding code enforcement. I think you'll find that most of you have spoken out of context. There are loop holes in every system. As for the bashing of the "three stooges", remember to walk a mile in someones shoes before passing judgement. Why do you think that Mr Corrada came out to your neighborhood and schmoozed you and said he'll get to the bottom of it. Do you think he's doing it for any other reason than the 5 votes you have for them in your home alone. Speaking of Corrada, my friends in south tampa tell me your so called savior pulled strings to have the code changed so his rich friends and their "primped poodles" could have a doggy park, against the majority of the people. Sounds like just the guy I want on my side! You also state that this savior should "trim the fat", well maybe he should step on the scale first. Instead of acting like a bunch of 5 year olds and bickering back and forth over subjects that have no simple solution, why don't the leaders of this area (probably want to remain anonymous) put their heads together and come up with some actual ideas that benefit the neighborhood and residents--parolees included, and sound like an organization that truly cares about the issues at hand rather than bash this guy and that guy. That is the purpose of a civic association isn't it? It just sounds to me that SESH doesn't really know what they want as a community and until you do there is no way to make anyone happy.

Anonymous said...

Ok Curtis can stop posting now...
We all know Santiago has done more for us out here than code has EVER done for us.
when the d@mn FDLE lists 20 sex offenders and predators..and TPD VERIFIED them.
Thats right.
Tampa police went to the home and VERIFIED that they lived there in DIRECT violation of city code.
It is black and white..night and day.
Try walking a mile in our shoes. We have walked in yours and you all continue to not "Get It"
How many agency's do you want to have tell CODE how to do their job.
Santiago has always done what WE wanted here.
WE like dogs.
Build a dog park on every corner.
Thanks again Santiago.
He is the ONLY one we can go to in the entire city and get RESULTS.
Go Fu@k yourself.

Flyer anon said...

"Home ownership is a privilege, not a right!"
Since when?
No, It's the other way around as I read my Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Santtigo for President!
A vote for Santtigo is a vote for better code enforcement.

Flyer anon said...

Granted you may feel privliged to own one, but that's something you have to get over.
Lots of us own em', It's not that big a deal.

Flyer anon said...

Of should I say "Be making payments on one".
I Myself actually "Own" mine

Anonymous said...

If anyone out there is under the mistaken belief that there are places for sex offenders to live in Tampa, other than illegal rooming houses, my suggestion is to call the Tampa probation and parole office. Call the circuit office at 272-3561 and ask for person in charge of the sex offender supervison unit. That person will tell you that there are very few qualifying residences in Tampa. Unless an offender has family that has a residence in a qulifying area, the only other option is an illegal rooming house. There was a time when they were all staying in motels like the Bay Inn, but they got kicked out of there.

SESH Leaders . . . perhaps Scott . . . perhaps Sherry . . . why not make the call to probation and inform your flock of the reality of the situation? Then you will see why solutions are needed from smart people. Intelligence is needed, not an ignorant group mentality.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the morons are out in full force tonight. I wasn't even going to waste, my typing skills, but here goes:

Anonymous : 8/30/2006 10:23 PM You say you are new to the area... You must be the new neighbor that moved in under the rock!!! Code Enforcement and Channel 28 both released video footage of inside the home. And, yes, it was 3rd world conditions inside with exposed wiring, HUGE holes in the ceiling, up to six beds per room, filth, electric burners throughout the house. It was unfit! As for facts, we did not wake up one morning and say "I think I will start a fake campaign against this house" It has been ongoing for over 4 years and the Mayberry Code Department in Tampa has let it continue. Yes, leaders in this neighborhood have spent countless hours doing research, reports, studying zoning and code laws, JUST SO THEY COULD EDUCATE THE CODE OFFICE. The law is on our side. We do know exactly what time each day the FDLE website updates. Channel 28 interviewed the detective that verified who lived at the home at a very specific time. After speaking of facts and hearsay, you want to bash Mr. Corrada based on your "South Tampa Friends" are you kidding me! If you have ever watched the news, read a newspaper or researched many of this countries laws, you would know that this very effort is how laws come about. It takes brave, vocal leaders like ours to stand up, be heard and use their own precious time to create change. Look at the Neighborhood Watch law now in effect in Florida.

Now, FlyerAnon, please show me in the constitution that you have were it says owning a home is a constitutional right. (I hate to tell you, it isn't, it is a privilege.) If it were a protected or guaranteed right, don't you think everyone would own one.

All I can say, Is I feel safer each night putting my children to bed knowing we have vocal, dedicated and diligent leaders shaping the future of our neighborhood. The city has proven they are not always there to do it.

Resident Blogger said...

Whew Devil’s Advocate....what a lot of “stuff”. First of all, as I wanted to know the reliability of the FDLE Site I began monitoring this and several other properties, every day. It is updated every night at midnight. It is accurate enough to have shown that all of a sudden most of the people who “weren’t living” at 1303 New Orleans suddenly made a mass exodus and a new start at 2746 Florida Ave in another property connected with the landlord of 1303.

Second, I think Santiago came to our neighborhood because we called him and told him we were very unhappy and why. We had facts and information for him to check out and assist us. He was very cooperative. I feel he was simply doing his job. This same information had been given to various people at code for years and we were always stonewalled. Now they are all over us taking the credit for what has happened. Of course Santiago is doing this for reasons, not solely to please us. It is his department and if it ain’t working he has reason to care. A smart person would respond, regardless of the motivation.

Third, do not confuse all the posts here as representing the Association. Some are not even residents of the neighborhood. The civic association is not given to jumping off a cliff and spends a great deal of time researching and educating themselves about situations which require their attention. But every member of the neighborhood is entitled to his or her own opinion and may express them here or anywhere else they please.

Fourth, Yes, many of us have read the statutes for code, as well as those for sexual offender/predators. Some of us are even considering legislation as an option.

Fifth, We cannot of course go inside, but thanks to attending the code court hearing for this address we were treated to a video which had just been taken of the interior. It was a pretty dismal site.

Sixth. I do not need to walk a mile in their shoes. I live in the road they walk. If YOU knew more than you appear to know you would be able to filter through what you read here and get close to the truth. You would know this is not a new situation, nor one that limited to this particular property. The anger in this neighborhood comes from years of neglect and people in code saying it can’t be done, or can’t be changed, or accidently closing it out or closing a case and not knowing why. On and on.

A few years ago before our wonderful TPD Chief took over, when we complained about drug holes and prostitutes we were regularly told....”Well you chose to live there” and “It will never change it is that kind of neighborhood” Well guess what, they were wrong. A new TPD leadership and attitude really changed things. No one ever says that to us anymore. Instead they say, “How can we help?” Consequently things have really changed in that area. Code has never had this attitude. NEVER!

So I am glad Santiago has taken the time to leave his office and visit our neighborhood to check things out. I know he is fair minded and if he thinks we are off our rocker with our demands he will be sure to tell is. And I am hoping that if he thinks our concerns have merit, that he will help.

BTW what is this about Dog Parks and Santiago. I am always interested in the straight story. What is it?

In closing, who ever you are, I would like to suggest that if you are new, you do more than chastize your new neighbors in an area you obviously have no background and little knowledge and instead find out what is going on and lend a hand.

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

oh boy, now I have to feel sorry for a group of people who take advantage of children, sexually because it is difficult to find a home to live in Tampa. Then move on!

I don't care what anyone says, a single family home with sixteen sexual offenders in it, most of whom raped, or fondled children under the age of twelve does not belong in a neighborhood with children.

Perhaps someone should care about this, and I am sure some do, but it is not me! I want my kids safe. I am sick and tired of the learing and comments from this group that we have had to endure for so long!!

Thanks to those in the neighborhood who care and take the time to make things better. Really, thanks. We should be greatful and not insulting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:42
Did I miss something? Are you saying that because there are no facilities it is then ok for someone to break the law sandwiching as many of these individuals in a home and making a ton of money. So it is ok to break the law, so long as you have a good reason?
Humm, bet Scott and Sherry would have a bit of trouble with that one!

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez.
The ACLU is out in full force.
Sex offenders have rights too.
So do their victims.
What I want to know is...why was this case closed earlier this year with no results when it is obviously in violation.
Doo Doo head.
Everyone smells like Doo Doo tonight.
Code smells like Doo Doo.
Something crappy is going on here and I can smell it.
So parole is placing these people here and code is just a willing participant?
Just a little too willing to doo doo on SESH and let all the offenders move here?
I bet.
So Santiago made a dog park.
So what.
A dog park isn't going to make children go missing or have them be raped.
We are comparing apples and oranges.
A dog park.....and a house with 20 sex offenders...
I can see how those two could be compared.
If we hadn't complained, nothing would have happened at all.
I would put a $50 dollar bill on it.
You all didn't care until ABC action news stepped in.
I take that back...Santiago cared.
No one else.
For once I agree with Resident DD.
Something smells like Doo Doo at the code doopartment.

Flyer anon said...

"don't you think everyone would own one."

Owning property isn't something you have to test for like driving on the highway.

Guess you'd like to see poll taxes revised

Anonymous said...

"Owning property isn't something you have to test for like driving on the highway.

Guess you'd like to see poll taxes revised"

You may not have to take test to own a home, but you still have to follow laws!

Did you find in the constitution where owning a home is a right. I would be interested in reading it as well.

jaded1 said...

Gosh I've really tried to care.... BUT, I could give a fat rat's ass that these people who have CHOSEN to prey on children can't find a decent place to live. Tattoo on their forehead their stauts in our society, then send 'em to Fallujah, for all I care.

Anonymoose said...

This is directed to the Devil's Advocate comments. Your posts are missing the point entirely. This issue concerns all illegal boarding houses in violation of code and zoning, a problem throughout the neighborhood. This address is a hot button for a couple of reasons. The reason it is getting attention from the media is because it involves Sexual Offenders which is "sensational". Additionally because the home boards Sexual Offenders there is a virtual paper trail, if you will, documenting the zoning violations, and dispells claims of ignorance by Code enforcement. What we do with the offenders is a different issue better suited for a different forum. Attempting to hijack the forum for your agenda, whether you want true change, or just want to generate controversy, is considered trolling.

Anonymous said...

"The reason it is getting attention from the media is because it involves Sexual Offenders which is "sensational"."

Uh, you must not have kids.

A house crammed full of criminals who've touched, assaulted or raped children is most definitely a problem whether it's in a legal or illegal boarding house.

How many sexual offenders can live under one roof - whether it is segmented into apratments or not - is an issue that needs to be addressed as well.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone questioned the police department and/or FDLE as to why they keep sending these offenders our way knowing that overcrowded conditions will exist? Would'nt red flags go up when "several" offenders are located in one place? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey resident blog, would this be an issue if it were 8 homosexuals instead of sex offenders? I doubt it.

mightbeMike said...

anon 12:09. May I ask what homosexuals have to do with this?? We know that you are a moron and just trying to fan the flames here, but I certainly bet that you are too cowardly to put you name on your comments!!!

sesh2 said...

To Anon 11:51am
Neither FDLE nor local law enforcement is responsible for placing sex offenders (or probationers) in a residence. Those on probation are usually assisted with placement by their probaiton officer (with the Department of Corrections). One of the problems with probationers is that they have more restrictions placed on them in terms of number of feet near a school, church, park, bus stop, whatever. Often times you will see motels listed as their temporary address and this is usually b/c they can not find a residential placement yet. FDOC prefers to place probationers in residential areas as they are more "stable" for these individuals. There are (or have been) several other probationers at 1303 and 1304 who are not sex offenders. One of my main complaints with 1303 has been FDOC's role in the number of placements at this location. Anyone on probation is subject to random visits by their P.O. Many of these subjects are supervised out of two FDOC offices and as such one would think that even if they all had different P.O.'s they would talk to each other and research how many other offenders were at a location. It is my opinion that FDOC is complicit in "stacking the deck" at 1303 (and 1304). They HAD to have known the conditions in that house were substandard. And for one of those probationers to be the self-proclaimed "manager" of the boarding house is ridiculous.

FYI for everyone-
When you query the sex offender database and see someone's status as "Released" that means they are not under any kind of supervision anymore, which effectively means they can live anywhere they want as long as they maintain a driver license with their current address and now under the new registration law they are required to report to the Sheriff's Office during the month of their birth and re-register. TPD has a VERY effective sex offender unit and have had one in place for years. They were a front runner in the state (if not the country) in being pro-active for tracking sex offenders. TPD has no control over the number of people in a house but they have been good about monitoring those that have lived there over the years.

I will reiterate what others have said in these postings regarding sex offender's living in the neighborhood. They live everywhere and while I am less than enthusiastic that they live so close I feel better knowing I can arm myself with information. I always tell people that you have to be vigilant in knowing about everyone around you, not just sex offenders. In truth I am less concerned about the sex offenders because everyone usually is watching them and keeping an eye on their activities. The sex offender database has a great FAQ section that answers many questions. If you have a question that isn't addressed there call the FDLE Sex Offender/Predator Unit and they will help you. Keep in mind this unit is located in Tallahassee and there are over 30,000+ people in the database so if you are talking about a specific offender or address give them as much information as possible so they can pull up the case and give you the most appropriate information.

ResidentBlogger said...

Hey annon 12:08

You don't get it! If eight unrelated anyones live in a residential single family house it is illegal. Matters not if gay, straight, sexual offenders, murderers, drug dealers, school teachers, mayors, or a mix of all.

jaded1 said...

They get it. They were being childish.

Anonymous said...

Whats with your facination with Doo Doo?
First it was Poopermint flavor now its the doopartment of code.
Whats next...The doopartment of solid crap?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the news channel 28 report on the lady that owns the house on New Orleans. What a criminal. At least code enforcement was smart enough this time to find the new illegal home. The report stated that the men are living in the old classrooms. It did not say if there were showers, baths, etc. I can't imagine it being properly set up for residential use. There has to be some way that the city/state can make sure this woman is never allowed to rent a property again. For her to continually keep her tenants in uninhabitable dwellings makes her unfit to be a land lord. She has shown that she is not able to maintain a property.

Anonymous said...

The latest is that Sherry emailed Santiago with the new location.
Apparently he took some sort of strict action and has all of these checks going on there even on the weekends.
Santiago is apparently the head man in charge of things.
Hopefully that good looking code girl brings a can of whoop a$$ if she goes.
I would hate to see something happen to that girl.
It would be like feeding the gators with code meat.
Then I would have to hurt someone and I really dont want to go to jail.
I don't think she has caught on yet that I am calling my own house in..
I am in love with my city government worker.

Anonymous said...

This is the one and only true Devil's Advocate. There are a couple of others on here too who are not as intelligent.

I, too, could give a rat's ass about the plight of sex offenders. Nonetheless, you all are going to end up setting them on the streets instead of the third-world conditions that they (arguably) deserve. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Not one of you has made a damn suggestion as to a solution. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that just because I personally have no solution is not reason for me to accept status quo. My line of work has absolutely nothing to do with designing or supervising appropriate systems for housing for offenders of any kind. There are people educated in this area and it is they that should offer solutions.

Anonymous said...

I guess Peace Out, you must either have no kids or live no where near where this house was. Obviously you have no direct contact with this situation or perhaps you would not think a sexual offender dorm in your neighborhood was such a great solution.

Anonymous said...

The solution is to do the job we are paying you to do.
Enforce codes.
You aren't a social services worker and you dont house the homeless.
They have been here forever and they will always be here.
You want to come on here like the only solutions are to open a giant sex offender house or to have them on the streets.
If we shut them down we will have hell to catch.
The solution is to shut the place down.
Plain and simple.
There is your solution.
Shut it down.
Peace out is defending his actions of not shutting the illegal house down.
You fu@ked it up and now you want to say its our fault.
Now our kids will be raped in the streets because we spoke out against this home.
Your scare tactics do NOT work with me.
I will take my size 14 shoe and stick it right up your crack.
If you don't want to do the job, dear god Mayor, find someone who will.
The department failed on this big time.
The only reason anything was done is because we had to fight like he##.
Your department is ineffective at best.
If we looked the other way..what would have happened to this case?

Anonymous said...

The girl is a lesbian...just kidding.
We can all have dreams cant we.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was the code leaders that were smart enought to watch these offenders and know where they moved to. I am sure it took very little effort to find the illegal church where they moved, however, out incompetent code leaders still could not figure that out. Highest praise to our neighborhood leaders and channel 28 news for not backing down.

If the Mayor does not change the code leadership, she will be able to survive the next election. The good thing, is that the neighborhoods affected by her bad leadership is the largest neighborhood in Tampa with many creative and vocal people. I can't imagine having to campaign against the Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights and Ybor Heights civic associations. These are people that stand up for their convictions and will not tolerate this poorly managed deapartment any longer. Come on Pam, take a stand and do something. (Hell even Councilman White was smart enough to admit fault and correct his SUITuation)

Anonymous said...

But councilman White did stick up for seminole heights when we wanted to get the church closed down in OSH.
Another long fight with code and a trip to city hall.
Why is it so hard.
The police always make us happy.
When we complained about the hookers, they busted Mr. Redners daughter.
We have Major Gidara's cell phone number.

Erectile Dysfunction said...

This blog has a life of its own. Keep us updated of ANY new developments on the email list so we can be "spring" into action.

Bloggerhead turtle said...

I cant even believe what I am reading.
1st- The code department is absolutely wrong for not doing anything years ago.
2nd- Scott always gives us the straight story so we can make educated decisions.
3rd- Please send us more email updates. I am impressed with you as always Sherry. You work hard for us.
4th- This blog is well known for giving us the news SESH style. It needs to be forwarded to Santiago minus the erectile dysfunction quote.

Anonymous said...

so what exactly are the ramifications of this whole thing? will helen pridgen get in any kind of trouble or will they just move the offenders to other locations? will SOMEONE in the City administration finally make Code accountable. i don't want to see the idiots from Code (mainly Curtis Lane and Harold Scott) on the TV telling everyone how they personally stayed on top of this and if it hadn't been for them none of this would happen. what a crock! i would hope that Santiago (and ahem the Mayor) would recognize what a load that is. seriously, how much longer can one agency take such ridicule and embarrassment? how much longer do we have to put up with ineffective leadership in Code?

we need to watch 1303 to see what happens in the next few months. it's not over. and one of the hard things to keep on top of is people who are not on probation or registered as sex offenders...they have built in public records tracking but any joe blow off the street could be living there and we'd never know....hell 20 joe blows could be living there, we only got involved b/c ours were documented! i am not one to use the "this would never happen in south tampa" argument but SERIOUSLY....this WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN SOUTH TAMPA.

Anonymous said...

Just caught the 11 o'clock news and there was the story regarding this very house. What a mess. They said $25 per day, Mon-Fri plus 100 for meals. That is $600 per month per person! No wonder she is putting up a fight and continuing the illegal actions. The tenants at the church alone would bring in $7200 per month! Plus she has 5 on New Orleans. Now she is making $10,000 per month! I wonder how many more properties she has? How many homes is she conected to without her name on the paper work? This is very scary.

Anonymous said...

I home the news stations keep interviewing the FDLE guy. He is a cutie! Maybe we could have him come to our next meeting and be a guest speaker! We need to learn more about this case don't we?

Wiffer Will said...

Anon 9:06, you are a TRIP!! Calling code on yourself just to get a sniff of Kristin??? WOW...and we are concerned about the sex offenders on New Orleans? I think we have something more serious to worry about.

Regarding the "FINAL SOLUTION"...

SOILENT GREEN IS........THE SEX OFFENDERS!!!!aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Brown dog said...

What in the Sam Hill?
Who is soilent green?
If anyone is going to sniff on Kristen it is going to be yours truly.
I have already marked my territory and no other dogs can pee there ok.
So go lift your leg on the other code officer in seminole heights.
Linda something.
She is more your type.
About 100 years old.
You all need to worry more about the d@mn sex offenders that put everyone who works and lives here at risk.
Negligence, negligence, negligence.
All we need is a good civil attorney and I think we can vacation in Barbados from here on out.
Just me and my uncontrollable urge to mark trees.

Anonymous said...

Shut your pee hole before I beat you with my barbados vacation book.
You all are funny but really teetering on the edge of weird if you know what I mean.
Please don't call your own house in anymore.
We have real problems in SESH.
Like 1002 Cayuga.
Ape man.
Our resources could be better spent at that address.

SICKOFPERVERTS said... offenders, solent green and um what else
O YEH MR POO.....!!!

Why is the gay thing even a topic here ?
what does this whole mess have to do with gay males or females living here there or anywhere??
this is about
sexual offenders living in a place that is unfit and they dont belong in any area where children are so close ...never ever
where they live or rot isnt up to me or anyone else here and no one is dictating this.
They simply do not have the rights
to live anywhere near their choice of victims and this is an area where there are families residing .....we have schools close by and I FOR ONE WILL DO what ever I NEED TO TO MAKE SURE I DONT HAVE TO HAVE ONE FOR MY NEIGHBOR

Im tired of picking up the headlines and reading about sexual offenders kidnapping our children and murdering them...
These things residing in the house we are discussing havent quite gotten to the killer status but IM SURE GIVEN RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES



Anonymous said...

Easy solution, hard to implement. What's worse in your book, a murderer or someone who rapes kids? I'd be OK with a murderer seeing the light of day again if the particulars of the crime warranted it.
I'm not OK with a kiddie raper EVER seeing the light of day. Medical experiments, people. Stop animal testing because it is highly inconclusive. We have perfectly useless and defective human beings that we can test on with conclusive results.
What pain and suffering caused by a bad batch of experimental erectile dysfunction treatment could possibly be worse than the pain and suffering that they've brought forth onto an innocent child?

survivorMAN said...

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse by a family member, I must say that all of the concern regarding sex offenders living in our neighborhood is totally warranted. You will truly never know the long-term damage this violation of trust can do to a young mind. It leaves PERMANENT incurable scars on the psych and emotions of the victim. YOU MUST, AT ALL COST, FIGHT THIS IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN!!! And don't be naive in thinking that an identified sex offender is the only person that can harm your child. Most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone close in a family. BE SMART!!! but not hysterical.

ShreksWife said...

use the sex offenders to make soylent green.
thanx for the flashback!

Anonymous said...

And don't be naive in thinking that an identified sex offender is the only person that can harm your child. Most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone close in a family. BE SMART!!! but not hysterical.


ShreksWife said...

After spending most of the morning reading all these posts, I just have something for those of you who so smugly like to bash your so-called "neighborhood leaders" ...

I'm not one to use the whiny rhetoric of "this would never happen in (insert name of upscale n'hood here)" BUT i must say that over the last few years, we hear these stories on the news about some community, (usually in the 'burbs) who finds out that a sexual offender/predator has moved into their neighborhood, and they are all up in arms, with picket signs out in front of that P/O's home, angry chants, and news people crawling all over the story like ants at a picnic. And all hyteria that FOR ONE INDIVIDUAL in ONE HOUSE!!!!!! Not 5, not 8, not 20! Just ONE!!!!

And you nay-sayers have the balls to make us out to be blowing this out of proportion?

In this instance, I WILL say ... this would never happen in (insert name of upscle n'hood here).

I applaud the work that Sherry, Scott, Santiago, and everyone else has done to help close this place down. More so, it disturbs me that there are people out there who think it's wrong to do so.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what FDLE guy you are talking about.
Their was a TPD officer I remember giving the lists of the offenders over and over again.
Him and Chris Martinez (reporter)were the only attractive guys I saw.
I wonder if they are single.

Anonymous said...

Ybor Pizza and Subs is made out of people!!!!!!!!!
OH NO!!!!!
Code Orange---

Anonymous said...

Shannon Edge is a doll too.
I like her as much as I like Santiago.
The mayor did hire some good folks but code is a complete disaster.
You never know what lies they will spew.
I am wondering why they continue to commit crimes and not get charges filed.
The ONLY reason my family may vote for the mayor is because of Shannon and Santiago.
I am still undecided because she won't do anything with the crooks in code.
We have complained for years that something was fishy with them.
I do get along with Kristin and she helps us so much, so that makes things easier but the managers should have shut this porn home down 4 years ago.
They obviously don't like us very much.
If this was in South would have been shut down as soon as a couple of the kiddie molesters started to congregate.
I have been silent because for once I can work with Officer Kristin.
No more yelling, writing nasty letters, and being angry.
The truth has shown its ugly head again and I am going to have to dust off my printer.
Code is my #1 priority starting NOW*********
Everyone was put in harms way.
I think the other neighborhoods no about this but are too blind or afraid to speak up.
We will let everyone know what they do to us.
A couple years back when the NICE committee was formed, they sent out officers here and they told us unless Stan Lassiter shuts down his NICE team, we were writing everyone up.
They were told to threaten us..imagine that.
Stan knew the truth back then.
He sure did.
Will someone step up to the plate and investigate these clowns for abuse of power?

Anonymous said...


what a busy comment place.

what exactly now IS the situation?
PLEASE someone with out the "emo" factor post really what is the latest?

Calling people lesbians and other labels isnt very appropriate

THE blog has me in stitches
Good gracious..You all are very funny people.. I love this.....and its sad this sort of thing is going on here with the "offenders" and predators" living in the home.
Im not quite sure I have the "jist" of the whole situation but I sure hope it improves

Im not fond of anyone who looks and views children as potential sexual outlets

I for one would vote them out of this city this state and sign them ALL up for experiemental labs


Anonymous said...

Our neighborhood is the smartest, hardest working in the city. Our neighborhood leaders for years have been the most progressive in Hillsborough county. Why do you think we won Neighborhood of the year 2003. Our neighbors were smart enough to know that code was corrupt years ago. They met with Pam just a few months after she took office and nothing has changed since. They held the all city meeting where they met with leaders from almost all civic associations to show that the code problem is not SH specific but a city-wide problem. Pam is too busy trying to rebuild downtown to see that this problem is not getting any better. I am not to sure of the Shannon and Santiago team. When you speak with them, things get done. However, why should I have to call and get them involved in the first place. If they were doing their jobs correctly, If they were proper leaders, they would know there are problems and address the issues (meaning fire the code leaders) before they became this drastic.


Isn't it obvious that the only thing they care about is the big fat paycheck they are getting.
If they really cared about us, they would have shut this place down YEARS AGO when we first complained about it.
Instead, they just hid the case from us and didn't do squat.
So..the answer is..FIRE THE LIAR.
Put someone in that will be honest with us and make drastic changes.
Or...I personally will have to support ANYONE running against the mayor.
Please give me some options...Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I remember many residents saying that code said "We are writing everyone up unless Stan gets off his rocker." or some crap like that.
I wonder why Stan never pursued anything.
Then it kills me to watch the news and see harold saying he doesn't have proof about the offenders.
He doesn't want any proof.
Those damn codies are at it again.
Why did it take an act of congress to get Mrs. Pearson to fix her place up?
We complained and after case was closed out.
Was it because of some other reason??
I am beginning to wonder.
I agree with poop man.

Anonymous said...

poo mr hankie

yep I must say Im begining to see

Anonymous said...


SanttigoforPrez said...

So if I call Santtigo he will help me with my code problems?
I have a neighbor who has 4 junk cars in the yard, crap everywhere, and two pit bulls.
The police keep arresting her and her boyfriend I think because they are gone frequently for days at a time.
I always see cop cars there.
At least I feel safe but its like living next to someone from the springer show.
Maybe I will call Santtigo and give him a try.
I will test the waters and see if this guy TRULY is the man around here.
Sounds like it huh.