Thursday, August 17, 2006

stolen laptop

An email:

"Last Saturday night, 8/12, around 9:30pm the lady who lives on the corner of E. Hollywood and Taliaferro was sitting on her porch doing work on her laptop computer. She stepped inside for a minute, maybe two, and when she came back out someone had come up onto her porch, gone through her purse and stolen her laptop computer. The police were called but nothing they can do except check with the Pawn Detective to see if the serial number comes up as being pawned.

Beware - even our front porches may not be safe."


Anonymous said...

That's why they make cable locks. $10 cable is worth saving something that costs 100x more to replace.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they like more of a challenge and break in during the day to ransack your place and steal your laptop.

Anonymous said...

If burglars start getting killed in Seminole Heights maybe they'll go somewhere else to ply their trade.

Anonymous said...

they had to go thrrough her purse to get to her laptop?

big purse!

Anonymous said...

go thru her purse eh?

well listen we arnt in kansas any more
keep those belongings safe

like one suggested a lock on the pad is the way to go
your lap top will show up im sure

sad to think someone in the hood is so bold walk up to the porch of someone and take their belongings
i haev left my purse out while bringing in groceries on my deck
so far so good
but we live in wicked times
so prevention is best

jaded1 said...

Ha, I wish they would come on my porch to steal something. I'd like to see how well my outdoor security system works.

Anonymous said...

ok, so let me get this straight
in a minutes time, "maybe, two"
the "burglers" were able to riffle thru her purse AND steal her laptop....?
sounds like the dunb bitch went inside and fell asleep.
serves her right
i tend to keep the stuff i dont want stolen inside my house.
silly me