Friday, August 11, 2006

More on Mackin Moving

A muse is moving on St. Petersburg Times Thu, 10 Aug 2006 10:18 PM PDT The gallery owner's departure is seen either as a commentary on Tampa culture or just a personal decision.

Fro mthe article:

"Is her departure another indication that Tampa doesn't support its artists? Or is it just natural for an artist to try her luck on one of the world's biggest stages? Opinions vary."

One quote:

"People here are not interested in culture. They don't have that knack for wanting a certain vision of life.""


"Wilborn said. "But to me, this doesn't say so much about Tampa. I think the decision's more personal. If you're in the art world, it's not a crime or a betrayal to say, 'Let's go to New York and see what we can do.' "

Wilborn, who grew up in Tampa, left for Los Angeles and later returned, noted that the arts movement here dates back only a few decades. The city continues to grow and stretch creatively, he said."

I think the City needs to treat artists the way they treat big corporations as valued commodity that needs to be brought here.

One way is for the the City to buy interior artwork for City buildings. And it should only be from Tampa artists.

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