Monday, August 14, 2006

CDBG Funds for traffic claming

"What was happening with the CDBG grant monies we recieved last March? I know that we were asking the City Council to pledge these funds for traffic calming devices on 12th, but am not sure if this will work. The traffic dept did a study at 12th and McBerry and determined that a 4 way stop was not justified. 12th and Chelsea got a 4 way stop after Rose made a visit, which is great. Perhaps we could use this money to landscape some of the areas near I-275 in the neighborhood, since the DOT is not putting up sound walls for us?


Anonymous said...

12th and Chelsea got a 4-way stop after several bad accidents and a raging campaign by the neighbors. That's what got Ms. Rose to the issue. We started keeping track of the accidents as they occurred over a period of time. When we got to 7 we attacked.

Resident Blogger said...

It wouod be good for everyone who has concerns such as this to educate themselves a bit. Monies, be they
CDBG, TIF, Grants, City Budget,or whatever, have requirements and rules. You can't spend them just where you want to. You can't take city money and put them on a state property. Or take money earmarked for one item or project and just apply it to another.

Also, learn to read below the surface. No solution to any problem "just happenes" It is always the result to hours of work by more than one person. Accomplishment is not the result of a single political moment, but rather the hard work and cooperation of many. I encourage all those who have strong opinions on what "should" happen, to learn how things work and get involved by joining in with those who make things happen. More people make more power! And this way you, personally, get to effect the quality of life of you and your neighbors!