Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Nomadic Chef

From Ginny:

"A treat to be sure.

Dinners were getting drab and old. I was slipping into old habits of cereal for dinner. I hated going to the grocery store only to realize when I got home I really didn’t have anything to eat. So I called a friend of a friend who has a business called The Nomadic Chef. Andrea Dudley creates an amazing experience and literally becomes your personal chef. First I completed an in depth food questionnaire. Andrea then comprised a menu for my review. I tweaked a couple of things.. like no black olives. Once a menu was set we agreed upon a time she would come over and cook in my kitchen for several hours. She did all the grocery shopping too! My house smells incredible and I now have 20 healthy meals with side dishes in my freezer. After she was done my kitchen looked cleaner than when she got there. She did it all: planned the menu; grocery shopped; cooked at my home; and a thorough clean up. What a treat!

If you are short on time or just bored with food email Andrea Dudley or call her at 813-380-7377 it is well worth it."


Anonymous said...

What does a service like that run ($)?

Anonymous said...

Gees I wasnt able to access her site?

Can she post her fees? and or email or fax out info?

Is she open to new employees

I think her service is awesome !