Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tax Revolt

From Life In Seminole Heights Blog
Tax revolt
Time for a tax revolt! Revenue is way up from rising assessments from each home sale and still they want to raise the millage rates and fees!Here is the 2006 Tentative Budget Hearing Workshop schedule.Please call to confirm the dates and times prior to attending!!!"


Anonymous said...

When liberal homosexuals are pissed about taxes you sure as hell know they're too high!

jaded1 said...

Based on your comment, at first I thought you were a little high, but on second thought I think you're just an ass.
Anytime I hear someone use the liberal word in the way that you just did, I automatically assume they are bumper sticker patriot, vote the conservative ticket no matter what the idiot does to the country, moron. I don't believe you are a resident of Seminole Heights. Honestly, I don't think you have the intelligence or the balls to live in a place as diverse as this. You might have to think for yourself.
I'm sure that you can find forums with like minded individuals to spout your ignorance, so by all means go find them. And as someone who votes liberal on some issues and conservative on others, oh yeah and a homosexual too, let me be the first to invite you to go f%$# yourself!

Anonymous said...

what the hell does being homosexual have to do with it??

BunglesLow said...

What a nice rant. Not sure I follow how it applied to anything, but it's always fun to read silly banter.

Anonymous said...

rather judgmental your self
wouldnt you say??
all this crap about people being anti gay and anti marriages for gays......do any of us really care what gay's do in their homes and in their lives ....Some people just respect others privacy.
what the hell does gay have to do with being here in this area
so what some live here they live all over the city bfd

to you

your snarky and just as bad as said poster
gees...ya nazi.....

get over yourself and the "heights" mentality
who the fark do you think you ar?
this is a diverse area now
meaning its not all "gay and better than the average bear " here
grow the fk up and get a life

what other area of the city can boast a serial rapist and killer of young gay men...??

splain that one lucy"

Tyler Durden said...

TO anon 10:41 well done, i dont think i could have said it any better!

DanaR said...

I believe jaded1 was only responding to a stupid comment, not touting the virtues of being gay. I know her personally, and she could really care less about that whole issue. She just doesn't like ignorance. So, 10:41 maybe you could find the caps lock key, and say something sort of intelligent. You adolescents really do like the lesbian thing as long as it's in the porn movies you watch. It's when you're confronted with it in real life that you start to squirm. And Tyler i agree with you. Having read your past posts, you really couldn't have said it any better.

Tyler Durden said...

Danar you figured me out, i just love watching lesbian porn (rolls eyes) "yet when Im confronted with it in real life i squirm"....I have lots of close friends who are gay and several member of my family who are as well. I just dont like how she or you assume things! Yeah you may not have liked my past posts but its my opinion and thats just how i feel right or wrong! I am a very opinionated person and i know not everyone agrees with my views but some people on this blog can be very harsh and rude. We are all neighbors right? Why not act like it! It seems like all we do is argue the "gay" issue, i have never seen a group bitch more about this subject! Why dont we stop with all this B/S and act like neighbors no matter what race, sex, creed, political stance,or sexual orientantion!!!

Anonymous said...

the issue here is taxes you dunce(s).

taxes suck. and so does the government. as well as caps lock.

purge, replace, reformat

jaded1 said...

You know, had the initial poster made the same condescending comment about blacks, hispanics, asians or the ice cream man, my response would have been the same. You say you have several friends and family members who are gay. Have you ever asked them how they feel about politicians turning them into to second class citizens just to garner votes.? I would rather be left alone to live like everybody else, yet my "lifestyle" (I love that one) is used to perpetuate mediocre political careers. And I will "bitch" about it as long as they do it.

Tyler Durden said...

Again jaded1 my point is dont take your anger out on your neighbors, if you dont like something then write your congress..... do whatever; i dont care one way or the other but damn at least lets try to be nice to each other here in seminole heights. Being nice to your neighbors verse preaching to them our yelling at them isnt a great way to help your cause. The more people you have that like you and listen/respect you the better your chances are for things to change.

jaded1 said...

Tyler, I don't have a cause. I'm not sure how I can "yell" on the computer. And my neighbors do like me. I just didn't like what the person said, okay? I'm not convinced that the person that wrote that even lives here. The remark was condescending and not nice. Do you think that was a neighborly thing to say? And one more thing Tyler. I'm really past the point in my life where I give a shit what people think.

Tyler Durden said...

jaded1 good point i like the way you think!

Rick F. said...

The reason for my post was prompted by my own recent TRIM statement and the continued response from customers who I have to prepare "for the worst" regarding taxes when they buy a home. My property taxes are now higher for the municipality and county taxes during the two years we were in Pennsylvania. There the municipal property tax included sewer and garbage (not water). My beef is paying "northern" taxes and not getting northern services. Buying a median priced home and having to set aside $500 a month or more for property taxes makes no sense. This is what some of your new neighbors are having to do.

Then in the words of the Pinellas Property Appraiser (a Repblican I believe)....Jim Smith, the elected property appraiser in Pinellas County, Fla., which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater, says government spending is the problem, not higher property values. He says elected officials use higher assessments as a way to raise taxes without admitting it. "It's the big lie," Smith says. "I'm fed up with them claiming they cut taxes because they lowered the tax rate, at the same time they're collecting more money because of higher assessments."

Weakening home sales and prices in many areas could slow the rise in assessments or even lower them, but it would be up to elected officials to pass on the property tax savings.

Every year, Florida property appraisers give local elected officials an estimate of what the tax rate should be so that taxes don't go up even if property values have, Smith says. It's called the rollback rate.

"If they don't want to spend more money, they can use the rollback rate," he says. "Of course, they never do. Instead, they get to have a tax increase while claiming they lower taxes."

(ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Aug. 25, 2006 Copyright 2006 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Co. Inc., Dennis Cauchon.)

As to liberal...well as an old bumpersticker said..."Jesus is a Liberal" I guess that I could have worst company.

Anonymous said...

And what was the state income tax rate in Pennsylvania?

Anonymous said...

about 2.2% and the sales tax was 6% and exempted clothing and other necessities. Then again, Pennsylvania didn't 40+ million tourist a year paying millions in sales taxes or hotel occupancy taxes.

Oh and the state income tax did not fund the municipality or the county government.

Find a better straw man for justifying city and county spending going up over 70% at time when the cost of living went up less than 20%.