Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carrie's Garage and House Sale

From Carrie:

"Dear Vivants,

Thank you for coming out on Saturday night and Sunday for the closing party and gallery sale. Though I was apprehensive to let some of my personal collection go, I trust that many of you are ecstatic to have snatched up many great works of art. No matter the price, art is like a group of friends, you want to be around those you love and those who make you question life, so it pleased me to be cook of that stew.

Again, I thank all of you for being a part of the success of a private gallery venture. I trust that many of you will continue to support the galleries that work hard to provide you with projects that encourage you to think about art on a critical, non-traditional level, without being “safe”. Covivant has strived to be a non-compromising space that filled the gap between what sells and what stimulates. I will cherish every experience that supported artists and their careers, that pushed the boundaries of social injustice, and that influenced many to realize the magnitude of a creative body. With confidence, I believe that all of my artists have been treated with respect, loyalty and generosity, and I am proud to say they will never be the waiters or waitresses in my banquet of life.

I am still waiting patiently to hear from the landlord on the purchase of the building to provide the neighborhood with a fine arts venue, so as soon as I get final word, I will let everyone know the future of the space.

In conclusion, please join me at my home for a garage sale in Seminole Heights this Saturday morning from 8-2pm if you would like to get your hands on more great deals. Rest assured, I will have the credit card machine there if you decide to go overboard.

Garage Sale!!!!!!!!!
Saturday from 8am-2pm 6614 N. Elizabeth St. (just three blocks South of Sligh on Central and one block East of Central on the corner of
Knollwood & Elizabeth).

Items to sell include: 2 yr. Old Toshiba 27” TV w/ remote, 13” TV w/ remote, 1960’s metal bar and wine rack, antique table with porcelain top, chairs of various styles and colors, bean bag with pillows, corner shelf, filing cabinets, Early 1900’s armoire from New Orleans, books, Music CD’s, office supplies, paper shredder, DVD players, VCR, Macintosh wireless Airport, clothes, shoes, lawn blower/vacuum, weed eater, various gardening tools, various door knobs and locks, and weird household items that can be all yours!

Oh yes!! and the house is also for sale!!!

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