Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vote Seminole Heights

Updated! 8/16/06 12:30 P.M.

This will stay at the top of the blog until the election. It will be continually updated.

If you are not sure what elected official represents you the Hillsborough County Supervisor Of Elections has a website called Precint Finder that will help. It locates the precinct you vote in, the polling place, the elected officials who represent you and candidates. On my computer it came up a little funky but the fields are obvious.

The Trib has been featuring candidates for the races. I will add links to their info as it appears. I am behind on some already. Same for Tribune and Weekly Planet/Creative Loafing as they feature candidates or provide recommendations.

Here are the elected officials for Seminole Heights with races this year. I will skip minor candidates:
US Congress
US Senate. Currently held by Bill Nelson (D)
U.S. Senator LeRoy Collins Jr. (REP)
U.S. Senator Katherine Harris (REP)
U.S. Senator William "Will" McBride (REP)
U.S. Senator Peter Monroe (REP)
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (DEM)

US House District 11. Currently Held by Jim Davis (D)
Eddie Adams Jr. (REP)
Kathy Castor (DEM)
Scott Farrell (DEM)
Al Fox (DEM)
Lesley "Les" Miller, Jr. (DEM)
Michael A. Steinberg (DEM)

Florida Executive Branch
Governor - Jeb Bush (R)
Charlie Crist (REP)
Tom Gallagher (REP)
Jim Davis (DEM)
Rod Smith (DEM)

Lt. Governor - who knows - oh yeah Toni Jennings (R)

Attorney General - Charlie Crist (R)
Bill McCollum (REP)
Walter "Skip" Campbell, Jr. (DEM)
Merrilee Ehrlich (DEM

Chief Financial Officer - Tom Gallagher (R)
Milt Bauguess (REP)
Randy Johnson (REP)
Tom Lee (REP)
Alex Sink (DEM)

Commissioner of Agriculture - Charles Bronson (R)
Charles H. Bronson (REP)
Eric Copeland (DEM)

Florida Senate
Almost all of Seminole Heights, except for little piece above Sligh near the River is in Senate District 18. That piece is in District 12. District 18 is currently held by Les Miller. District 12 is held by Victor Crist.

Candidates District 12
Victor Crist (REP)
C. Burt Linthicum (CPF)

Candidates District 18
Arthenia L. Joyner (DEM)
Gerald White (DEM)

Florida House
District 58 - Bob "Coach" Henriquez (D)
Alfred Ruiz (REP)
Michael Scionti (DEM)

District 59 (I think - the maps are lousy) - Arthenia Joyner (D)
K.C. Bowick (REP)
Hakim Aquil (DEM)
Warren Hope Dawson (DEM)
Betty Reed (DEM)
Media Recommendations:
Tampa Tribune - Betty Reed

District 47 (I think - ditto above) - Kevin Ambler
Kevin Ambler (REP)
Daniel Suarez (DEM)

Hillsborough County Commission
District 1 Kathy Castor (D)
Rose V. Ferlita (REP)
Don Kruse (REP)
Gary Santti (REP)
Brad Swanson (REP)
Mary Mulhern (DEM)
Media Recommendations:
My Endorsement: Rose Ferlita
Tampa Tribune: Rose Ferlita

District 3 Thomas Scott (D)
Ken Anthony (REP)
Dorothy "Nicolle" Admire (DEM)
Chloe Coney (DEM)
Kevin White (DEM)
John Michael Craig (NPA)
Media Recommendations:
Tamp Tribune: Chloe Coney

District 5 Jim Norman (R)
Jim Norman (REP)
Joe Redner (DEM)
Yamel Christina Arronte (NPA)

District 7 Mark Sharpe (D)
Mark Sharpe (REP)
Thomas Scott (DEM)

Circuit Court
Circuit Court Judge District 25 - Robert Foster
Robert Foster
Catherine W. Real

Circuit Court Judge District 32 - Perry Little
Elizabeth (Betsey) L. Hapner
Cris A. DeBock
Bernard Silver
Caroline J. Tesche

Circuit Court Judge District 43 - empty
Kimberly Fernandez
Mitchell L. Fraley
Paul T. Jeske

Circuit Court Judge District 44 - empty
Jesse V. Dominguez
Emily Peacock
John (Jay) F. Rudy
Samantha L. Ward

Circuit Court Judge District 45 - empty
Pat Courtney
Gary S. Dolgin
Ashley Brooke Moody

School Board
School Board Member District 6 - Carolyn Bricklemyer
Ken Allen
Stephanie Desmarais Georgiades
April Griffin
David L. "Dave" Schmidt
Media Recommendations
My Endorsement - April Griffin
Tampa Tribune - Ken Allen

Soil and Water Conservation District (Beats me what this is. Will read up and post about it)
Soil and Water Conservation District 1 - John Conrad
C. Dennis Carlton
Tammy Harman

Other Blogs Politcal Reference Sites:
State of Sunshine - Newspaper Endorsements
State of Sunshine - List of County Commission Candidates Websites
O'Blog - Florida Federal and States Campaigns Candidates Websites Site


Anonymous said...

Great effort to get the word out!

I am wondering why no minor candidates though? I am sure it is because of space requirements.

Should we vote for who we believe in, or who we think can win?

A two party system allows for no checks and balances as well as not allowing a effective debate on issues...

Bungalowlady said...

Here's some information about campaign contributions that I pulled off the state web site:

I searched on "insurance" and got the following information:
For Governor.....

The Democratic candidates all total received $53,250.00 over 151
Rod Smith (D) received $28,100.00 from 84 Contributions
Jim Davis (D) received $20,800.00 from 55 Contributions

Republican candidates all total received $648,544.00 over 1,609
Charlie Crist received $194,919.00 from 604 Contribution
Tom Gallagher ALONE received $453,625.00 from 1,005 Contributions (is
anybody surprised by this one??)

For CFO....
Alex Sink (D) received $33,947.76 from 93 Contributions
Tom Lee (R) received $160,032.00 from 387 Contributions
Randy Johnson (R) has only received $5,900.00 from 14 Contributions

For State Reps...
Democrats received $236,625.00 from 293 Contributions
(Note: Len Turesky (D) received $150k of this from what looks like 2
loans from his own company)
Republicans received $462,785.29 from 1,362 Contributions

For State Senator....
Democrats received $40,250.00 from 102 Contributions
Republicans received $323,329.12 from 995 Contributions

Anonymous said...

the government has failed us:

...purge, replace, reformat

Anonymous said...

all that money will buy lots of suits

Anonymous said...

what's up with the county commission?
Sharpe and Scott are running against each other. Your list doesnt reflect that. Norman in 5 is a hypocritical schmuck who pretends he's a fiscal conservative and you fail to mention his opponent Joe Redner. What about Mary Mulhern?

Anonymous said...

There was a great editorial in today's Tribune regarding Jim Norman and his wonderful Sports Complex. The overal tone was "Now that Norman is seeking re-election, you have not heard him mention one peep about his sporting complex. If it is such a great idea, he should make the sport complex the platform of his re-election!"

Anonymous said...

Let's not leave Joe off..


Choices beside Kevin White and Chloe Coney (a likely believer that equal rights for gays and lesbians are "special rights")

1.Ken Anthony CC Dist 3

2.Dorothy Admire CC Dist 3

The alternative once the dust settles on the Republican side...

Mary Mulhern CC Dist 1 (Dem)

Seminole Heights said...

I have update the lists of candidates. I will go back and maybe add more minor candidates. I will be adding each person's websites. Starting wth the ones noted above. I will be adding the newspapers reviews of each race/candidates and their recommendations. I will be making some more endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Funniest election commercial Ever. They talked about how important it is to be at the county commission meeting, and more importantly be on time. I appears that our lovely Ms. Rhonda Storms has shown up late for 90% of the meetings. It is a must see this season!

Anonymous said...

I thought that this was going to stay at the top of the blog until election time.

Sara said...

April Griffin represents Seminole Heights well. I voted for her.

Tammy Harman said...

My name is Tammy Harman and I am running for Soil and Water Conservation Board AND I live in the neighborhood. Not too many people know exactly what this Board does and the current Board does not make it easy to find out, which is one of the many reasons I am running.

Its a Board made up of five elected officials. They mainly focus on the conservation of water and soil of agricultural lands but they also have a general environmental education outreach facet as well. This Board is very important to all of us because we all have a stake in healthy soil and water.

I am running for this Board because I want to fight environmental pollution, promote sustainable farming practices and make the Board more accessible to the public it is supposed to serve.

Thank you for mentioning the race. Please check out my website for more information www.TammyHarman.com

truthjustseek said...

Paul T Jeske, sounds honest enough. But now look behind the facade, this character is not what he seems. I have known this individual since our youth and if he is elected the truth of his ease with desception and untruths will be hidden behind a black robe forever, to rise up when he needs to use them again. He has no remorse for his ongoing desceptions and willingness to use clients for his personal gain. If you are to ever seek a system of true justice, before voting for this man ... look deeper, ask some questions. I am sure one of the candidates is fair, good and just .... but this is not that person. I find it sad that his financial attempt at buying a judgeship may work and the right person will not be seated behind the bench.