Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't Do Dog Doo

In the St. Pete Times today

Dog owners can do good deed for river
What's worse than bubble gum on your shoe? You guessed it: dog doo. Dog poop is also an environmental problem, so the Tampa Bay Estuary Program is launching a public awareness program in Tampa. Starting Aug. 12, it will offer information at a popular dog walking area along the Hillsborough River in Old Seminole Heights and free gear to help owners comply. The goal is to keep bacteria and nutrients from flowing into waterways. If the "Pooches for the Planet" program is successful there, it will be expanded.


Molly said...

What time will they be at the park? and where will they set up?

cartman said...

I think it's totally uncool to tie your dog's poop in a plastic bag around your dogs neck.

Bloggerwife said...

Who does that? Why do they do it? Is it supposed to be a training maneuver or are they using the dog to carry the bag? Either way, I suggest they try tying it around their own necks and wearing it just once.

cartman said...

I see dog owners do it alot around here. It must be a OSH trick. I can't imagine making my dog carry his poop home on his collar. Totally UNCOOL