Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Rest of the Story ...

This is the full story from the entry below. Unfortunately, this is the only was I can post it without retyping it (as I do not have a subscription to the publication either).

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

City tests new zoning in Seminole Heights

TAMPA -- Elizabeth Graham, incoming president of the Business Guild of Seminole Heights, recalled that when she decided to open Forever Beautiful, a day spa and salon at 5135 N. Florida Ave., "my vision was to have a cute, quaint business district where you are supported and loved by your community."

So far, it's been a mixed bag.

New businesses in the three neighborhoods that comprise Seminole Heights -- Old Seminole Heights, South Seminole Heights and Southeast Seminole Heights -- tend to be cherished by the residents. But onerous building regulations and speeding cars have made it difficult to develop the kind of business district Graham envisions.

That might be changing as the city of Tampa tests out a new type of zoning, called form-based code, that relies on neighborhood input for decision making. Starting next year, the city will hold a series of meetings in Seminole Heights, asking, "What do you want your community to look like," said Cynthia Miller, director of growth management and development services.

More on this article at:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lost Dog - Pit Puppy

From friends/S.H. neighbors:

Jay, as we told you yesterday, we found a black pit/lab mix in the lot next to Cappy's pizza. I fed it and gave it water and some flea medicine, but unfortunately had to call Hillsborough Animal Services. The dog got picked up today and I am broken hearted.

He is a pit, but a puppy and absolutely adorable. He was wearing a collar, with no tag. He is attentive, inquisitive and ready to give unconditional love. If anyone needs a really sweet dog, there is one at the Falkenberg Rd Animal Services.

If you have space, please give this little guy a chance. He has the makings of a great companion.
Amy and Charles Haynie

S.H.'s Santa Clark

Milam Clark dresses as Santa between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m. outside his house at 6912 N Central Ave. Clark will play Santa through Dec. 24, but the lights and yard display will be up until New Year's Day.

PS - Yeah, I saw that too. Not sure why they posted us in the "North of Tampa" section of the publication.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Save your holiday meal

Cooks & Company is offering holiday cooking classes in the Heights.

Perfect Pie Cooking Class
Cooks & Co will be taking reservations for the Perfect Pie Cooking Class. Students will be taught how to make 3 perfect Holiday Pies, a Caramel Apple Streusel Pie, a Chocolate Mousse Pie, and a Turtle Pecan Pie.
Students will learn the techniques Pastry Chefs have known for years. By the end of the class, you will have the skills not only to re-create these original Pie recipes, but to also design your own original recipes.
Perfect Pie Cooking Class
Thursday 12/20
$45 per student, minimum 5 students required
Class held in Chef Greg’s kitchen.
Call to book your spot, spaces are limited.

The 2 Hour Christmas Dinner Cooking Class
Cooks & Co will be taking reservations for the 2 Hour Christmas Dinner Cooking Class. Executive Chef Greg will teach students how to make the perfect Christmas dinner in only 2 hours! The menu will include Bourbon and Honey Glazed Ham, White Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Cassoulet, and Green Chile Corn Bread Muffins. Students will learn gourmet recipes that will make their Holiday guests savory this special time of year.
The 2 Hour Christmas Dinner Cooking Class
Friday 12/21
$55 per student, minimum 5 students required
Class held in Chef Greg’s kitchen.
Call to book your spot, spaces are limited.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Building Makeover

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but as I see more of this building's original structure (as it goes through renovations), I'm starting to get a bit excited.

Seems this building, which sits on the NW corner of MLK and Florida Ave., is actually a brick building with huge functional and/or decorative archs built into its exterior walls.

I have no idea what this place use to look like or be, but I can certainly imagine how it could look and add to the historic feel of the community.

It may be hard to see (due to poor quality of camera phone), but perhaps you can visualize it too in this pic.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

T'ai Chi classes

Click flyer to enlarge

Pet Sitting for the Holidays

An email from a Neighborhood Business:

Christmas is almost here are you ready!!!

We are Insured, Bonded, Pet Cpr & Lic and we live in Seminole Heights!

813-932-5075 * 813-900-7085

Steve Gluckman - Rest In Peace

Steve Gluckman passed away last night - doing what he did best- being involved. While he was at the the Old Seminole Heights annual dessert event at one of the Old Seminole Heights beautiful bungalows, he apparently had a heart attack.

Steve was a longtime fixture in Old Seminole Heights and active in Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association for many years. I can't remember how I met Steve but as he was involved in many activities, there were many opportunities. He was involved in the Friends of the Seminole Heights Library books sale every year, had a database of Burgert Brothers photos of Seminole Heights he was categorizing, he organized the art event at the OSHA Home Tour. He was one of the earliest Old Seminole Heights members to start attending the porch parties in SE Seminole Heights. While googling him I discovered this summer he was directing a USF applied anthropology graduate student research project in Old Seminole Heights. Steve was actually Dr. Steve Gluckman, as he had a PhD. in archeology.

This below was sent out by OSHNA via email

Stephen Gluckman

Dr. Stephen J. Gluckman
December 6, 1937 -
December 11, 2007

Esteemed Board Member
1988 - 2007
~ Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association ~

In Memorium

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the unexpected
death of Dr. Stephen J. Gluckman on Tuesday, December 11, 2007.
A memorial service will be held on Saturday, December 15, 2007,
at 10:00AM at the Seminole Garden Center, 5810 N. Central Avenue.
When a special friend becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure.

The Board of Directors of the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association

Other bloggers are sharing their memories; Tommy with (Steve Gluckman)
and carasu with (Neighborhood In Mourning) .

Something needs to be named for Steve. The building at the Garden Center perhaps?

Share your memories of Steve with the rest of us..

Taco Bus for Sale?! Aye Carumba!

List Price: $225,000

Property Description: This is the place to come for home cooked Real Mexican Food. From Tacos to Buritos to the best refried beans and rice you' ve ever had. During this rare opportunity to own one of the best Mexican Restaurants in Tampa, the Owners are willing to sell/share their original recipes (which, by the way, keep their customers coming back again and again!), the equipment, the good name of the business, a long term lease on the both buildings, and the opportunity to purchase the 17,250 sq ft of land and both buildings measuring 3,659 sq ft in the future!

This subject features 150 SF of Excellent road frontage. Situated directly on Hillsborough Avenue, close to Nebraska, It' s a one-of- a- kind Ownership is Continuously Busy and Offers Customers the best of Mexican Food in the Area. This is a Turn-Key Operation.

Owner is Willing to Teach New Owners the Secret Recipes and How to Run the Business. This sale is VERY Confidential, So Please Do Not Disturb the Employees During Work Hours. Owners have been Running this Very Successful Mexican Restaurant and Grocery Store for 5 years and are Looking to Retire. Please Call for Additional Details!!!

Location Description: Prime Location, just East of Nebraska Avenue directly on Hillsborough Avenue. Easy Ingress/ Egress to I-275, I-4 and the Cross Town. Located in the focal Area of Seminole Heights. Seminole Heights is a redevelopment area with Historic Preservation quaint restaurants, uniques shops and Centrally located in Tampa.


From Jeff Houck of The Tampa Tribune:

I keep hearing good things from readers and friends about Bungalow Bistro in Seminole Heights. The restaurant, at 5137 N. Florida Ave., serves lunch and dinner in a restored building with outdoor balcony seating. The original structure was a garage apartment that was saved from demolition and moved to Florida Avenue before Hillsborough Avenue was widened in 2000.

The menu features seasonal gourmet items such as the Bungalow Bistro Salad, panini sandwiches and desserts. For information, call (813) 237-2000 or go to

Strays Love Me

I have a quality about me that is magnetic to strays. I have a house full of them. In fact, I'm at critical mass in the taking in stray animals department. But the strays don't know that. 
The stray du jour is Akasha. She's taken up residence on my porch and has clearly been somebody's indoor cat, as I have to fight with her to keep her from running into my house, despite 3 other cats and 2 
large dogs waiting at the door for her. She's also quite vocal about her opinions and wants and is
a charmer.
I just don't have the where with all to take on a 6th animal at this point. If anyone can help this little girl out, please let me know.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Support the Heights, Earn Cash

New Heights Magazine is set to profile our neighborhoods in the positive manner they deserve. All stories are being written by residents to inform tourists, as well as residents of other areas (i.e., New Tampa, Westchase, Hyde Park, etc.) about the great people, places and events that make Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights, downtown Tampa and Ybor City great places to visit and spend their time and money.

The magazine will also serve as a catalyst to bring the people of our local neighborhoods together and to remind them that there are great businesses and sites to visit nearby – which means there’s no reason to drive far for goods, services and things to see/do.

Supporting New Heights is supporting your neighborhood. Contact us today about our Ad Commission Program and we’ll set you up (as an authorized representative) to receive a commission from every ad you refer that sells.

Advertising from within and from outside our core neighborhoods (i.e., other areas investing in our communities) is highly encouraged!

Contact Jay McGee, editor of New Heights, at (813) 389-8116 or for more information. Learn more about the publication at the website or blog.

Call or email today! The ad deadline is Jan. 3, 2008 for the Jan/Feb 2008 issue.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Yummmmm. Bread.

My first Seminole Heights home was located behind this place on Crest. The smell of fresh baked bread filled the air on a daily basis ... it was one of those little moments that helped make the day a good one.

Seminole Heights, Florida - The smells and sounds of pounding, kneading, and working dough, filters out from this bakery on Florida Avenue.

"You stop the bread keeps going you can't tell the yeast to stop growing," says Luis Valdez who has been working at Mauricio's Faedo's Bakery for 17 years.

He and a crew work the late nights, kneading out a batch of Cuban rolls with the precision of a pit crew. In a six-hour shift, the team will bake 5,000 loaves of Cuban bread, garlic rolls and other bread. In a day, the shop will produce an average of 5,000.

"It's 24 hours, it starts in the morning and goes all the way into the night, everybody gets bread all through the daytime, different sandwich shops," says Mauricio Faedo who has owned and operated the bakery for twenty four years.

To taste the bread hot from the oven you will have to make the trip yourself.

Maricio's Faedo's is located at 5150 N Florida. Opened 24 hours every day, except Saturday 12 p.m. to Sunday 3 a.m.

2nd Anual BGoSH Beautification Nominations

The winners of the First Annual Business Guild of
Seminole Heights (BGoSH) Beautification Award were
Cappy’s Pizza (Judges Award) and The Heights Group
(People’s Choice Award).

Nominations for the Second Annual 2007-2008 BGoSH
Beautification Award are open to the public and will
end on Monday, December 31, 2007. Winners of the
award in 2006 may not be nominated in this year’s
program. The new Beautification Award winner will be
announced during a special ceremony at BGoSH’s next
General Meeting to be held on February 14, 2008.

You can nominate any business located in Seminole
Heights that you believe has made great efforts in
improving the overall appearance of their business by
going to the BGoSH website at or by
visiting Sherry's Yesterdaze Vintage Clothing and
Antiques, 5207 N. Florida Ave. (813) 231-2020 or Tampa
Antiquarian Books, 6116 N. Central Ave. (813) 234-0100
to fill out a nomination form.

Our panel of judges include Mona Roberson of Atelier
Group, Inc. a interior design firm in Seminole Heights
and Alan Dobbs of Florida Design Studio Corp. an
architectural firm also located in Seminole Heights.

BGoSH prides itself in taking a positive and active
role in beautifying our community along with
supporting and promoting our member businesses. We
strive to make Seminole Heights a great place to live
by enhancing the integral parts of a community, which
include a viable business district, a harmonious
residential and commercial district, and cultivating a
unique and enjoyable community for residents and

The Business Guild of Seminole Heights is an
association of business owners within the boundaries
of the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa who are
interested in improving the commercial environment in
the neighborhood. Ranging from antique dealers to Real
Estate Brokers, BGoSH consist of over one hundred
members serving the Seminole Heights community. Visit
our website at for more information.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yikes! Alert! Murder in the neighborhood.

This news broke at 6am today, and is about S.H. (I am unable to confirm if it's the news' definition of the neighborhood boundaries or the real definition). In any case, be careful ... who knows where this suspect is hiding?:

TAMPA – Police in Tampa are investigating what they're calling a possible homicide after a woman was found dead in front of a home.

They say it happened on Tuesday night around 7:00 p.m. at a home on West Flora Street in Seminole Heights. That's near Sligh and Florida Avenues.

According to investigators, the woman was shot several times in her home. They didn’t release many other details, but they did say that the woman was estranged from her husband, who hasn't been found yet.

Police believe the couple has children, but they don't think the kids were home at the time of the shooting.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Weekends at Merinos Deli is getting very busy!
We are preparing to open Sundays in January and were seeking weekend sandwich makers/deli help.
The hours are from 11:30 till 4:30 on Saturday and Sunday.
Experience is helpful, but not necessary.
All you need is a good attitude, treat customers and fellow workers the way you like to be treated.
Its a great part-time job and "WE FEED YOU FOR FREE"!
Call Mike Merino @ 813-431-5730 or e-mail merinos_deli@yahoo