Friday, August 11, 2006

Is Greenprinting Dead?

The Giddens Park at 12th and Giddens became the first park to participate in the Greenprinting Program initiated by the Mayor's Beautification Program.

"Project Overview
Our vision for this project is to incorporate all members of the Southeast Seminole Heights community in the design and construction of a new playground for Giddens Park. This playground project is one component of a larger program called Tampa’s Greenprinting Initiative. Tampa’s Greenprinting Initiative (TGI) is a ten-year project to enhance one public open space resource in Tampa’s inner-city each year, with an additional goal of building residents’ capacity to address other pressing issues in their neighborhoods. TGI is based on the concept of “Greenprinting”, which the Trust for Public Land developed to ensure grassroots participation in the design and implementation of public open space conservation, development and restoration. Southeast Seminole Heights is the first of ten neighborhoods to participate in Tampa’s Greenprinting Initiative. Residents will research, visualize, plan, and then effectively develop and implement a park revitalization project, which includes a playground component."


Let see. It is June 2006. What do we have?

1. A nice parking lot that many people don't park in. Too lazy to walk to the basketball area, they park on Giddens Ave, on the sidewalk or right of way in front of the No Parking Signs. Or they park on the sidewalks on Frierson where someone has neglected to put parallel parking only signs.

2. A fence that seems like it was built out of Twizzlers.

3. A large concrete donut.

Meanwhile other parks like Rivercrest get all sorts of nice stuff without having to participate in Greenprinting.

What up with the second Greenprinting Park - Robles Park / Tampa Heights? Any action there?

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Sharon wants a park! said...

Maybe we should build a river next the park and fill the park with homeless. This would get the Mayor running down here to finish it.