Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Seminole Heights Blog recommends Tammy Harman for Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Previously I asked "What the heck is the Hillsborough County Soil & Water Conservation Board?

Well thanks to Tammy Harman I now know. She posted this as a comment on the blog.

"My name is Tammy Harman and I am running for Soil and Water Conservation Board AND I live in the neighborhood. Not too many people know exactly what this Board does and the current Board does not make it easy to find out, which is one of the many reasons I am running. Its a Board made up of five elected officials. They mainly focus on the conservation of water and soil of agricultural lands but they also have a general environmental education outreach facet as well. This Board is very important to all of us because we all have a stake in healthy soil and water. I am running for this Board because I want to fight environmental pollution, promote sustainable farming practices and make the Board more accessible to the public it is supposed to serve. Thank you for mentioning the race. Please check out my website for more information"

So I went to her site and read all about her. I then located the site for the conservation board. Finally I checked the Trib and the Times to see what they have said.

Here is her platform

"1-Fight Environmental Pollution

I will bring my environmental compassion to the Board and support Best Management Practices for farmers that best protect and nuture our natural resources. In addition, I will promote steps that citizens can take to help conserve our soil and water in general such as reducing personal pollution and waste.

2-Promote Sustainable Farming Practices

I am a strong proponent of Organic Farming practices that work with nature to ward off pests as opposed to those using chemical pesticides that seep into the soil and water and contaminate the very produce that we eat. I will promote Organic Farming practices as Best Managment Practices and educate the public on the benefits of growing and eating organic produce.

3-Champion Government Openness

As I was researching the office of Soil and Water Conservation Board, I ran into a great deal of difficulty trying to learn about the Boards projects, where they met and so on. I will make this public information accessible via a detailed website that will include the Board meeting minutes, descriptions of current projects, contact information for the elected Board members and information on how citizens can get involved to help protect our soil and water."

Tammy was mentioned in the Times in 2002 or her fight to get recycling for apartment dwellers.

More details about the Board from the Board's website
"The Hillsborough Soil and Water Conservation District is an elected board of five supervisors that oversees a local grassroots program dealing with soil conservation, water conservation, and other natural resources issues.

The district has been actively promoting soil and water conservation since 1946. District supervisors are nonpartisan, elected locally, and serve under the provisions of Chapter 582 of the Florida Statutes.

The Hillsborough Soil and Water Conservation District receives financial support from the Hillsborough County Board of County Commisioners. The District also has a close working relationship with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service).

The goal of the Hillsborough Soil and Water Conservation District is to solve local natural resource problems with quality technical services. "

From the Trib:

"C. Dennis Carlton and Tammy Harman are running the most obscure campaigns in Hillsborough - a race for Soil and Water Conservation District 1."

The Trib recommended Carlton.

"Harman, an environmentalist, argues that the board needs an outsider's perspective. Her intentions are good, but the 34-year-old assistant planner for a local engineering firm has little familiarity with the work at hand.

Carlton is easily the more knowledgeable candidate"

However they noted:

"It's concerning that Carlton was sued in 2002 by migrant workers paid less than minimum wage to pick citrus in his groves. In court filings, Carlton said a subcontractor was to blame. The case was settled in 2004 when Carlton paid the workers back wages, according to an attorney for the Migrant Farmworker Justice Project. Carlton says he no longer works with that subcontractor."

The Times has not recommended anyone.

So who do I recommend?

Tammy Harman

1. She is from Seminole Heights and one of my goals is to increase the power of Seminole Heights by getting more people elected from Seminole Heights

2. She is an environmentalist (Green Party co-chair)- it'd shake up that board. Perhaps we would get more urban conservation including apartment recycling. I think increasing organic farming is good business.

3. I think that government should be more transparent and open and that is one of her platforms

The Seminole Heights Blog recommends Tammy Harman for Soil and Water Conservation Board.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know about Tammy's stance on Gay rights.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

As someone who works in the environmental field, it's no place for the radical and unrealistic ideas of an environmentalist. The soil and water conservation district is a scientific and technical district and requires the services of those who have scientific and technical knowledge of water and soil conservation and agriculture. This is not an office that should be utilized for making a statement or changing the way politics run. In my opinion, this should not even be a elected position!!

notRose said...

Scott..I sure would like to know what the comment was that was deleted.

Seminole Heights said...


Tammy Harman said...

I feel an environmental conservationist is exactly what an office that is supposed to 'conserve' our natural resources needs.

You are definitely correct that this position will have dealings with technical and scientific data and when I feel I need expert advice, I will seek out balanced advice and weigh it with my own research to help me make any decisions that I may not have firsthand knowledge of.

This position also has an environmental, public education facet to it as well. This is one of the main reasons why an environmentalist will be an asset to this position. I plan on disseminating information through this position on how we can all curb our own personal pollution and waste.

This position has been elected since 1946. Its a non-paid, part-time office. The Board plays an advisory role to the Soil and Water Conservation District. Also, the Board answers to the Hillsborough County Commission. Therefore, I plan on having some ground up influence on decisions that affect our natural resources that come up in front of the Commissioners for a vote. I will advise in favor of the environment. I don't believe that is radical or unrealistic.

Ben said...

What is Tammy's background? Did anyone look at that? I would hope she has more than the three "pillars" that she is running on. I think I would want someone who has more of a background in soil, environmental engineering, or conservation than what her own resume states on her site.

She majored in Religious Studies and minored in Anthropology! She may have a master's in public administration. However, she has used it to work *excuse me*, volunteer for a UNNAMED "community group" that champions environmental issues. She should be able to list this group. If she is really about bringing the government out of hiding maybe she could be up front with her background. I would vote for someone with real experience.

I just don't think we should vote for someone because they dwell in SH. I got one of her nice door hangings this week as well, but it is obvious that she is a bit inexperienced.

What gives David? I like organic food, 88.5, and taking out my blue recycling bin. Yet, I really don't think she will make a dent in this board. She is lacking in related experience and tactile results. Maybe when she works for and can produce results for residents outside of the Board, then I may consider voting for her. Until then, I can't really deny that other guy, Carlton, another round.

Tammy Harman said...

The UNNAMED Community Group is of a Partisan nature and because this is a Non-Partisan race, I chose not to name it. If you google my name, you are going to find out very quickly what group(s) I am involved with. Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe I will note that on my website since it might be off-putting to others as well.

Ben said...

I'm not to off-put. Just produce soem tangible results for SH in the next few years and maybe I'll be inclined to vote! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

As Anon said on 08/28 and Ben has eluded to, Tammy does not have applicable experience to hold this position. Other than being a part of the organic co-op (I think) she has no agricultural experience. Additionally, being an environmentalist does not mean you know a single thing about environmental science. I don't want to hear about a "fresh voice" or "from the bottom up", I want to hear science and reasoning. Prove me wrong, show you know something about what you are running for. We don't need another individual pushing low-flow toilets. Give me something to believe in!! COME ON Seminole Heights, don't vote for people just because they are Seminole Heights residents, we are not all great and, frankly, many of SH residents are crazy! One last thing, the environment is never going to be a primary election concern until all people have food in their mouth, a roof over their head, and the other basic needs of life (like Hummers, 24" wheels, etc.). By the way Tammy, you can mention you are part of the Green party, most people don't count them anyways!

Anonymous said...

While being an environmentalist doesn't make you an environmental scientist, why, in your mind, does being a farmer make you a conservationist?