Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Phone poll volunteers needed!

So ever been interested in seeing a political campaign from inside?

Here is an an opportunity from April Griffin. Be a phone volunteers

"THIS IS IT! We are less than a week out, and I know everyone is extremely busy. But if you could spare just a few hours of your time it would make a big difference to the success of our campaign.

We are planning a phone bank to target primary super voters on Saturday, September 2nd from 1 - 4 PM at 4221 North Himes Avenue. Lunch, drinks, phone numbers and a script will be provided. Please join us in showing your support for April and letting the voters know that she is the right choice for school board district 6, county wide.

If you have a cell phone with free nights and weekends make sure it is charged and bring it to use so we can have more people calling on the phones made available to us by the Hillsborough Democratic Party.

What: Phone banking for April Griffin for School Board
When: 1-4 PM - Saturday, September 2nd
Where: 4221 N Himes Avenue (just across the street from Raymond James Stadium)

If you are interested in helping April contact Catherine Mitseas at 813-571-0658 or April Griffin at 814- 417-1102."

April Griffin For School Board - District 6 - Countywide304 W. Henry Avenue Tampa, FL 33604


Sara said...

April is awesome. My husband and I both voted for her. I wish we didn't have a prior commitment. I encourage everybody that can to help her out!

Anonymous said...

April took money from Ralph Hughes and Cast-Crete. Her husband received money from the Kevin White Campaign. I voted for her, but may not on November 7. I hope she can explain her envolvement with these people.

Beerwulf said...

anon 8:02 - If you can't take their money and vote against them anyway, you don't belong in politics. She's taken money from Hughes but told him to his face that her vote could not be bought. And she told him that *before* he gave her any money. She's been very straight ahead with the whole campaign, unlike her opponent who has pretended to be a Republican when he talks in front of Republicans, and pretends to be a Democrat when he's talking in front of Democrats. Whatever he is deep in his heart, he's a bureaucrat and a copycat. At candidate forums, he cribs his talking points straight off April's web site. April started raising issues six months before he even started talking about them. That isn't the mark of a reformer; it's the mark of a careerist whose main skill is making himself look good by appropriating someone else's ideas and passing them off as his own.