Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Seminole Heights Geography

St. Pete Times Article about Starbucks in Seminole Heights

A Perfect Blend

However the writer needs to get her geography right. She described Old Seminole Heights as

"Old Seminole Heights lacks the commercial profile of South Tampa's Palma Ceia or Hyde Park. Bounded by the Hillsborough River on the north and west, 22nd Street on the east and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, there is no Renovation Hardware or Chico's. Seven-lane "racetracks" are instead jammed with Truly Nolen Pest Control and Chillura Auto Sales and Ace check cashing. "

Those boundaries are for the whole of greater Seminole Heights, encompassing all 3 Seminole Heights Neighborhoods. See Overall Map

South Seminole Heights is Martin Luther King to South, the river to the West, Hillsborough Avenue to the North and Florida Avenue to the East. See Map or Large Map

Southeast Seminole Heights is Martin Luther King Blvd to the south, I-275 to the West, Hillsborough river to the North and 15th Street to the East. See Map

Old Seminole Heights is the rest, sort of an oak tree design. The trunk is MLK Blvd to the South, Florida Avenue to the east and I-275 to the West. This opens up into the canopy bounded by the river to the West and North, 22nd to the East. See Map


Anon said...

I thought the reporter was being kind of snarky too. She seems to be mocking the caffeine addicts...

Seminole Heights said...

I think she was mocking Seminole Heights

Joe (Livonia, MI) said...

Of course she was mocking Seminole Heights, the residents appeared to be awfully hypocritical about the whole thing.