Friday, August 18, 2006

Their baaack!

I've noticed more activity that seems to be suspicious for prostitution on Nebraska. Some women walking or hanging around on bus stops whose very casual style of dress and manner of how they walked made me suspicious that we were facing a return.

A couple of weeks ago I called a report to TPD on a known prostitute who I saw at her old haunts at Giddens anf 15th street, acting like she was up to old tricks.

Then I get these emails:

.....right before 5pm as I'm turning off Nebraska onto Caracas what should i see but a transgender prostitute! Walking towards Nebraska from Caracas. . . . after i left the house and looped back onto to nebraska i saw TWO MORE at the corner of Giddens and Nebraska walking southbound. They were dressed to work, too!!!! They came prepared b/c they had umbrellas. "


"Two transgender prostitutes were also out Sat night. I called them in and someone responded asap; It did not appear they ran them on the computer as they had a five minute conversation on the street, with the officer pointing south several times. At the conclusion of the phone conversation they the proceeded down the street to the south of MLK. While we had to go in about 2:45 am I had it reported to me the exact same two were out about 4:00 am." . . .

. . . when TPD was consistently paying attention and shadowing them, and annoying them and we were out there, we got results. We stopped going out and aparently the lessening of the pros meant TPD turned their attention to other areas. . . . you know things are bad when transgender prostitutes feel comfortable enough to be on the streets in the afternoon. . . . This type of behavior is what got me started patrolling in the first place. It all started when one night, during daylight savings time, I was driving past the Mega Market at about 7 pm and there was a man and his two very young kids at the bus stop waiting for a bus and there were two transtenders standing there, talking to the kids and waving at cars! I do not want to see that happen again, and I believe it is headed that way."


Anonymous said...

Thank God for TG Pros!

Hire one of These BadBoys and get the Best of Both worlds – if you get my drift…

Anonymous said...

Suppose this is humor, but disease on the hoof does not seem very funny to me!

Anonymous said...

Disease on the hoof?? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I've seen more suspicious women on Florida too. What's the trick to having the police investigate? I call quite often however, I never see if logged on the internet.

CouldBeSherry said...

Call, every time you see them call. When you call get an event number, that gives you a reference to see whatever happened to your call.

TPD investigates all the time. It is thanks to them that things are even as good as they are now. But calls from our neighborhood are down,,,,,,,,,,meaning we either have not had them or we are complacent. Thinking a combination of both. SO I encourage you to call. The more calls, accumulatively, the more attention we will get and the sooner the problem will be back in hand! CALL!!!!!!

Ndahood said...


while I REALIZE that prostitution is considered a crime and those who reside here in this area of the city ...dont care for their traffic and all it entails
surely you residents here have it made in comparison to other areas of this city...
where I was living prior to here
are gangs who shoot up cars and
fight in the huge parking lot of the complex
I moved from CITRUS park area

so dont even go there...

Hookers wouldnt be there if there if the area did not have a demand for them.....why dont you all go out and shame some of those clowns who utilize hookers services
whats the matter with you all?

and gees like tampa pd doesnt have enough crime to deal with in the area besides hookers with hoofs

sheesh.......neighbor hoods seems to me your all pretty critical of many things here.....

is just my humble observation on this blog
people's clothes...stray dogs, fences .colors that people have choosen to paint their home's .and now hookers that are transgendered on the hoof no less.....
good lord where will it end?

Bungalowlady said...

I'm with CouldbeSherry! Call! Call! Call! ALWAYS et an event number. The dispatcher can be busy with sometyhing else and if you don't get an event number, it may never get entered into the system and the police never know.

The hooker patro went after the Johns too. Most of the Johns are in L-t "committed" relationships. That's why they dump the hooker swhen they think you're writing down their license number. The demand is here because of the reputation of Nebraska and the area for having Hookers. Make them both go away!

Flyer anon said...

Correct me if I got this wrong,
A MALE bum stinking to high heaven, that looks of sleeping in a box in an alley can go down Nebraska unmolested.
But a FEMALE trying to look nice doing the same thing should have the cops called on them immediately.
Kinda' strikes of profiling if you ask me. Makes you wonder what the ACLU would make of it if brought to their attention.
Granted, these girls (not the shims) would never think of it themselves. But........

Anonymous said...

Flyer, are you suggesting that we call the cops if we see you walking down Nebraska?? Seriously, IANAL, but I don't think it is illegal profiling in an area where female (or at least perceived female), as opposed to male, prostitution has been prevalent in the past. Then again, that is a legal distinction for the police, not for citizens concerned about cleaning up their neighborhood. There is NOTHING wrong in calling about any suspected is up to the police to determine whether there is probable cause for an arrest.

Flyer anon said...

"as opposed to male"
If they were male hustlers instead would you be as quick to call on them?

Anonymous said...

um yeh i do wonder

IF the above mentioned were on
Nebraska ave.....would you call on them
The odd thing is this..about a year back this area had a serial rapist of gay men....what a wonderful assest to any neighborhood...woo!

hooking is common anywhere.....even in the better parts of tampa .....there are higher priced call girls here they dont walk the nebraska ave
they walk into offices and hotels with richer men.or women if you will

this isnt the premier area of tampa

why all the fuss about the hookers?

lived in this area back in the late 80s and the hookers were here then too
does it matter are they bothering your children i am not sure? i think alot of married men and men in "commited " relationships use them need to address both
parties not just the 'SHIMS' . the use of them is out there.....
change that then neigborhood will become much more desireable...

shawn-non-anonymous said...

Firstly, let's not confuse prostitution in general with street hookers. Street hookers have a huge, negative impact on the neighborhoods they haunt.

When the Johns were targeted by the neighorhood and police (we don't target the hookers directly--that never works), we noticed a huge drop in the drug dealers and petty crime in the area. Not to mention the drop in waste needles, crack pipes, and used condoms in our driveways.

If you see a pretty hooker on Nebraska you should assume one of three things: 1) most likely she's a cop. 2) she's a he in drag. 3) you need glasses. Most of the hookers I encountered in hooker patrol were anything but clean, pretty, or nice.

Johns driving through the neighborhood often proposition any female they come across. An increase in johns is an increase risk for assault. So call these guys in!

Every time you see someone you even THINK is a hooker, call the non-emergency number and report him or her. Every time. No exceptions. The calls are important to getting police attention.

Prostitution and the tag-along crimes like drug dealers and petty theft that go with it keep our neighborhood commercial streets looking like they currently do.

sem.heightsmomma said...

Yes ...that is exactly how I feel regarding this whole situation

Im an older gal and if I should choose to walk to Publix one early evening I am honked at.
by men
I am fifty years of age.
I do not wear my clothes
exposing any parts of my private
areas and I consider my self clean looking by social standards

I think its horrendous that one cannot walk to the store for say some tasty treat at their bakery
without the crap from men looking for sex they need to stay home for.

Anonymous said...

I had one at the corner of my street. Seemed to be a man dressed as a woman. He/She blocked the road and my sister had to jump the curb in order to get around him/her. I hate giving my friends directions that end in "then turn left at the transexual prostitute and you'll be at my house."

Bungalowlady said...

Anonymouse 10:01
Yes, they bother the children. BHP (Before Hooker Patrol) my teenage daughter (5'10" and not sexy) couldn't walk 2 blocks to her friend's house without being accosted by a John. Now she can walk where she pleases with no harrassment.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what I am saying

The hookers are there because the demand for them is there

Men are the problem.......women and gals should be able to walk in the neigborhood w.o. being accosted
either verbally or blocked with
a vehicle
I am open to suggestions as to what to do or whom to call if this happens to me again

I do not like this behavior
and I relocated to this area to be away from crack heads
and fighters .....screamers in the street.......
I enjoy this neigborhood so terribly much
I am sick and I just desired to live where I can be ok and nearer to my doctors offices.

This area is centrally located to anywhere in Tampa I may need to go to
What I wish would happen is this

in the crime reports

Why this area doesnt do that I do not know
They do in other states ..ITS What tampa needs

Anonymous said...

Bungalowlady - nice way to talk about your daughter. Way to build that self esteem. In your eyes she's not even attractive enough to warrant the advances of men who have sex with toothless tranvestite crackheads.