Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bad Guys

"Captain Wolff here in District Two asked me to send out this memo. Below are names of persons of "Interest" , and people that have warrants for their arrest. If you see any of these people, or may have information of their whearabouts, please call Sgt. D. Puig, Auto Theft Squad, 276-3544.

Please remember the following:

1. First verify that the person is still wanted by visiting the following website: , Click on the Inquires online Section, then enter the Active Warrants section. Run the last name first, then the first name. You will not need the Date of Birth. If the warrant is still active and you see the individual or know of their 9-1-1 and tell the dispatcher. When calling Communications please say: " I am (name). I am a Neighborhood Watch Member/or Leader. I have information regarding a wanted person. Then give the dispatcher the name, date of birth, and race of the subject. The dispatcher will then verify the warrant, and then send an officer to the location you gave. You may remain anonymous, or request the officer see/or call you.

Please exercise common sense and caution. The Tampa Police Department does not expect you to put yourself or anyone else in danger! Do not put yourself or others in a position of confrontation with anyone wanted. Also remember, that the addresses given on the HCSO website for the wanted individuals may not always be accurate. The subjects may have moved or given a false address.

Here are some of the individuals District Two is looking for:

B/M Devlin, Tyrone 4-25-88 - 1200 India St

B/M Jones, Nathaniel 11-28-87 - 8600 blk of 14th St

B/M Moultry, Ishmael 6-23-88 - 1000 blk e Skagway

* Persons of Interest*

B/M Brown, Christopher 2-22-89 - 14000 blk N. 18th St

B/M Gilyard, David 2-23-90 - 1400 blk E. Hanna

B/M Grace, Lofton 3-29-89 - 3400 blk E. Louisiana

B/M Matthews, Darrell 3-29-92 - 1800 blk e Diana

B/M Rolack, Jermaine 12-14-88 - 3400 blk N. 12th St

B/M Smith, Demario 5-25-89 - 3700 blk E. Caracas

B/M Walker, Derrick 2-21-89 - 3300 N. Avon


Anonymous said...

ewww look all black men they are searching for, quick someone call the TPD racist!

Anonymous said...

How about I just call you a smart mouthed instigating ass instead? Can I get a witness?

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Anon...

Anonymous said...

A witness.
The criminals read the blog too.
Anyone want to cut a deal now?
Turn them in.