Friday, August 18, 2006

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In the Times

Cottage crowd gets some advice
A resident of St. Petersburg's Historic Kenwood offers tips.
By MICHAEL CANNING Published August 18, 2006

Seminole Heights residents turned green with envy recently when a national homes magazine honored St. Petersburg's Historic Kenwood neighborhood. But they weren't above asking for advice.

The Business Guild of Seminole Heights (B'GoSH) invited Jeff Schorr, a member of the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association, to speak at its Aug. 10 meeting."
. . .
"Our biggest hindrance is the DOT issue," said Jessica Landerfield, a yoga and Pilates instructor and owner of Serendipity Puddle Studio. "But I think we can learn from Kenwood, especially in developing a stronger relationship with the city."

But Seminole Heights' pride wasn't completely swallowed. "Before we get too envious of Kenwood," Old Seminole Heights resident Greg Barnhill said, "we should remember that Seminole Heights was featured in the second issue of Cottage Living" in March/April 2001.?

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Greg said...


Thanks for that mention - the article in the Cottage Living was actually in the Nov/Dec 2004 issue - they were bi-monthly the first year. The photo shoot took place in July for the Christmas issue.