Monday, August 14, 2006

Political Questions

A comment from the Suit and Hat Post:
"I do think that we (through Scott and his Blog) have power! Scott I think you have the power to put together questionaires to send to the candidates to have them answer. I would love to have a side by side comparison. When I say you have power, I mean that your site is so well read and well respected a candidate would be foolish not to respond. When you consider the readership on this blog, in their district of interest, I think it would be an awesome service."

Okay, Will do.

Questions please?


Rick F. said...

here is a start....

Congressional candidates (House & Senate)
What are you going to support to restore a balanced federal budget?
Taxes? Which ones? Who will be most affected?
Spending cuts? Which programs?
Do you know what we are currently spending on the national debt each year?

What do you think should be done to bring to a close our nation's military adventure in Iraq?

State Legislature and Governor
What ideas do you have to fix the insurance crisis?

Save our Homes was a good idea but it is having unforeseen consequences. How do you believe it can be reformed to still protect those on limited incomes and not create a new set of problems in a few years? For instance, portablity of home owners exemptions could cripple local government tax bases within a few years, creating a new crisis in a few years.

What role do you see for state government in promoting, funding, and developing alternative transportation systems such as light rail, mono-rail, trolley systems and high speed systems to reduce congestion on the states overloaded highways and urban centers?

County Commission
What would you propose to improve the relationship between the City of Tampa and the County Commission?

Do you think it is time for the County to start planning and creating a mass transit system beyond HARTline?

Do you believe the County should establish an urban growth boundary to restrict or constrain the sprawling development that is overwhelming our infastructure and our ability to maintain it?

IFly said...

In addition to the above questions I would like to know what both the state and county levels have in mind to address the loss of affordable housing. Skyrocketing home prices have filled the coffers while lagging wages are keeping the foundation of our economy from being able to achieve the American Dream.
Amendment 10 is also creating a major imbalance of who is shouldering the tax burden, but as stated, too much portability of tax rate will hurt tax bases. Any ideas on how to more equitably support the infrastructure we all use while protecting citizens who have lived in the same residence for many years?
Additionally, how should we address the inconsistency with City v. County policies of local impact, ie. watering restrictions.
Any ideas on making our community and state more hurricane resistant, requiring underground utilities etc.
Mass transit, mass transit, mass transit. Continued growth in the rural areas of the county cannot be supported on roads alone. Even a light rail on existing CSX lines Brandon, Downtown, South Tampa, would be a start.

Anonymous said...

How will they ensure that the county will hold the developers responsible for new growth. Would they require that developers are responsible for having more green spaces in newly planned subdivisions. It kills me that we as taxpayers had to pay to build the new facility in New Tampas subdivision. It seems to me that they developer should be required to plan that when they built the subdivision. Also, as the county and city keeps rubberstamping these new community, they also require that new schools to be built. They then come running back to us for more funding to build the schools. How they have gotten off so lightly with the impact fees for the past 20 years is beyond comprehension. I have emailed Rhonda Storms to ask why she voted against this, of course no replies to the 3 requests. You know why, the majority of her district is new developments and you would step on the toes of those feeding the beast!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Chloe has created hundreds of jobs and brought millions of dollars to East Tampa. I would like to know how many jobs and how much revenue went to hispanic, white or non-african american recipients.

Anonymous said...

Why is that really relevant? (the race of the recipients) I personally think that the fact that she (Mrs. Coney) was able to create jobs for PEOPLE who would otherwise have little to no opportunities is the most important factor! Since her company was based in the East Tampa area I see it quite rational that many of her services were extended to the residents of that particular community. Her track records seems to reflect that of a compassionate champion FOR THE PEOPLE. For some reason I don't get an ounce of that same passion from any of her opponents. I don't know about you, but I have confidence that Chloe would extend her umbrella of benevolence & hard work to ALL of the residents of her district.

p.s. I personally know a "non african american" recipient of Chloe's hard work. A hispanic couple that I have for years recently informed me that Chloe was able to help them achieve the dream of home ownership.

Anonymous said...

These questions are for Kevin White. Are you sure that no more guys like these lurk among your campaign contributors hidden among all of the LLCs of Ralph Hughes, Bill Bishop, Wellcare, etc.? What happened to the $16,000 that you collected from "Brandon Green," et al. when you ran for City Council? Are you sure we aren't going to receive continued corruption, rather than continued commitment if we vote for you?

Anonymous said...

This is for Kevin White. I would like to know the date when you started serving us as a police officer? Didn't your innovative service cost us an additional $85,000 above and beyond your salary? Why did you really quit serving us on April 10, 1994 to become a used car salesman? That's not continued commitment.

Anonymous said...

Another one for Kevin White. Who, exactly, are Mallard & Associates? You do not give their address when you list them as a recipient of campaign funds, and I can't find them in the phone book. On campaign reports, aren't you are supposed to list the correct vendor who sold the goods or services, the correct address and what was actually purchased with campaign money? I'm afraid of what might happen if the county were to give you an expense account, after the creative ideas that you've had regarding your city council credit card and your campaign funds. I would not trust you with my piggy bank.

Anonymous said...

I want to correct my question posted at 9:10 and ask what happened to the sixteen $500 contributions that you collected from "Brandon Green," et al., totalling $8,000? My mistake. I never read what happened to this money, though. Did you have to give it back, or did you pull it out of your well tailored pocket, as you did this time?