Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bunny for adoption

The found bunny is for adoption. He is obviously domesticated. Here is a picture. Anyone looking for the bunny can just leave an email address here or a message and the babysitters for the foster family will check up daily. Or if you send me an email, I will forward your email to them.


ndahood said...

Any takers yet?

I live off hanna ave west
we have no pets and would like to adopt said rabbit

BunglesLow said...

If you are still interested, please email me at


CouldBeSherry said...

Thats what I love about this blog. A new home for a found bunny. Man that is a breath of fresh air! Reminds us not to always take ourselves so seriously!
Thank you Scott for such a grand venue!!

BunglesWife said...

Happy bunny is still looking for a loving and safe home. He quite enjoys carrots and lettuce but is not so fond of our big black lab. He did get along with the baby-sitter's cats.

ndahood said...

The cage I LENT OUT TO someone never got returned

so i cannot pick up 'friendly bunny"

do you have a box or something?
still would like bunny
just am not able to pick the bun
up with my pet box being gone now


BunglesWife said...

The wascally wabbit has a new home! Thanks to Scott and everyone for their indulgence and thanks to CA for adopting this sweet bunny.

CouldBeSherry said...

Like I said, the lighter side of life! I love it! Good balance for all the code woes!

ndahood said...

Hey the bunnie
made it thru the evening here!!!

we are currently setting up the back patio with a type of wire so he can have 12x12 feet of running room ...a huge cage if you will

we so far have half deck done.
lol he is a spoiled lil bunn bunn

and sassy too...
thanks for all the help and offers

this is the best neighborhood by far in this city

c a
thank you ms gail for the bunny
help too your home is just


jaded1 said...

Lucky lil bunny

BunglesWife said...

Well the bunny saga has an addendum:

The morning after Ca adopted little boy Bunz 1, hubby was heading to work and OMG...another Bunz was munching in our yard...a replica of Bunz 1.
The long story made incredibly short is that Ca adopted the sibling (little girl Bunz 2) as well! So now this is truly a fairy tale.

BUT, the moral of the story is:

Please, if you have cute little rabbits, or choose to give cute little rabbits to your children as gifts, or if you just think that you HAVE to have that cute little rabbit(or duckling or kitten/etc)....PLEASE be responsible and have it/them neutered or spayed so that you do not have to "rely on the kindness of strangers" to be responsible for what you could and should have done.

Enough said other than... Thanks CA for your kind and generous spirit!

Ndahoodwith bunz said...


I love the bunnies tonight they got into the squirrl mix with the cracked corn> jimmycrackedcorn but i dont care> lol
the male is too much
we are just about complete on back patio thanks to home depot stop
and a hot dude named anthony at home depot.lolol>
ooo la la!!

I hope everyone sees the post about the dumping of pets
its morally wrong and please think twice when you go to get a kittie or some cute lil thing they grow up .....just like your kids
and you dont go dumping them off
at lake roberta.....


a lady over @ SEMINOLE HEIGHTS library is taking one..... the guard there
she is sweeeeeet lady
anyhow that's the latest on bunny


ndahoodwith bunnies said...

I hope someone will read this blog
I have the bunnies in my back patio

one got out she jumped on somestorgat bin and leaped over

she wasnt easy to keep inside either
the boy bunnie wants to stay in

I cannot find a way to recapture the bunnie girl
and I duno if she will be ok on her own
so far she hasnt found outside the wire fence we have surrounding our
tried carrots tried leafy
she just snubs it
she has green grass why bother with store stuff

anyhow any advice would help