Saturday, September 30, 2006

More on Boarding House

Owner May Fight Fines For Barring Inspections
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By KATHY STEELE The Tampa Tribune
Published: Sep 30, 2006

"SEMINOLE HEIGHTS A code enforcement case involving a boardinghouse occupied by sex offenders appears headed to court.

Ethan Loeb, an attorney for property owner Helen Pridgen, said he expects to appeal the $100 daily fines imposed on his client for not allowing 24-hour-a-day unannounced inspections."

Just wait. After the time period is over, they will start moving the residents back to the boarding house.

Changes At Publix

Long time manager at our Nebraska Avenue Publix, Tom Roessel?? has moved on to another store.

Officers Down.......

Trust Fund For The Family Of Officer Matt Williams....

People wishing to make donations to the Matt Williams Family Trust Fund can do so in the following ways:
Go to any Wachovia Bank branch in Polk County and make a donation to the 'Matt Williams Family Trust Fund.'
Mail your donation check, made out to the 'Matt Williams Family Trust Fund,' to:
Wachovia Bank
c/o Marilyn Watson
203 Avenue A
Winter Haven, FL 33881

Meet Scott and buy some stuff!

Just a reminder. Our blog hosts are having a garage sale. Not that I really want to assist their moving out of here, but hey, they are friends & I want their sale to be a big success. So stop by the corner of New Orleans and 10th this morning and see if there is anything you just can't live without and if you have never met Scott, (if that is possible!) take the time to meet him before he leaves the hood. Besides, knowing Scott, are probably some goodies in that garage they need to empty!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Assault on Dog

From Glenn on the SESHCA email group:

"This morning I got up just before 6:00 and headed to Nicko's. I let my 11 month old boxer/lab mix out of her crate and into the stockaded back yard on McBerry. When I returned from breakfast and a run I found her trembling on the back porch with huge gashes on her head. I thought she got hurt under the house or trying to get out or some other puppy antics. Then I noticed drips of blood and a small dried pool around the bloody shape of a key. The drops were outside the gate and down the drive.

The officer who came said that dogs have been reported stolen/missing lately for fights or whatever. Chelsea runs with me and is a big strong dog. I don't know if she thwarted a break in or a dog knapping but whoever left was clearly bleeding. There were no signs of attempted entry. After beating her probably with a hand full of keys or whatever she fought back. So this weekend the gates get padlocks and perhaps a camera gets added to the security system. She get neosporin and a steak.

Are other dogs missing?"

Iorio Irates Individuals

There seem to be some readers who really irate with Iorio.

If the Mayoral election were held today would you vote for Pam Iorio for Mayor? (Yes, No or Not sure) Why or Why Not? What are the biggest negative and positive issues she has? If you would not vote for Pam, who would you vote for as Mayor? If you would vote for her, who do you see as her most likely strongest opponent?

The Great Restaurant Mystery!

Near the end of council session last night, a number was called, and an address listed. It was on Nebraska, in the 6000 block. The petition was for some variances for a planned restaurant. The lot had been before Council sometime ago for variances for a car wash, but because of a protected tree in the center of the lot, it had been turned down. The restaurant idea, now before the council was to be built in a manner which would save the tree. Various staff stated their support and minor objections. One of the objections had to do with the parking arrangement which was, I believe, designed around the tree. As the address is in Seminole Heights and we all know how much we need good restaurants, my interest was definitely peaked! I listened to Staff
and waited anxiously to hear who this person was who wanted to do this wonderful thing in the heights, and what kind of restaurant would it be? Staff had none of these details. Then they called the petitioner. Then they called him again. He was not there! It was an illusion. I felt set up. How could they do this to me? To us?
Council, based on the fact that SH needs this type of business so badly, continued it to January, giving the petitioner another chance. So, now my fellow detectives, who knows who this petitioner is? Is he real? What is the planned restaurant all about? Will the petitioner make the January council session? Anyone got a clue?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seminole Heights Bakery Seems Closed

I drove by today and it seems that the retail part of the Seminole Heights Bakery is closed.

Poetry At RiverCrest Park

Please join the Alley Cat Players, Seminole Heights’ own performance troupe,
under a majestic oak tree by the riverbank this Saturday evening
for our performance of
Ain't I a Woman?
(poetry by women authors from all around the world)

"If the first woman God ever made
was strong enough to turn the world
upside down, all alone
together women ought to be able to turn it
rightside up again."

Saturday, September 30, 5 pm, Rivercrest Park, corner of Osbourne & River, Tampa
Absolutely free!
Bridget Bean & Jo Averill-Snell performing.
Bring refreshments, a picnic supper, or just yourself, and enjoy the show.

Please see
for more details, directions, and a map,
or call (813) 231-8478.

South Seminole Heights looking for Newsletter Distributors

"Dear Neighbors,

We need a few volunteers to help to distribute the next issue of The Banner newsletter.

Each distribution route can be covered in about 45 minutes.

The distribution would need to be completed between of October 1 to 7. We will drop the newsletters at the volunteers' doorstep with instructions.

If you are willing to give about 45 minutes of your time for the benefit our neighborhood, please call Gary at 404-5222.

We appreciate your willingness to help!


Belt Tightening & What It Really Means!

For those of you who complain about the city and the way it spends it’s money...the money you give and other monies which are part of the budget, I would like to suggest that you take the time to sit and watch the budget review of the proposed cuts in this budget. It is 5:41 pm and it is going on right now in council. Thanks to our blogger host, Scott, I am at work but watching in on CTTV. I am learning a lot! If it is important to you to really understand who pays for the pot holes and the increased salaries, or what monies can and can’t be cut, and what it all will mean to us, it will all be replayed Sunday morning at 9:00 am. It will be on tv, via cable and also on computer at the link above.
If you want to watch on the link, scroll down and look for and click on the CTTV Webcast logo.

St. Pete Times Story on the Blog

As I posted before, I was interviewed for a story on the blog. It is due to come out tommorrow in the City Times (with a photo) but thanks to Google Alerts I was able to see the story today.

I think they over did it with the king throne sceptre thing though.

"He started a virtual movementSt. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA The father of Seminole Heights' blog will be missed, but everyone agrees that he stoked a growing phenomenon in Tampa. By ALEXANDRA ZAYAS. ...


In tomorrow's St. Pete Times

Prostitutes find they have formidable foes St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA... "Driving home late one night, Sherry Simons spotted six prostitutes within a few blocks. Prostitution is back in Seminole Heights. ..."

"By late spring, the prostitutes mostly had disappeared, Simons said. Tampa police Maj. Robert Guidara said prostitution reports in District Two, which includes Southeast Seminole Heights, dropped 72 percent.

So the neighborhood patrols stopped, and the police concentrated their efforts elsewhere."
. . .

"Three weeks ago, Barnhill mustered volunteers for a new vehicle patrol for the Old Seminole Heights portion of Nebraska, between Hillsborough Avenue and the river.

Simons did the same for the Southeast Seminole Heights stretch of Nebraska, south of Hillsborough to Martin Luther King.

The neighborhood watch groups have reopened their well-established channels with Tampa police, which are revisiting the area.

The department's Street Anti-Crime squad made 13 prostitution arrests along Nebraska in the past three weeks, Sgt. Jon Gamson said.

"It's like anything else that requires maintenance," he said. "Right now we're at a heightened level of enforcement to make sure we don't return to the previous levels of activity."

Good Bye Old Friend!

From an email...........

After 5 years of living in Lake Roberta, our friend the alligator has passed away. Some surveyors noticed him floating close to the embankment early Wednesday morning and pulled him out of the water. The cause of his death is unknown.

He lived a peaceful life in our lake. Occasionally dining on ducks, he mostly ate the marine toads, keeping their population, over the last few years, to a more manageable size. I’m sure we can expect to see a large toad population in the Spring.

In case you were wondering, he grew to a healthy size of 6’ 8”.

- Helen Harmon

Aliens, The Breadman and TPD

After reading some of the blog about the Alien Trailer drop, I contacted Major Guidara and asked him to read the blog, and note the tag. I asked if we could not locate the person who belonging to the tag, so he could pick up the towing charges of the Breadman.

I received a call very quickly. The Major had an officer with him, ready to dispatch to get it towed, He just didn't know what the address was. I told him I thought it had been towed already, but that I was headed to the Code Task Force Meeting and could go by on my way and let him know. I drove by and it was gone.

I called the Major back. We chatted and the Major said that in the future, in a circumstance like this, they absolutely have the ability to have it towed at no charge to the homeowner. I remarked that Breadman had basicaly been told to get it towed and he said he realized that and was sorry, it was a new officer and it was an unusual situation. He asked that I tell Breadman and others that in the future, it can be towed and to just contact him.

So, for local solutions to Alien problems such as seemingly air dropped trailers in your lawn call 276-3700 and speak to the Major!

Home Repair Tale

Scott took a week off so we could get some "little" things done around the house before we put it on the market. He woke up the next day with a cold and has been snuffling and coughing his way through the projects. We had spent the two weeks before trying to line up handymen with zero results. We took blog readers advice and called The Seminole Heights Handyman who returned our call, showed up on time to look at our project and is coming tomorrow to start work on the bathroom. Which leads me to this question. What is the easiest way to get a clawfoot tub out of the bathroom? We had heard that it takes four men to carry one, but Mike, the handyman says Scott and he can lift it. We were going to see about a dolly that we could set it on to roll it out of the room. Is there a dolly for that job?
Next question. Has anyone had success taking up the glue left from vinyl tile? I removed half of the tile a while ago and took the glue off by scraping which was not the easy way, I tell ya'. I was going to try my heat gun to soften the part that's been under the tub, but I recently read that you can use orange cleaners on some glue.
Our entire house becomes chaotic during home repairs. Cooking practically ceases because we're both too tired at the end of the day to even think about it. Every table top and level surface is covered with stuff moved from somewhere else. and housecleaning heads to the bottom of the priority list. On top of that, our geriatric dog has reached a new level of dementia. The upset in his household causes him to be anxious and he has spent the week barking monotonously at the wall while Ella hides in a corner. We bought a phermone spray mister to put near their beds. It's supposed to emit phermones that recreate their mother nursing them. It may have added to Sig's confusion, but it certainly hasn't done anything to calm either one of the dogs. Today I'm headed to the store to look for herbal calming remedies. All four us could use it!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oct 10 Variance Requests

MEETING DATE: October 10, 2006
LOCATION: 315 East Kennedy Boulevard, 3rd Floor, City Council Chambers

III. OLD BUSINESS: Cases Continued by the Board/Staff/Remands
2. PETITION: VRB06-112
PETITIONER: Solomon Oyegunle
LOCATION: 1309 E Palifox St
REQUEST: To reduce the side yard setback from 7’ to 2.8’ with the allowed
encroachments of the eaves and gutters
PURPOSE: To create a buildable lot.
NEIGHBORHOOD Southeast Seminole

III. OLD BUSINESS: Continuances and Missed Notices

PETITIONER: Deborah Arkin
LOCATION: 7506 N Ola Ave
REQUEST: To increase building height from 35’ to 48’, and to remove the laurel
oak tree.
PURPOSE: To build a family residence.
NEIGHBORHOOD: Old Seminole Heights

4. PETITION: VRB06- 102
LOCATION: 4509 N. Nebraska Ave
REQUEST: To reduce the side yard setback from 10’ to 4’.
PURPOSE: To construct the new sign
NEIGHBORHOOD Seminole Heights

5. PETITION: VRB06-110
PETITIONER: Edelmiro Mendez
LOCATION: 701 E Hollywood St
REQUEST: To reduce the rear yard setback from 20’ to 13’ with the allowed
encroachments of the eaves and gutters
PURPOSE: To create a buildable lot.
NEIGHBORHOOD: Old Seminole Heights

9. PETITION: VRB06-118
PETITIONER: Alberto Rosado
LOCATION: 2010 E Idlewild Ave
REQUEST: To reduce the side yard setback from 7’ to 2.2’ with the allowedencroachment of the eaves and gutters.
PURPOSE: To keep an existing carport.

12. PETITION: VRB06-121
PETITIONER: New Millennial Homes
LOCATION: 1404 E Cayuga St
REQUEST: To reduce the side yard setback from 3’ to 0.8’ with the allowed
encroachment of the eaves and gutters.
PURPOSE: To create a buildable lot
NEIGHBORHOOD: Southeast Seminole


Sean V. Donnelly August 23, 2006
Code Enforcement Board Chairman 9:00 am - 6:30pm

165726.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33603
Case was continued from the 07/26/06 CEB hearing, due to the
lack of a quorum.
Case was heard 04/12/06 respondent was not present.
Violations: 13-43 and 13-45 (a) (1), Cited for removal of a
34" protected tree, with requirement to plant 17-2" trees or
pay $5,100 to Tree trust Fund by 06/14/06. (Fine $45.00 per
day) Respondent is asking for amended order with lower
requirments, citing financial hardship.
DISPOSITION: Lude Lewis was present. Motion:
(Donnelly/Kane) Board moved to amend the prior Order for
this case, leaving all findings except to strike the $45 per
day fine for non compliance. Vote: 7/0
163102.0100, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33629
Case continued from the 7/26/06 CEB hearing, due to the lack
of a quorum.
Case heard 01/25/06, D/l 04/26/06, fine $50.00 per day.
Violations: 19-236, 27-238, 27-271, and 27-294 (Failure to
obtain special use and off street parking regarding church
use in residential zoning) Respondent applied to be reviewed
by Council for the special use permit, but has lost the case
with council. Use will be terminated, but respondent is
seeking amended order for time limit.
DISPOSITION: Sevine Collier was present. Motion:
(Kane/Gray) The Board found the case complied by the
Inspection Office and moved to reduce the fine to zero.
Vote: 7/0

162539.0000, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33604
Case continued from the 07/26/06 CEB hearing, due to the
lack of a quorum.
Case heard 04/05/06 D/L 05/10/06, Fine $75.00 per day. Case
complied 05/22/06 Fine $825.00 Violations: 19-49, 19-232,
27-148, and 27-233.
DISPOSITION: Respondent not present. Chairman read letter
into record, explaining request. Motion: (Faulk/Fuller)
That the Board reduce the fine to Administriative Cost of
$250 and that fine must be paid by 09/27/06, or full fine is
due. Vote 7/0

11. CASE #: 05-31611 HOLLAND MARK L
182247.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33603
Case was continued from the CEB hearing on 07/26/06, due to
the lack of a quoruum. Previously, the Respondent was
asking for a 30 day continuance, in order to retain new
counsel. The previous attorney has taken a job with the
Florida Attorney Generals Office.
CODE SECTIONS: 19-47, 19-49, 19-231, 19-232, 21-8, 27-77,
Table 4-1, 27-126 and 27-133
DISPOSITION: Mark Holland was present.
Motion: (Donnelly/Fuller) That the Board finds the case
guilty of 19-47, 19-49, 19-231, 19-232, 21-8, 27-77, Table
4-1, 27-126 and 27-133. Board made 2-part order indicating
that public nuisance and accumulations (19-47 and 19-49)
must be removed by 09/27/06. Fine $50 per day if D/L not
met. Additionally, that the remaining violations be
corrected by 01/24/2007. Fine $250 per day if D/L not met.
Vote: 7/0
166374.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33603
Case continued from the 07/26/06 CEB hearing, due to the
lack of a quorum.
Case heard 05/17/06, D/L 06/21/06, Fine $30.00 per day.
Violations: 27-133 (c) illegal barbed wire fencing. Case
complied on 06/30/06, Fine $ 240.00
DISPOSITION: Joseph Fritz, respondent, was present.
Motion: (Kane/Gray) Board moved to reduce fine to zero.
Vote 7/0

13. CASE #: 06-00872 HEYAMIE MARIBEL
104865.0000, FL 33603 LUTZ, FL 33558
Case continued from the 07/26/06 CEB hearing, due to the
lack of a quorum.
Case heard by Board on 04/26/06, D/L 07/26/06. Violations:
5-104.6.2, 5-104.1 and 5-103.3. Fine $50.00 per day.
Respondent requesting rehearing to amend D/L due to
discovery that re-zoning request must be presented to City
DISPOSITION: Maribel Martinez, respondent was present.
Motion: (Kane/Gray) Board moved to deny the request.
Vote: 6/1 (Faulk no)
14. CASE #: 06-00876 ANDERSON AMY R
165126.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33603
CODE SECTION :5-104.1, 5-104.6.2 and 5-103.3
Case continued from the CEB hearing on 07/26/06, due to the
lack of a quorum.
DISPOSITION: William and James Jenson present. Motion:
(Donnelly/Fuller) Board moved that the case be continued to
09/27/06 Boared hearing. Vote: 7/0

170822.0000, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33604
ISSUED: 02/15/2006 INSPECTOR: Kristin McRae 274-5545
DISPOSITION: Elizabeth Blanco, Respondent, was present.
Motion: (Brent/Gray) That the Board finds the case guilty
of 19-46 and 19-49 (illegal railroad tie wall in right of
way). D/L 11/22/06 Fine $1.00 per day if D/L not met.

170376.0000, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33617
ISSUED: 04/11/2006 INSPECTOR: Kristin McRae 274-5545
CODE SECTION : 19-46, 19-49, 19-50, 19-233, and
DISPOSITION: Respondent not present. DCE requested
continuance. Motion: (Kane/Fuller) That the Board
continue the hearing to 09//27/06 Board hearing. Vote 7/0

26. CASE #: 06-08423 PRIDGEN HELEN
171878.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33603
ISSUED: 04/13/2006 INSPECTOR: LEE HARTMAN 274-5545
CODE SECTION : 19-47, 19-49, 19-56, 19-231, 19-232,
and 27-77 table 4-1
DISPOSITION: Attorney Ethan Lowe for repespondent was
present. Motion: (Gray/Faulk) Board moved to find case
Guilty of 19-47 (public nuisance) and 27-77, Table 4-1
(housing illegal number of residents in single family
housing). Board dropped 19-47, 19-49, 19-56, 19-231 and
19-232 as complied. D/L to comply 09/27/06 Fine $100 per
day if D/L not met. Amended motion to include: within the
next 30 calendar days the city may inspect the property
unannounced. Vote: 6/1 Donnelly, no

164201.0000, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33612
CODE SECTION : 13-43, 13-45 (A) (1)
DISPOSITION: Roderick Allwood, Respondent, was present.
Motion: (Donnelly/Fuller) That the Board find the case
Guilty of cutting 2 and trimming 1 protected tree without
permit. Board ordered that the $91 triple permit fee be
paid, and that the respondent plant (5) 2" caliper trees or
pay $300 per 2" tree not planted, not to exceed $1,500, to
the Tree Trust Fund. D/L 10/25/06 Fine $25 per day if D/L
not met.

--------- Complied Cases ---------
56. CASE #: 06-00920 PENA VICTOR M
171461.0000, FL 33603 TAMPA, FL 33615
CODE SECTION : 5-104.1, 5-104.6.2 and 5-103.3
57. CASE #: 06-06346 DAVIS VICK W AND GAIL E
171007.0000, FL 33604 TAMPA, FL 33604
CODE SECTION :19-49, 19-50, 19-56, 19-231
Case continued from the CEB hearing on 07/26/06, due to the
lack of a quorum.

Reporting Drug Activitiy

Found while perusing the August 2006 Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

What the Police would like to know

• What makes you believe drugs are
being sold?
• Do you know what drugs are
involved? Have you seen any drug
• How long has the activity gone on?
• Have you reported this activity
before? If so, when?
• What is the address where the drug
activity is occurring (including
the apartment number) or the closest
• What type of building is it? (single
family, home, business, apartment)

• Where on the property is the drug
activity taking place? (at the front
door, out the back window, in the
alley, etc).
• Do you know where the drugs are
• What is the pattern of the activity?
Time of day and days of the week
when it is the heaviest? Number of
people in and out in a given hour?
Do cars drive up to the house or do
people park and walk up? From
which direction do they come and
how do they leave? Keep a written
log of your observations, including
dates and times, this can help identify
patterns. Have there been any other
crimes associated with the operation
(threats or assaults on neighbors,
increased burglaries, etc)?
• Do you know the name and address of
the property owner?
• Do you know the name(s) of the
person or persons suspected of dealing?
• What do the suspected dealer(s) look
like? (sex age, race, height, weight,
build, hair and eye color, hair style,
facial hair, complexion, eyewear,
distinctive clothing). Be as specific as
possible with your description(s).
• What type car(s) do the suspected
dealer(s) drive? (Make, model, year,
• How many people live in the house or
apartment? Are there children? How
old are they?
• Any dogs? What kind? How many?
• Any bars or other types of
reinforcements on the windows and
doors of the house or apartment?
What kind? Where? Any alarm or
security systems? What kind?
• Have you seen any weapons? What
kind? How many?

How to report drug activity

Don’t assume the police already know
about the activity or that a neighbor
will call. Don’t assume one report is all
that is needed. If the activity keeps on
occurring, keep on reporting it. If the
pattern changes, report that change. All
neighbors observing the drug activity are
encouraged to report it.

Welcome new blog writers

Give a big Seminole Heights welcome to some of the new Seminole Heights blog writers.
stone path

More to come.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aliens Abduct Trailer and Dump It On Steps Of the Breadman

An email from August Vanderdonckt(aka the BreadMan):

"My wife called me at work today asking if I gave somebody permission to park a trailer in our front-yard and I said no.

She said, "well, I guess somebody dumped a large trailer in the middle of our front yard while I was home".

When I came home to check it out, I was totally amazed.

I was expecting the trailer to be maybe half on the street and half on our property but as you can see, this trailer looks like it came falling out of the sky. The only giveaway as to why it didn't from the sky is the trail of ripped up grass and Jasmine.

We're trying to figure out why somebody might think this would be an even remotely good idea. Why not leave it on the street?

The thing is 15 feet long, and is missing a wheel.
Still has the license plate on it.

I guess it might be stolen. Anyway, the cops told us to call a towing company to come and pick it up. The first towing company that came by refused to take it because they suspected it to be stolen. We're waiting for the second tow company at this point. Hopefully, they will take it. I already checked with the cops and they told me that the license plate is not from a stolen trailer."

Tag I84 KFT

Art on the Go

As seen by resident Daniel Trivin, as he walked to Cappy's.

"Two Whole Notes A and D"

It's your money and your decision.....

As a first time and therefore humble contributor to Scott's wonderful blog I wanted to share an email which I just received.

Please contact your City Council member regarding the budget cut they voted for.

However the cut will cost the citizens of Tampa more with the cuts of programs including cuts in Code enforcement and other projects that we have all been fighting for. I question all of you
Tax cuts need to come from the STATE and FEDERAL Government. Not local City and County Governments.

This is a decision to be made by each of you. If you support this go ahead and write to the city council.

City Council Email:

Cast Iron Tub Supplies

I have a cast iron tub with exposed plumbing that goes down to the floor. I want to replace the existing plumbing with nice shiny stuff. Currently I have PVC drain piping that comes out of the tub to and through the floor. I have a galvanized iron hot water pipe that runs up from the floor to the back of the faucet. I have cold water PVC that comes out of the floor, connecting to standard flexible hose that connects via GI elbow to the cold water faucet. So. I need new supply piping and drain piping from the floor to the tub. Where is the best place to get that?

Additions to New Orleans Ave Yard Sale

New articles for you to consider:

Gas stove, 2 years old, barely used, very clean. $300

Armstrong Excelon commercial floor tile. 12" x 12" tiles, vinyl composition, 45 square feet per box. Half full box of white, almost full boxes of green, gold, and blue. $20 for all. Good for laundry rooms or any heavy traffic area.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Home Depot

In a recent post requesting info roofers, someone suggested Home Depot. We have used Home Depot in the past some some contrators services with mized results.

Today I came article was in today's St. Pete Times. Here are some excerpts. Read the whole article:

Who's on the roof?
"When you hire Home Depot to work on your house, it hires contractors to do the work. And it is supposed to make sure they are licensed. They can do it, but you better help."
. . .
"But the home improvement giant, it turns out, has repeatedly found itself under fire and saddled with fines from local and state construction regulators for permit and inspection problems and use of unlicensed subcontractors."
. . .
“A contractor can have his privileges revoked in Pinellas County; then he can just go across the bridge and practice over here in Hillsborough,” said John Heisler, an inspector who oversees the Hillsborough Building Codes Compliance Team. “We need a statewide database on contractors.”
. . .
"Experts say homeowners should contact the Better Business Bureau along with county and state licensing and enforcement agencies to review the history of every contractor, whether an individual or one hired by Home Depot or Lowe’s."
. . .
"Asked how contractors and qualifiers with licensing and legal issues could be hired by Home Depot with a policy of background checks in place, Harrison replied, “I don’t have an answer for you there. ... We obviously need to do a better job.’’Lowe’s does background checks, requires training and maintains a code of ethics for their subcontractors, said spokeswoman Jennifer Smith"

Some websites:

The Hillsborough County Contractor Licensing Center

The Hillsborough County Consumer Protection and Professional Responsibility

Better Business Bureau (West Coast Florida)

While we are on the subject of Home Depot. I went into the store on Florids Ave today and yesterday. Yesterday I asked the guy in plumbing section for chrome drain pipes for my cast iron tub and chrome intake piping. He took me to three different aisles of the plumbing section clearly not understanding what I wanted. Finally he took me to someone who knew what I was looking for. He showed me the drain piping and indicated I would have to a speciality plumbing store for the intake piping.

Today I went to get some lumber and some building paper or kraqft paper. The building supply guy had no clue as to what I was talking about. Someone else directed me to the right place. However they were out of it.

After we left the store, Susan told me she had heard the Home Depot was now hiring professionals from the trades to staff the stores. Interesting since I thought that is what they always did. Based on my experiences in last two days, I quess not.

Photo shoot

As I sit here blogging, my picture is being taken by Justin of the St. Pete Times for an article Alexandra Zayas is writing on blogs connecting communities. The article is to come out Friday in the City Times section.

Have you looked at portrait photos in newspapers closely? Very rarely in a feature type story do they take standard head shots. To make things more interesting they use different angles and perspectives. He took some very tight closeups of my face to show the reflection of the computers screen on the glasses. He did some half light shots with me standing by the window and part of my face in shadow. A few shots into our mirror, with the reflection of me sitting in my Lazy Boy, typing away. He brought in a stepladder and had me stretch full out on the writing on the blog. It is the funniest photo of the bunch. You would be surprised as to how much work goes into getting good portrait shots. Anyone can take a boring full face shot. It takes an artist get more out of the picture.

Ghost Dog

No, not the Jim Jarmush film

Ella is the stealthiest dog I have ever known. Even wearing her collar with two dog tags on it, she can walk through house without making a sound. In addition her coloration makes it easy for her to blend in wth the background in the yard or the floor in the house. This morning she was in the bedroom. I called Siggy to come out to thek itchen. In the kitchen he stops and I again call and motion him to go out the back door. I turn and open the door, look down and see Ella standing next to me. The timing was just right, as if Siggy turned into Ella as he came over. She is like a ghost dog.

Other Ella:

Ella and Siggy sleeping. She likes having him next to her.

We bough this toy somewhat indestructable toy for Ella, called Chewman. She obliged by chewing it to pieces.

The funeral for Chewman will be held tommorrow.
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Head shop

Seminole Heights has a Head shop that sells items that expand your consciousness.

That would be "Head's House Of Music" on Florida, just north of Hillsbrough (east side).

I've wondered for years what they did.

It turns out they sell sheet music.

Go figure.

We have a sandpaper store and a sheet music store in our neighborhood. I bet no one else can boast of that.

Yard Sale - 918 E. New Orleans Ave

We're having a yard sale Saturday. September 30 from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Clearing out yard, garage, house and studio extras.

The showcase piece is the Velma Lykes cabinet. It is a large cabinet, dimensions 51 1/4" W x 15"D x 94"H. It has 24 drawers and four nice shelves, with a cubby hole. and doors that close and lock over the drawers. On the bottom of one of the drawers is written "This side done by Stanley Simon, back done by Henry Whitman, designed by Velma Lykes at Spring Hill, Brooksville, Florida. January, 1952. Brought this piece and the escarparate and oakcase that was originally with it at the Lodge, Arden N.C. We have used some of the (?)for the Green Room bookshelves." Another drawer is signed Mrs. L.E. Lykes, Hilton Lodge. Arden, North Carolina. To the best of my knowledge the wood and finish on this piece are original. Price is $500.

Also, offered at this sale will be an old wood swivel desk chair, $35. It's creaky and needs some tuning.

My studio divan, light colored wood, 60's or 70's style with loose back and seat cushions. They are firm and in good shape. Dull gray fabric begs to be covered. $25. Old metal conference table, large. Great for workshop or crafting. $30. All this and other stuff you might just want.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

More on Names

One of the businesses in Seminole Heights whose name I really like is "Fly By Night" screenprinting.

I like the pun with Owl Graphics (The owner is Ken Wise)

Any other interesting business names?

Seminole Heights Names

I was on the Division of Corporations poking around and noticed the following corporations with Seminole Heights in them. Many are inactive. Anyone knows anything about some of these?


Seminole Heights Dad's Club was disolved in 1973. Seminole Heights Stations officers are listed in Dunedin. Seminole Heights Shepherd Center was at 6111 N. Central in the early 80's.


From the BGOSH September newsletter:

"Will You Win the Beautification Award?
Did you ever notice a building that really stood out from the rest because it looked great? The Beautification Committee is looking for those buildings. Nominations are now being accepted for Seminole Heights businesses that have made significant efforts to improve their buildings. Will your business win?

Two awards will be presented during a special ceremony at the November General Meeting. The first, a Peoples’ Choice award will be given to the business receiving the most votes by October 30. How do you vote? Nominate a business! Go to and fill out the online form. Nomination forms are also available at Sherry’s YesterDaze Vintage Clothing & Antiques, 5207 N. Florida Avenue, and Tampa Antiquarian Books, 6116 N. Central Avenue.

The second Beautification Award winner will be chosen by a panel of judges who will be looking for buildings that are in good general repair, including paint and trim. They will also be interested in the condition of the parking facilities, landscaping, fencing, signage and lighting. Historic buildings that have retained their character defining features will be given special consideration, because they are such assets to our bungalow neighborhood."


"October Mixer on Central
The October Mixer event is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, 2008 at the corner of Central and Hanna Avenues. The mixer is sponsored by Tampa Antiquarian Books, Silver Linings and Glen's Hair Studio. Be sure to mark your calendar and join us from 7pm to 9pm for another fun networking event. "

Scent of a woman

Today as I am walking Ella, I see my neighbor putting gas from a plastic gas tank into his Corvair. I also noticed an orange extension cord running into the engine area, presumably charging up the battery. In the past I have seen him sitting in the Corvair with the engine running, Later I drove by and noticed the Corvair missing from its parking place.

I wondered if my neighbor had taken the Corvair for a spin which would make it an pretty interesting day in the neighborhood, given that he is blind. Hoaah!

PS. Scent of a Woman - Al Pacino, blind, driving a Ferrari

PSS. As the commenter reminded, perhaps this could also be titled Unsafe At Any Speed.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Handyman recommendations

We need a handyman to for some work on our house. We had gotten a list of three names. The first one we called and set up an appt on Monday at 8:30. At that time he said he would be able to get to our project in two weeks. He no-showed and called later that day to reschedule to Thursday at 5:30P. At 5:30 he called and said he could not make it and would not be able to get to us for 3 weeks.

So I call the other two last night. No response.

Anyone have some names and numbers they recommend?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trib's story on the Scientologists

As noted earlier in this blog, now in the Tribune:

Scientologists Pack Up Center For Relocation
SEMINOLE HEIGHTS - A Church of Scientology mission has moved out of a residential area because of zoning concerns.Full story

Front Porch on TV

As seen on Bay News 9

MCC Candidate Forum


2006 You Decide Tampa Bay: Meet Your Candidates Forum

Equality Florida is joining forces with the Metropolitan Community Church of Tampa and HRC to give you the opportunity to talk with the Tampa Bay candidates you'll be voting for on November 7th.

Your invited to be an instrumental part of this forum. As we make preparations, we want to know what questions or issues you'd like the candidates to address. Send your question or comment and the candidate its intended for, along with your full name and address, to by 12:00 P.M. on Wednesday, September 27th.
Thursday, September 28, 2006 7-9pm Tampa Metropolitan Community Church (406 East Cayuga Street Tampa, FL 33603)This event is free and open to the general public.
On November 7th, you'll get to decide if the candidates who support equality and fairness will represent you in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Tallahassee, and Washington DC. It is so important that each and every one of us become an informed voter and vote to elect fair-minded individuals to public office.

Equality Florida has joined with Tampa MCC and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to co-sponsor the 2006 -You Decide Tampa Bay Meet Your Candidates Forum. We have invited all of the local, state and federal level candidates for whom Tampa Bay residents will be asked to vote. During the forum, each of the participating candidates will have an opportunity to address the crowd and will be asked questions by a panel of community leaders. Many of those questions will come from you.

If you have a question for a specific candidate or candidates running for a specific office, you are encouraged to email your question(s) to by 12:00 P.M. Wednesday, September 27th. Please include your first and last name and address. See you at the forum.

Rollin Papers

Every time I go into a store and I see cigarette papers being bought, I think, another pot smoker. Then the other day, I was in the Sunoco at Sligh when more cigarette papers were bought by some guy in his 20's/30's. I walked out and actually saw him in his car rolling a cigarette. I was shocked. Someone aside from a homeless guy, actually using rolling papers for cigarette.


Recommendations: Screens and Roofs

Any recommendations?

"Our new (old) bungalow in . . . . came without screens; a neighbor says the rehabbers threw them away and they told me, "you don't want screens anyway." (Huh?)

We'd like to rehab the windows (too many layers of paint and some lack chains) and get screens, so we can enjoy the cooler weather when it comes. The screen hangers are still mounted over the windows. Recommendations for screen makers would be greatly appreciated."


"I was wondering if you knew a reputable roofing company here in Tampa . You seem to be in the know about home repair contractors that are trustworthy. (xxxx) and I have a leak in our roof that has been looked at by two roofing guys and the only thing they say is that they can’t figure out where the leak is and they can try to patch it but not guarantee it. We’re looking for someone with plenty of experience that can diagnose the problem and fix it right. Any ideas?"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stats on Seminole Heights

Want to know more about Seminole Heights?

Check the census data.

According to the 2000 census we have 21,929 people living here and the total area is 7.81 square miles.

We encompass census tracts 11,12,15,16,17, 21,22, and 23.
To get more census data go to American Fact Finder

More Best of the Bay

So who is the Best of the Bay - Best Neighborhood (readers picks)? Seminole Heights!!! Runner ups were Hyde Park and Kenwood.

Other picks:

"Best Place to Find a Hooker: 34th Street and Central Avenue, St. Petersburg
If you want a tranny hooker, you go to Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. But if you want a non-tranny, drug-addicted female hooker, you have to travel to the stretch of 34th Street just north and south of Central Avenue. This area used to have a strong anti-hooker neighborhood presence that kept the working girls/guys in check. But neighborhood sources say that in the past year, the crackdown by residents and cops has slowed and the trade is back. St. Pete crime stats would tend to bear that out: Through July, prostitution arrests in the city are up nearly 32 percent over 2005."

Best Long Kiss Goodbye: Covivant's Carrie Mackin

Since 1998, she brought more than 90 exhibits of cutting-edge contemporary art to an Art Deco garage-turned-gallery in Seminole Heights. She curated Booty, the first contemporary offshoot of the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, and she organized an exhibit of unconventional family portraits in defiance of a homophobic move from the Hillsborough County Commission. And then she said goodbye. After contemplating the prospect for years, Covivant Gallery owner Carrie Mackin finally made the move to NYC earlier this month. Who can blame her? She found a rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan — a stroke of luck that must have seemed like a sign from God. Technically, there’s still reason to hope that Covivant will live on: If Mackin sells her Heights bungalow (suddenly a daunting task in the cooled-down real estate market) she hopes to buy the Covivant building from her current landlord. With Cappy’s Pizzeria going gangbusters next door on Florida Avenue and plans for at least one other restaurant nearby, the location seems more ready than ever to support arts businesses. Keep your fingers crossed.

Best Soundtrack for a Friday Night Drive: WMNF's Soul Party

Shadiest Real Estate Tycoon: Kenny Rushing

Best of Bay - Local Blog - Runner Up

Seminole Heights Blog (along with Tampa Book Buzz) is a runner up for Weekly's Planet's Best of the Bay - Best Local Blog (Readers Picks). The winner is Sticks of Fire.

Southeast & Old Seminole Heights Present the Annual Garden Workshop

Southeast & Old Seminole Heights Present the Annual Garden Workshop
Compost Happens & Neighborhood Plant Exchange
Saturday - September 23rd
10:00am to 1:00pm
Kathryn Malone Center
12th and Giddens

All compost workshop participants will receive a free composting bin and thermometer. If you are interested in joining us for the workshop please email Diane Jenkins at or call 237-0287

If you are interested in participating in the neighborhood plant exchanges (accepting plants and/or cuttings) please email Randi Raaen at or Diane Jenkins . You can also call 237-0287.


SESHCA nominations

From Sherry Simons"

I wanted to thank everyone in SESH that attended the Eat and Greet Meeting tonight. It was a great turn out with lots of new people. The nominations for board positions were opened and will remain open for a couple of weeks. If you have any nominations please feel free to make them by sending an email to We will contact all nominated members to make sure they will accept the nomination. Details on nomination and voting will be posted on www, on Wednesday afternoon. Please check in if you have any questions.

I also want to say a special thanks to the association's tireless volunteers who made tonight's meeting possible. Jennifer Zapasnik, Ellison Smith, Maria Garcia and Glen Cable. Great job guys! It was delicious and plentiful! Your the best!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hyde Park Awnings

The Hyde Park Awnings Building on Nebraska and Powhattan is getting fixed up. Are they dressing up or have they sold the building?

Vehicle Patrols

Neighborhood Watch Patrols are a long established crime prevention program. There are several websites on the subject. New York State Attorney - Eugene, Oregon - Wareham Massachussetts - Oakland Kansas

What happens on a Vehicle Patrol?

To become a member of the patrol you have to become a trained member of the Neighborhood Watch. Tampa Police Department provides the training. There are rules to follow.

You never patrol alone. Each vehicle has a minimum of two people. You don't carry weapons. Each vehicle has signs noting it as a NW patrol vehicle

Initially the two patrol groups patrolled differently. The OSHNA group tended to operate in wolf packs one or two days a week. The SESH group tended to operate with one vehicle at a time at mutliple days/time of the week. The just patrolled their own neighborhoods. Eventually both groups expanded to patrol each others area.

We carry a large spotlight to put some light on the activity of the prostututes and their johns. Sometimes we acted in a preventive manner, be shadowing the prostitute up and down the street, pushing them out of the neighborhood.

We have interrupted some criminal activity. One time we stopped a burglary of a tire store. Most of the time nothing happens. We help people who have flat tires or dead batteries.

My style was not to talk to the prostitute and not to respond to their attempts get me upset. Others would engage in banter.

We have engaged in confrontations with the Johns.

One night we were patrolling and had stopped at New Orleans just off Nebraska to watch a crack prostitute cross Nebraska. Then behind us up pulls some guy in a car. The prostitute gets in the cars. I become incensed that this occurred right behind us, in a vehicle laden with NW patrol signs. I lost it and got out and confronted the guy. I asked him what the hell he was doing picking up a a prostitute. He replied that she just got in the car. I told him to then tell her to get out. He did and she did. I told him to then get out of the neighborhood or and he sped off. Pretty stupid on my part.

We have had confrontations with the prostitutions. Several have been sent to prison as a result.

One night (3/24/04) as we disrupted Harvey Bailey's business.

"Thursday night, while patrolling we had an incident with transgender prostitute Harvey Jerome Bailey, DOB: 1/23/61. We first saw him sitting at a Northbound bus
stop on the east side of Nebraska around Shadowlawn. We proceeded directly down to MLK/Nebraska (at 10:24 PM) where we determined there was still one city bus running (#2) due to arrive at MLK at 10:28 PM and Hillsborough at 10:32 P.M. We speculated that perhaps he was waiting for a bus. Some time later (around 10:50 P.M. or so) we were patrolling north bound on Nebraska and spotted him hanging around the appliance
store at on the east side of Nebraska corner Louisiana. We spotlighted him. He began cursing and crossed the street saying he would throw things and break our windows. We moved on and accompanied him south on Nebraska, either staying slightly ahead or tailing behind. He would make threateninggestures as if he was picking up something. At Cayuga/Nebraska , he picked up a white rock and threw it at us while we were on Cayuga. We moved back and the rock missed the vehicle we were riding in.

At that point we called TPD.

At Emma/Nebraska he threw another rock while we were on Emma, and he missed us only because we moved away.

Around the Genessee area he had a bottle in his hand. As we went by we heard it break. Unknown whether it broke on the street sidewalk or something else. When
he reached MLK we called TPD again. Event Number 157926.

2 Officers responded. I was wearing a Vehicle Patrol T-shirt, our vehicle was also so identified, and I indicated my affiliation when I made both of my phone calls.

The Officer who seemed to be taking the lead and who spoke to us was Officer XXXXX. She performed an interview and came over to us where I explained what had occurred and I indicated I wanted to press what ever charges were appropriate. It was not
completely clear to me whether a report was taken. If not I would prefer that one be taken.

(In a side note, Harvey was interviewed in front of the KC lounge and at some point prostitute Joseph Washington popped up and joined the event.)

Officer's XXXXX attitude, both in this instance and in a prior encounter a few weeks ago, while not dismissive, did not match the very positive attitudes
of all of the other TPD officers I have encountered in the past months. My perception of her attitude was almost as if she rather not be bothered.

In contast, the more typical attitude is shown in our encouter with Sergeant Brian Dugan, who made a point of seeking us out while we were patrolling, advised of
of an operation he had running and asked us we had any info as to prostitution activity. He was very positive, concerned and interested in dealing with the
problem of prostitution. Good guy!"

I emailed this to then Major McNamara. As soon as he read it, he had an officer come out and take a report. Harvey Bailey had already been arrested on other charges. TPD added "throwing a deadly missile at an occupied conveyance" for which he was later convicted and sentenced to 36 months in prison.

At least 3 other prostitutes were arrested on felony charges after assaulting OSHNA patrol member's vehicles. Those members can their stories better than I. These incidents helped form the basis of an anti NW harrassment law created by then Capt Teague.

After those incidents things quieted down once the prostitutes realized we could not be intimated.


When we created the Prostitution Task Force we looked at a variety of ways to deal with the issues. We recognized that that there was not one silver bullet to deal with the issue. Increased enforcement was needed. Disruption of the trade was needed. One of the other earliest things we looked at was treatment. Research had shown that just arresting prostitutes was not sufficient to stop the problem. What was needed was a treatment program. We asked Seminole Heights own Tampa Crossroads to implement one and they did. They created PRIDE and JADE. (Before any funding sources were created!)

"In August of 2001, Tampa Crossroads, Inc. began offering two community based prostitution treatment, intervention, and diversion programs in Hillsborough County called the P.R.I.D.E. (Prostitution Redirection Initiative- Diversion and Education) and J.A.D.E. (Johns Awareness, Diversion, and Education). These programs are designed to provide treatment and education to individuals who have been arrested for solicitation of prostitution or for those individuals who work in the prostitution trade and wish to take on a new lifestyle. The goal of, P.R.I.D.E. and J.A.D.E., as in all of our programs, is to assist clients in becoming law-abiding, productive members of our community. We do this by helping them develop drug-free lifestyles, to find and maintain appropriate employment, to improve their skills in accomplishing life's tasks, and to identify and correct errors in thinking which support criminal behavior.

The PRIDE and the JADE Programs consist of psychoeducational group or individual counseling sessions. We employ guest speakers to educate the clients on issues related to health concerns, the socioeconomic effects on society, and the personal impact this behavior has on the prostitute and the john. What separates these programs from the vast majority of Prostitution Diversion classes found around the country is in how we interact with the clients. From the names of the programs through the curriculum, we treat each client with respect and choose not to rely on scare tactics and a shame based philosophy to create a change in behavior. The ultimate goal of the PRIDE and the JADE Programs is to provide tools to help clients make healthy and responsible choices in all areas of their lives.

One of the problems we faced was that prostitutes did not go into treatment willingly. Most had to be court ordered. However the charges they faced were misdemeanor. By the time they got to court they were given time served. There was no reason for the prostitutes to choose treatment.

That changed when we got the law changed to make the third conviction for prostitution a felony. At this point there was an incentive to participate in treatment. Even more than that, part of the law required treatment.

The Johns Program (JADE) was created to help deal with the demand side of the equation. It is very successful.

These programs received funding from the state in a pilot program capacity. A review was completed by the state.

Further funding was sought within the budget of the Department of Corrections. Jeb Bush vetoed the funding. More compassionate conservatism in action.

Monday, September 18, 2006


You may have heard some rumors.

They are true.

Susan and I are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market and are looking to move to Lutz. We will be listing our house with Mike Massimini.

We are not moving away from Seminole Heights, instead we are moving closer to longstanding family friends who are getting older and with whom we want to spend more time. It was a difficult decision as we really like it here.

The blog will remain. I will continue on as the blog editor/publisher but will seek blog writers from Seminole Heights community.

I am thinking of getting representatives from each of the neighborhood/business associations so the official activities can continue to get placed on the blog. It will typically be the president of each association unless they want to designate someone else to be their blog writer. This would mean Sherry Genovar-Simons, Randy Baron, Gary Elsworth and Sherry Taylor King would be contributors if they accept. I am not entralled with the Seminole Heights Business Alliance and had considered not offering them a place. However, because I was impressed that Phil Meyers deigned to read and post comments on the blog, I am also going to include them by offering Phil a writers place.

However, what is the soul of the blog is not official activities but daily observations. For that I am seeking more writers, people who would like to share their thoughts with their neighbor. For this I need nominations. Do you know someone who would make a good blogger? Email me or post it on the blog. You can nominate yourself. I have a few criteria for the writers. One is that you can't be too extreme in your views or too controversial. Trolls need not apply. Other criteria may arise. I reserve the right to kick off a blog writer who becomes too problematic.

Treat this as a community trust.

Susan and I will stay on as writers emeriti.

I have already created a new blog for Lutz called "Word From Lutz"

More Photos

The rest of the Park City, Utah photos on Flickr

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Snow Flurries

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.

Snow Mountain

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.


Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.

Eat chiken

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.

Avoid sheep

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.
On the trail.

Curb Appeal

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.

Another barn

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.
My your barn is big!

Big Barn

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.
What a barn!

Fixer Upper

Originally uploaded by Seminole Heights.
Here is a fixer upper - Park City style

More Food Choices!

Tonight we went to Stephannos to pick up some of our usual dinner. Rigatoni Bollagnaise, Caesar Salad and extra garlic knots. Paul continued an experiment with us by serving us whole wheat garlic knots. They are great. He is considering offering whole wheat knots as an option.

As I was waiting, I looked down on the counter and noticed the following added to his menu

Homemade Entrées by the Pan

Half pan serves 10 – 12 people $42.95 Full pan serves 20 – 25 people $69.95

Baked Lasagna (meat or 5 cheese) ~ Stuffed Shells ~ Baked Ziti w/ Meatballs
Italian Sausage & Peppers ~ Chicken Cacciatore ~ Cheese Manicotti
Fresh Herb Roasted Chicken (32 pieces per full pan) ~

Half pan serves 10 – 12 people $47.95 Full pan serves 20 – 25 people $79.95

Roasted Herb Chicken ~ Chicken Parmesan ~ Bar – B – Q Pork, Beef or Chicken
Roast Sirloin Beef w/ Mushroom Demi Glace ~ Mushroom Chicken Imperial
Tender Beef Burgundy or Stroganoff ~ Chicken Marsala ~
Penne Pollo (sautéed chicken, fresh mushrooms and broccoli in a creamy Alfredo)

Half pan serves 10 – 12 people $56.95 Full pan serves 20 – 25 people $89.95

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Fresh Spinach and Goat Cheese
Stuffed Chicken Breast Stephanno with Ham, Asparagus and Munster Cheese
Beef Roulade (flank steak stuffed with cappicola ham, parmesan cheese and spinach)
Stuffed Pork Loin with Italian Fresh Herb and cheese stuffing

Accompaniments by the Pan

Half pan serves 10 – 12 people $29.95 Full pan serves 20 – 25 people $39.95

Green Bean Almondine ~ Honey Glazed Baby Carrots ~ Buttered Corn O’Brian
Fresh Steamed Vegetable Medley ~ Rosemary Roasted Potatoes ~ Rice Pilaf
Mashed Red Bliss Potatoes ~ Blended Wild Rice ~ Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Penne, Rigatoni or Bow Tie Pasta with Marinara or Alfredo Sauce

Garlic Bread, Italian Bread, Cuban Bread or Assorted Dinner Rolls ~ $1.25 per person
Homemade White or Whole Wheat Focaccia Bread or Garlic Knots ~ $1.95 per person

Tossed Salad, Classic Caesar Salad, Italian Salad with Dressings ~ $2.25 per person
California Spring Mix Salad with Strawberries, Goat Cheese, Toasted Almond, Walnuts and Wild Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing ~ $2.95 per person

Having party? Why cook?

Eat and Greet Meeting

September 19th Southeast Seminole Heights General Membership Meeting
7:00 PM
Seminole Heights Church
Fellowship Hall
SW corner of Hillsborough and Nebraska

Eat and Greet Meeting

This year, your Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association is hosting a Greet and Eat Meeting for it’s September General Membership Meeting. No speakers, just food, and meeting your neighbors.

Come hungry as we are having Bar-B-Que with all the trimmings! While your eating, spend some time speaking with all your neighbors, as it is time for board nominations.

The present board will be there and you can ask questions about the various positions to see if you might want to run for an office, or nominate someone you know has just the right talents. If you have not met your board it is also a good time to find out what they areall about, in case you want to nominate one of them to run again.

.......This is one meeting you should not miss...good food and a chance to pick the slate of candidates to run your association.

Utah blogging

This past week I have been blogging from Utah, while attending a conference at Park City there on Shaken Baby Syndrome. I came home last night at 11:30 p.m. I had to call the police about a transgender prostitute at Louisiana and Nebraska. - (tall, skimpy white top and black/white striped shorts)

I have photos and will post them via Yahoo/Flickr. Some I still need to take off the camera. Those still on the camera include snow photos, as it snowed Saturday. (I have not been in snow since grade 5, when we visited Mt. Diablo Psrk in California). I have never driven in snow. (Tip - clean off the snow before you open your trunk else you end up with a trunk full of snow as it slides in the gap)

I have not flown in a plane after 9-11.

I flew on Southwest. Getting through security was been an interesting experience. I felt like I was in some sort of bad science fiction movie. Loudspeakers telling us to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. I had to show my boarding pass 3 times and driver license twice to get to my gate. I went through a puffing machine, a metal detector, had to take my shoes off, empty my pockets and put everything on a conveyor belt. I had to take my laptop out of its case. No fluids in my carryone bags. Fortunately there were not many people there so I zipped through. The decor is the shiny chrome, black and white colors and marble so it adds to the science fiction effect.

I used to enjoy as a way to pass some time by taking a quck drive over to the airport, parking at the top level of the garage, look out over the airfield, then walking around the airport, and riding the shuttles over to the airside. I love flying and being around airports. I have been flying since I was a gleam in my dad's eye. Damn the terrorists for the little pleasures they took away from us.

We stopped at Las Vegas to change planes. Slot machines all over the place. What was most interesting, just after coming from Tampa, was the cigarette odor. There where little smoking holding pens (with their on slot machines) that opened up in the rest of the airport, so the smoked wafted out.

We arrive in Salt Lake City. I was spoiled from the Tampa Airport because I had to do alot of walking to get from the plane to our rental car.

The drive to Park City was easy. Simple drive on Interstate 80 all the way up to Utah 224. Stop at Walmart to replace my fluids then off to the Grand Summit Hotel at the Canyons Resort. Nice place. Went into to Park City and its historic Main Street (described online somewhere as a copy of Aspen - shopping and dining but not much real history)

Finally as I noted earlier it snowed Saturday morning. Cool experience. Literally.

More to come in next post.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The wrong way to deal with the problem

"Tampa Police Arrest Man for Impersonating a Police Officer

Tampa, FL September 13, 2006 -

Location: Nebraska Av N / Osborne Av E

Victim: B/M, Timothy Franklin, DOB: 05/21/84, 7212 E 96th Ave, Gainesville, Fl

Suspect: W/M, Ryan Bargeron, DOB: 01/31/88, 811 E Chelsea St, Tampa, Fl 33603

Charges: Impersonating a Police Officer

Tampa Police Officers arrested a man for Impersonating a Police Officer after he approached the victim and identified himself as a police officer. On 09/13/06 at 12:05 AM, the victim was dressed as a woman and walking along Nebraska Ave with another male friend who was also dressed as a woman. Ryan Bargeron approached the victim on a bicycle that had red/blue flashing lights and demanded that Franklin produce identification. Franklin was suspicious of Bargeron and asked to see his official police credentials. Bargeron refused and raised his shirt and showed them the butt of a handgun. The victims fled and waved down Officer Nathan Jamison who was on patrol. Officer Nathan Jamison got a description and began searching the area. He quickly found the suspect a couple blocks away and detained him. Officer Jamison interviewed Bargeron and found a small pistol hidden in some bushes next to Bargeron. The victim was brought to the scene and identified the gun and Bargeron as the police impersonator. When Bargeron was arrested, officers found the red/blue lights. The handgun turned out to be a plastic BB gun. Bargeron was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail. "

Friday, September 15, 2006

Times and Iorio

The Times covers the Town Hall meeting.

"Anyone dissatisfied with the mayor's performance didn't bother to show up at the public forum. She and many of the city government department heads seated next to the mayor received numerous compliments and rounds of applause from residents during the two-hour meeting."

"Attendees received a copy of the city's proposed budget for fiscal year 2007, plus literature on code enforcement performance measures and the mayor's youth and arts education initiatives."

Summer Goes Slowly

Seminole Heights artist Greg Vondruska has a new comic book coming out.

According to the Times, he will be having a book release party at the Horizon Line Gallery in Temple Terrace this Saturday from 6 to 9.

The book "Summer Goes Slowly features short, humorous autobiographical stories about the author's childhood. The novel covers themes such as sibling rivalry, dating, bike riding and favorite television shows."

Nomadic Chef Published

There is an article in the Times about chef's "who are thinking outside the restaurant kitchen" and it featured Seminole Heights's own Andrea Dudley, the Nomadic Chef.

"The idea that personal chefs are only for the wealthy is a misconception, she said. Her services start at $280 per week for five meals and $340 for five organic meals, each of which serves four people. Dudley says the convenience and health benefits add up."

Scientologists Move

Well, according to the Times it looks like the Scientologists moved out of the residentially zoned building they were formerly in at Louisiana and Nebraska into a commercially strip building at 6506 N. Florida Ave across from the Florida Drive Through store.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sept 11, 2001

I did not acknowledge Sept 11, in this blog because its focus is Seminole Heights and everywhere else it was being acknowledged.

Today I read Angelsil's husband's account of his experience there.


USA Today has an article about a pocket ashtray campaign that Keep America Beautiful is conducting. They are handing out pocket ashtrays so instead of throwing them on the ground they will keep them in their pants.

"The palm-sized ashtrays have a sliding door that reveals a metal compartment where cigarettes can be snuffed and stored. The lid shuts snugly to protect clothing. The compartment is big enough for a few butts."

This is a hot topic for me. Go to any intersection and see how many cigarette litterers left their souvenirs on our highways.

""People who would never think of themselves as litterers, who would never throw down a can or other trash, would happily throw down a cigarette butt.""

Remember. Leave your butts in your pants!

Digital divide

There is an article in the Trib about the digital divide with minorities and a Tampa program's (Computer Mentors) attempts to reduce it. These days access to a computer is almost essential. It certainly helps Seminole Heights with it community organizing and activism. Researching issues, communicating those issues to our neighbors, disseminating action plans to deal with the issues.

When I go to the Seminole Heights library the computers are always filled with kids mostly but I see several adults who regularly connect that way.

The previous staff member was trying to get computers for the Kathryn Malone Center, but then she left. I don't know if those plans ever went through, but I think not.

If you have an old computer you need to get rid of the program Computer Mentors Group will accept them and clean it up and give it out. Make sure you get rid of you personal info first.

The more people have access to computers, the better for us.

Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Picnic

The previously postponed OSHNA picnic is back on.

Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day with your friends and neighbors at the...

Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Picnic

Sunday, September 24th
from 6pm to 8pm

Epps Park - 350 W. North Street
On the banks of the Hillsborough River

Bring a blanket or lawn chair, your picnic basket and a dish to share...

Entertainment provided by
Southbound Bluegrass Band

Street parking available surrounding the park

For more information contact Helen Harmon at 231-9102

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Merinos gets a blog.

To keep people updated on the status of his restaurant, Mike Merino has created a blog called
"Merinos Seminole Heights Deli Updates".

"If all goes as planned, Merinos will be open and ready to serve excellent subs, soups, salads and a special hot meal of the day with side veggies before November 2006."

Why is the school attendance down?

The Trib answers that question.

" The state forecast 50,536 new students but will be lucky to see 30,000"

"The repeat theme: Housing and insurance in Florida are just too expensive for working families with children."


"Older, established neighborhoods such as Tampa's Seminole Heights also are seeing lower enrollments. The school is 122 shy of its projected 573 students.

"I think the community dynamics are changing," said Jackie Masters, principal at Seminole Heights Elementary. "There are young, young couples who haven't started families yet. There are families with life partners. Some grandparents are returning to the neighborhood."
Like other Hillsborough schools with lower than expected enrollment, Seminole Heights Elementary will be more easily able to meet state class-size reduction requirements - and move classes from portables to four empty classrooms."

These commmunity dynamics were predicted by a City of Tampa department. They looked at neighborhood statistics and predicted less families in Seminole Heights. That is obvious. When this was less revitalized more people lived in these home. Larger families, more families or extended families. Now with all of the individuals, couples and couples with young children there are less people. (When I find the link again to that department I will post it.)

Gram's Place seeks rezoning

"I know that this is not in SH, but it does have huge implications for all of Central Tampa neighborhoods. Our support for approval or his rezoning attempts would help pave the way for futre B&B efforts in the area. (There is only one B&B in the entire city of Tampa). "

Gram's Place Plans To Seek Rezoning
Skip directly to the full story.
By KATHY STEELE The Tampa Tribune
Published: Sep 9, 2006

"TAMPA HEIGHTS - The owner of Gram's Place plans to try to make his European-style hostel legal.

Mark Holland said he will apply for a rezoning to continue operating the business he opened in Tampa Heights nearly 15 years ago."

Leukemia & Lymphoma's Team in Training program

SE Sem Hts resident Jessica Williams is training for a half marathon with Leukemia & Lymphoma's Team in Training program in honor of Kenneth Freunscht. Her website for the event.

"All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives.

I'm completing this marathon in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers, but especially for my dear friend Kenn, whom I lost in July. He taught me what dedication and true commitment is about, and I need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!
Please make a donation to support my participation in Team "

She can bw reached via her email

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Code Violated Motel

The other day I say one of the motels on the west side of nebraska with orange code violation stickers on every single door of the motel. I wonder if those are condemned signs. Any one have any info?

Results of Town Hall Meeting

As I was unable to attend the Town Hall Meeting, I am going to take advantage of the good comment made on previous Town Hall post and make it a post of it's own. Thanks Anonymous

I attended the Town Meeting and I found it quite enjoyable. However, I was disappointed in resident turn out. I am not a politically active person but this meeting left me feeling compelled and inspired to do more for my community and city.

It was fascinating to see our government at work. The department heads to appeared to be very aware of the challenges and concerns of our community and the city as a whole. I appreciated Pam's candid responses and felt she really wants the best for our city. Not always the best decision for us personally but the best option/solution for the greater good.

This being my first encounter with our City Government I may be a little naive to some of the organizations down falls but I do believe my initial impression of the group as a whole is pretty close to accurate.

Almost every citizen who voiced a concern also offered praise for the accomplishments thus far.

If you have not attended a town hall meeting I would encourage you to do so.

Below are a few of the items that were addressed.
Some of the questions and answers:

Is Seminole Heights going to get a noise abatement wall?

---Currently there is not a plan to add a wall.

Are there any plans to address the aging curbs in the neighborhoods- mainly the crumbling concrete?

----The city for the first time has allotted funds to help repair curbs in disrepair. It didn't appear that the money had been earmarked for a certain section yet. If you have concerns please contact the city.

Is Giddens Park going to be developed to its full potential and plan?

----Yes the permitting has just come back for the interactive fountain and work should begin shortly on transforming the concrete donut.

Is someone going to address the problem with the increase in prostitution?

----The Chief of Police- I think- said he didn't realize it had become an increasing problem but now it has been brought to their attention and they will address it.

A citizen asked if someone could patrol the parking lot of Bird and Nebraska for prostitutes and to discourage overnight parking for Semis.

-----Code said they would investigate along with the police.

Two citizens mentioned different concerns with the customer care center. One being that the departments don't seem to communicate amongst themselves and that no one knows what another department does.
The other concern was that issues are being closed out without any status resolution.

----Pam seemed to take these concerns seriously and said she would have meeting to investigate the breakdown in both areas.

There were questions on:

How the City plans to help fuel the commercial corridor of Nebraska, Central, Florida and Sligh.

How the storm water problems were going to be addressed.

Whether Neighborhood Associations would have to subjected to the new Special Event rules.

How the Historic Preservation process can be implement to be all inclusive and help those who don't have the means- financially or physically- meet the standards.

FYI re Mayor's Townhall Meetuing

The following is via email from Sherry:

Many of your questions and concerns and unhappiness, like my own, have come from the situation at 1303 New Orleans Avenue and subsequently the church at 2746 Florida Avenue. All of our concerns and questions are being worked on. It is important that you know that TPD, DOC, and a number of other agencies have been working together to figure out this situatiuon and how it can be avoided in the future.

Because the search for the solution is already underway, I would suggest that our questions at the townhall meeting tonight concern other things which still remain unanswered. The association's questions will address other issues and we encourage yours to do the same.

Thank you.

Artists and Writers Reunion Ball

"Join the original band of artists and writers, and everyone else who dares, at the official Artists & Writers Reunion Ball October 7, 2006 The Cuban Club - 8 PM - 2AM"

"Once upon a time, many years ago in the land of Ybor, an odd group of creative artists and writers were gathered together by the great pied piper of the bizarre-o, Bud Lee, who wanted everyone to work on something that was serious fun, and they all decided to host a Ball. And so the legend of the Artists and Writers Ball began…. "

"Come remember what these balls were noted for…..wild entertainment, fabulous decorations, and wacky co-conspirators….a fun, magical, thought- provoking, and whimsical evening"

Monday, September 11, 2006

Questions at the Town Hall Meeting

The Mayor's Town Hall Meeting is tommorrow nite (Tuesday) at Hillsborough High at the media center from 6 to 8 PM. I will be unable to attend.

What questions would you ask the Mayor?

From attending previous Town Hall meetigns I have suggestions.

Write down what you want to say. Be brief and concise. Listen to what is being said. Don't ramble. If you have suggestions to go with your questions, provide them.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall Festival Harbor Club


915 East Grant Avenue Tampa, Florida 33604 (813) 932-6712
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2006 Time: 8:00 pm to midnight
SALUTE TO JOHN COLTRANE Featuring- Dwayne White w/QuadriviumGuest appearances by Rose Bilal, Denise Moore & Niki Barnes
Cover $10.00 per person

For information: Norma (813) 316-8845 OR 932-9288

ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIR 9:00am – 2:00pm Food, Fun, Give-a-waysWanted: artists and crafters Space rental $10.00 outside $15.00 inside (limited/first come) Table rental $5.00

For More Information: Norma (813) 316-8845 OR 932-9288

Hosted by Lynn Tolliver

Earthquke Strikes Seminole Heights

On the street accounts from IFly reveals Seminole Heights was struck by an earthquake. As he noted, according to USGS the earthquake measured 6.0 on the Richter Scale and the epicenter was 250 miles west of Ft. Myers.

Did you feel the quake? Did your dishes rattle? My chair shaked but I was not sure it was our washer vibrating.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Room and Board at 1303 New Orleans

An series of posts on a prison/ex-offender chat site and the writers myspace site.

""But like. . .Im sorry, I just got ambushed by a new guy that just moved into Silent, I mean Clifford, Hill. He was a little drunk and proceeded to tell me his life story, especially the part on how hes not on sex offender probation, but has to live with the same location restrictions, which doesnt make sense and I told him this and if this is all starting to seem like a run on sentence well thats the way the 25 minute conversation with this dude went. He didnt seem to understand what I was trying to explain about the law, and wanted me to do a whole months worth of research for his case. Im like, dude, Id love to help you but Ive got this new job and Ive got to do my own research on the week-ends. He kept asking me to go on-line to look stuff up, like right this second as if Ive got WiFi here at the house. I wish I did, but not so I can look stuff up for my housemates. I dont think theyre real either. That new guy is lucky tonight was group night. "

"This is a S.O.S. to all peeps in the Tampa Bay area. I have been booted from Clifford Hill. More, should I say, I left on my own, but they decided to kick me out too. I had an argument with this guy named Mark over rent. I told him yesterday that I would have money for him today, but I said that before I bought insurance for my car. That along with the tax, title, and tag on my car wiped out all my money. They didn’t care, nor did they care that I have a well-paying job and was going to have more than enough to pay last and this month’s rent when I get my first check. They didn’t care, because all they care about is money in that place. How the hell can they say they were trying to help me when all they do is exploit people who they tell have no other place to go.
. . .
If you guys would like to, you can read my blog at: goes into a lot of detail about my situation. The name of that place is Clifford Hill Community Outreach, and I think I am going to report them to the IRS. The houses are owned by a church, so I don't see how they get off charging $500 a month from over 25 people."