Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Official Unofficial Blog

Essentially this blog is dead. I am only keeping it online to people can still have access to the earlier posts. What I had hoped would happen, turning this into a multiple author blog did not work out. I even had bought the address to move the blog out of the blogspot domain if things went well. It did not and so I gave up the name.

So where do you go for Seminole Heights blogging?

To the Official Unofficial Seminole Heights Blog at at its new address That blog has continued what was started in this blog and is doing a good job.

So to whoever is running the Official Unofficial Seminole Heights Blog ( I really do not know) feel free to call yourself the Official Seminole Heights Blog.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UC Tampa Magazine July/Aug 2009

See complete version online at

Kids In The Corridor

Fit For Print

Helping Hands

West Tampa's Food History

The Fave 5ive

What's Happening In Your Neighborhood?!


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