Sunday, August 20, 2006

Loose Dogs

From Molly Miller

"Pebbles and I just returned from our morning walk at river crest park. There are two large dogs wandering around, the larger, unidentifiable mutt has a chest halter on, the smaller, younger, rottweiler mix is wearing a collar. Neither one has tags. They are both very friendly (Pebbles thought the larger one was TOO friendly). The rotty-mix is limping. I hope they have not been dumped, and they seem to be desperately searching for their owners.
If anyone is looking for them, or can spare the room to help them out: They were heading south on Rver park at about 7:15 this morning, and seemed to be dogs on a mission."


Anonymous said...

any chance the smaller dog is one a man named anthony has posted on this blog site

rosa is a small lil dog with black and white on her face she is medically needie

did u ck into that?

patrick said...

I have these dogs at my house. I am trying to find the owners, because these dogs are too sweet not to have someone who misses them. One is a shepherd mix and the smaller is a rottweiler mix. They both have collars and are well behaved. If I can not find their owner, I will need to find them a home soon. They are very kind and gentle and would make great pets!