Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Branding Seminole Heights

To attract more people to shop in Seminole Heights and to attract more businesses I feel we need to market Seminole Heights better than we have been doing. I suggest the following:

Brand Seminole Heights. Create logo that encompasses the greater Seminole Heights area. The could be a logo that recognizes the 3 Seminole Heights sub-neighborhoods but shows the totality of the Seminole Heights area. An example could simply be a drawing of the outline of the map of Seminole Heights, with each sub neighborhood slightly broken off. Or some other wild and crazy idea.

Sell items with this brand on it at local stores. Old Seminole Heights already does this with their brands.

Delineate where Seminole Heights is. There should be signs on all major roads telling people they have entered Seminole Heights Area. These signs could carry the name and logo and have smaller signs underneath that indicate which sub-neighborhood the person is entering. Where the existing sub-neighborhood signs exists, place the overall neighborhood sign underneath that. Maybe we could even get signs on the Interstate at MLK, Hillsborough and Sligh (sort of Seminole Heights, next 3 exits.)

Get brochures about the neighborhoods out into selected strategic places. I know of two brochures. One created by SE Sem Hts. and the Dining and Shopping in Seminole Heights one inititated by Sherry King. Examine each brochure and determine where it would be best placed. As an example the Dining and Shopping might be placed in every major hotel in Tampa, the convention center, the airport and the cruise terminal.

Create several Official Seminole Heights Information Centers. these would be stocked with neighborhood newsletters, neighbvorhood brochures, maps of Seminole Heights, info about Seminole Heights and etc. These Centers would have logoed signs on the window stating they are Official Seminole Heights information centers. Places that could be used as Centers could be Rose Drugs, Yesterdaze, or others shops and businesses that are at least open on Saturday. Ideally there could be one on Hillsborough, one or two on Nebraska and Florida and maybe one someplace else.

Get the brochures about the Dining and Shopping in Seminole Heights in every professional office in Seminole Heights. if people come from outside of Seminole Heights to do business here, they need to know what Shopping and Dining exists here.


Anonymous said...

This is the driving idea behind


Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestions!

Do any of the organizations in SH have a Public Relations representative?
I would recommend creating stories/press releases to the local & national media houses (tv stations, magazines, new papers, etc.) with interesting lead stories on the neighborhood, home remodeling projects, new retails stores, etc. HGTV’s Homes Across America would be an awesome show target to for a feature story on the town & a great remodeling project.

If more positive attention is drawn to the area there will be greater public interest. A great example is the article featured in the winter edition of Cottage Living on Temple Terrace. That was magical PR!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the different neighborhoods apply for a grant and do everything you outlined.

tommy said...

So, does Seminole Heights have a brand?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see appearal with a modern Seminole Heights logo that covers all the neighborhoods. Like many of you I'm proud to live here and wouldn't mind sporting a SH hoodie.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea, and one that would further unify the area.

Anonymous said...

Do we really want to attract the slick "Hyde Park Yuppies" and all the things that they represent just to see our property values rise? There was a time i enjoyed that part of town but now i avoid it and its coffee drinking, hair gel slicksters like i avoid the HUB on a Friday night.

Anonymous said...

wow - thats crappy -its us "Hyde Park Yuppies" that came into SH and made your property values sky rocket. You should be happy, we've only given you EQUITY in a home you paid 40K for. I love SH and we are so glad we moved here. I think shops and coffee places make SH even better. You should want your area to thrive.

Greg said...

I think that a signature event to identify the neighborhood to the region - Blues Fest - 5K run - artist festival - street chalk drawing contest - etc, etc.

I am still amazed that when I say Seminole Heights I get a blank stare so then I have to say off of Hillsborough and then there is a little less haze.

I think pennants off of the street lights (like they do downtown)would be a good notifier of where you are in the city.

Anything positive in the paper rather than the drug or hooker arrest on Nebraska - which everyone knows only runs through Seminole Heights and stops.

Thanksgiving First said...

Hi Everyone!

Here is a help to recognizing Seminole Heights.....a Calendar of photos of our area!

I couldn't figure out how to post a new blog entry to announce it and found this blog entry and decided it would fit here...hope someone reads it and is interested.
The phone number to call to obtain a calendar is (813) 234-1209 and they are $12 each and "one of a kind" as this is our first "Our Neighborhood Calendar".

Thanksgiving First said...

In above comment pls copy and paste http address to see/view the calendar with photos of Seminole it did not create a link when I placed it in blog. thanks.