Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I used to deride country music as twang, especially bluegrass. I grew up listening to classical music and pop.

Then Susan introduced me to WMNF. I started listening to the folk show and somehow moved in to the old timey show and then the bluegrass shows. "O' Brother Where Art Thou" was our first bluegrass purchase.

Now things have changed, the twangier the better. Iris Dement helped pushed me in that direction. I especially like old timey and early country, 20's to 50/60s. Hank Williams Sr, Fiddlin John Carson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, The Carter Family, Ralph Stanley. Twang is vey penetrating music.

Funny how tastes change.

If I had a chance, I'd now watch Heehaw.


Anonymous said...

You will CMT is bringing back reruns!!!!

Mia said...

You are not alone in your love for early country, Scott. I love the Carter Family, Hank Sr., Flatt & Scruggs, even scary Dock Boggs.

Try going by Tom Henderson's Bluegrass Parlor on Busch Blvd for Thursday night Bluegrass Jam. You will be a very happy camper. All sorts of folks show up, from amazingly talented young kids to old-timey men in their pressed jeans and brylcreemed hair. You can sit outside the circle and just enjoy.

We are really lucky that Tom is based here in Tampa. His show is nationally syndicated and he knows everyone there is to know in bluegrass.