Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Robson Auto Breakin

An email on Grid 58

"We had a car break in on Robson Street the other night. The police arrived and an individual was arrested. Here is the link to the individual that was arrested:http://www.hcso. tampa.fl. us/pub/default. asp?/Online/ qdisp/bn= 06051878 Currently the gentleman is still in jail. Here is how it all worked out: They were casing the neighborhood asking everyone who owned a car that was dumped on Robson Street - when they found out that no one on Robson street owned the car they began their mission. They left for a bit. They then came back about 30 minutes later with screw drivers, a new battery (in case the car didn't start) - and then they popped the trunk, opened the car door and even hot wired the car. Within 5 minutes the police department arrived and handled the whole situation. There was two individuals but they only arrested one person. Just so you know this happened in the broad daylight.Not sure, if this is the same person that possibly might have broken into other cars in the neighborhood - but wanted to let you know the Neighborhood Watch Program worked on Robson Street and hopefully it will stop some of the break-ins."

Name: BARNES,WALTER LAMAR DOB: 02/28/74 Booking #: 06051878 Arrest Date: 08/06/06 Race: B Sex: M Ethnicity: N

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