Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Grumpy old Man

I've lost count of the number of blogs coming out of Seminole Heights.

Here is another one
"Dont You Hate It When
A ranting old man tired of keeping his thoughts to himself."

He says: "OK, Here goes nothing, I am pissed off, I stay pissed off a lot. Why? Because the world is full of idiots. Self-centered, irresponsible, morons with a misguided sense of entitlement and a complete lack of common courtesy. How much forethought does it take to just stop for the briefest of moments to consider how your actions impact those around you and minimize the negative impacts of those actions from the beginning? How much, I ask...apparently way to frickin much. "

He also talks about a Nicko's experience and his personal space.


tiny... said...

No posts in a month.
Grumpisaurus is dinosauring himself.

ArmChairShrink said...

I feel very sorry for Grumpy. He is a lonely, sad gentleman who has not been able to learn some very basic things about the world and how to make his way in it. These are the kinds of people who at some point are susceptible to mental and/or nervous breakdowns that can become violent. Grumpy...YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE WHOLE WORLD. There are ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE in the world...good and bad. Why do you choose to be so adversely affected by the bad? To be a happier person, you should focus on the GOOD and become a GOOD role model to the BAD. What you don't realize is that you yourself have become one of those stupid, bothersome people that you complain about. You are so entirey self-centered that you have failed to understand that you are not the only person in the world and that the world does NOT bend to accompany your disorders. GET SOME HELP SOON!!!

Anonymous said...

Theres a house behind where Rigo's with a Vote NO sticker on his truck. Seems like something a grumpy old man would have. Grumy and old? Sounds like my kind of man.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Grumpy is really a nice old man who volunteers at the local VA.
Maybe he is grumpy due to a set of circumstances that life has dealt him.
Maybe he did some time in Korea or Vietnam and the military has changed him from decent to grumpy.
You all are too quick to rush to judgement on grumpy.
To be hoenst with everyone...Grumpy does have a point there.
I actually find him quite humorous but maybe two grumps can get along better than most people can get along.
Maybe Grumpy has a medical condtion and that is the reaosn he is grumpy..
Give a grumpy old man a break will you.
You all will see when you get to be his age.
See things through grumpy's glasses for a change.

cartman said...

Yea, Maybe Grumppy had his puppy stomped to death right in front of him when he was 5yrs old cause his puppy wanted to eat & he couldn't stop it from whining and his dad only had money for booze.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe he was told he was a nobody like you and he has felt bad his whole life for being a no one and not having any friends who wanted to hang out with him like you.
Hmmm...are you a democrat?

Anonymous said...

ok being relativly new to this "grumpy" , may one inquire as to whom he is and where he is..just to be informed

we have a fella who sits back in his garage all day till way late into evening with this poor dog
out in the heat on a lead...and he is white shepard and very pretty animal

i dont understand why that old man
doesnt allow the dog in the garage and shade where he sits seemingly comfortable
why not the poor dog?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all pitch in and buy Mr Grumpy a tranny on Nebraska!