Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cappys Pizza Opens!


It’s finally time to open the doors. The pizza is cooking!
Cappy’s Pizza Seminole Heights will have the same menu and hours as the Cappy’s in South Tampa as well as the same cash only policy. There is an ATM in the restaurant for your convenience. As for parking, you can park on the side of the building, in the front, across the street at the printing company and in vacant lot across on South Street at the corner of Florida Ave. Unfortunately, we cannot serve wine and beer just yet. Hopefully by Wednesday next week, we will have all the necessary licensing to do so.

HOURS: Sun-Thurs 5-9PM, Fri-Sat 5-10PM
TAKE OUT: 238-1516


Greg said...

it was a great visit and a great addition to the 'hood- I am sure they will get the kinks out shortly - the Chicago deep dish was awesome!!! Everything went pretty smoothly for a soft opening - all the tables were jammed and a short waiting list.

I'll be back!

ranbar said...

Armed with some singles from the bottom of my wife's purse and quarters from the change basket, I made my way to over to Cappy's tonight. I got there about 15 minutes before closing time, and the indoor tables were still 90% full (outside was wet from the rain). The interior seems a bit sparse, but I loved the funky, glass-cased tables. There was plenty of parking, but I wasn't there at the rush time. I ordered a sausage calzone to go, cost $7.49 after tax. Now, for those of you who may think that $7.49 is a lot for a calzone, understand that this is a HUGE calzone, barely fitting in a small pizza box. This will last me for three meals. And the taste, well, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 20. This was one very tasty calzone! As for the pizza, I plan to sample that on Wednesday, when the beer starts to flow. All in all, Cappy's has more than lived up to my expectations.

Anonymous said...

i went tonight and had an ok experience, but i am keeping in mind it was their first day. some things we observed that i'm sure will get worked out fast: no one to greet us (an obscure sign on the wall said sign in and wait to be seated-this caused some confusion with lots of people), not much seating for those waiting, our waitress was really bad (she never came back to fill our drinks, never came back to ask how our food was, we had to get someone else to get our drinks and the original waitress only asked if everything was good after we asked for boxes), no clear place to order take out or pick up for call in's, out waitress gave us the drive-by when she dropped our check and gave our change and she never said thanks for coming, goodnight, nothing, also, all of the tables are big so if you are a party of one or two you have to sit a big table. it's a cool, casual place and i'm sure it will do great. i want it to do great, i just wish customer service and good food were not mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the tables for 20 but it will force us to break out of shell and meet the 7 people in the neighborhood that we don't already know. I went last night and put my name on the list for 2 - my dining partner met 2 acquaintance from south SH and they joined us and then 2 of their friends that were on the waiting list. We ended up with 6 people at the table when all of us had come as groups of 2.

Met some new friends, had some great pizza and appreciated having a good place to eat in the hood. I'll give 'em time to work out the bugs - no not bugs - I mean service problems!

Anonymous said...

Love Cappy's South Tampa Pizza (the service there is awful too though!) Tried to go to the new location this past Wednesday 10 minutes before closing time and they would not serve us! Guess it's the same not so great service...but I sure do love the deep dish pizza and the Greek salad! Guess you can't have it all!

Anonymous said...

The place is a joke. Parking was crap. The only reason it was crowded was because the service sucked. Once we got our pie we wondered why we even went there. Could of got a Boboli crust and threw a can of tomato paste on it for a fraction of the price and got the same thing. I wouldn't let my dog eat at that dump.