Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I endorse Rose Ferlita for Hillsborough County Commission District 1

I support Rose Ferlita's candidacy for Hillsborough County Commission District 1 seat for many reasons.

I am a moderate Republican. We need more moderates in elected office. Rose is more moderate. (Whether Democrat or Republican) These right wing radicals have torn our country apart. We need someone who can bring people together. Who can work with people from both parties. She has told me she thinks the County Commission should be non-partisan just like city Council. I agree.

She is a skilled politician. This is good. I don't want a bozo doing dental work or surgery on me. I want a experienced qualified person to do so. Just as I want the same in office. A good politician understands how to compromise when needed, where to not give, how best to listen and represent her constituents. Idealogues get nowhere and can do a lot of damage. We have too many idealogues (or bozos) on the County Commission.

For almost 8 years she has worked collegially with the other members of Tampa City Council. You don't read about them in the paper they way you do the County Commission.

She is a small business owner, the backbone of this country economy. She understands what a small business has to go through to survive and how government can hurt and can help.

She understands what neighborhoods need, having been a previous president of SE Seminole Heights Civic Association and having continued to work closely with the association even after being elected to City Council.

She has a good ear to the street, since she is easy to get access to. Just go to her store. What other elected official can you say that about?

She understands what people are going through, working as a pharmacist in this neighborhood. She is not cooped up in some suburbs, isolated from real world. She works with ACTS - a substance abuse treatment program. She works with people who have AIDS. She knows the consequences of her decisions upon people.

She is not taking money from Boss Tweed Ralph Hughes. He wanted her to be his lapdog and she said no. (Unlike Brad Swanson - according to the street talk.)

She is not taking money from the fireworks special interests.

And I like her as a person.

Vote Rose Ferlita for County Commission.


UnwaveringLefty said...

I must say that I have absolutely no respect for the so-called "moderate" republicans. They belong to a party that has been controlled by right-wing radicalism and by the religious right. I cannot understand how an intellectual person like yourself can continue to publicly ally yourself with the team led by George W. Bush. You belong to the same party as David Duke and Rhonda Storms. Where have your chants of protest been regarding the direction of your own party? As per Rose Ferlita.....I can only say that someone like Rose, belonging to the Republican party is much like a Jew belonging to the Nazi party. Granted that Rose has done many good things for our communities and many in the Gay community have undying respect for her due to her willingness to provide lower cost AIDS medications early on in the AIDS crisis. But her affiliation with the likes of Bush and Storms just makes me scratch my head with confusion. I know that when she enters the booth to vote that her alliance with her dear Republican party takes over her ability to think clearly and she blindly votes for all of the names that have and "R" next to them regardless of who they are. My suggestion is that if you are truly concerned about the size of the central government then you should move over and become part of the Libertarian party. The Libertarians truly believe in LESS governemental interference into the lives of its citizens. I, personally, will NEVER be fooled into voting for a "moderate" Republican. N-E-V-E-R!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In no way am I am Republican. I can say however that any party can be extremely diverse. At some point that party may need to break into seperate groups.

However, just because a party in controlled by an extreme edge of the spectrum, doesn't mean that the rest of the group can't hold their views and still push for them. In my mind, a moderate Republican has a better chance of swaying a radical Republican that anyone else...

Seperately, I endorse the Libertarian way...

In a system that just doesn't work, it may not be a matter of fixing, but purging, replacing, and reformatting...

Either way, a positive approach is the only way to lead to positive results...

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I didn't mean to say that I am a Republican...I am not....I still believe in freedom, freedom from typos...

Stoptheinsanity said...

UnwaveringLefty. I have never heard such crap in my life. It is people with your first grade mentality that keep America in the condition that it is in today. Small minded, uneducated voters that elect incompetent so-called leaders to make laws that affect our lives. You are one of the ones that go into the booth; vote all the way down one side without educating yourself on what these people or bills stand for. You are no better than Rush Limbaugh. People spew hate all day long in the name of their party beliefs, you are no better. It IS POSSIBLE to believe in both parties. I for one am a registered Democrat because of lifestyle issues. However, I cannot support them when it comes to taxes and social services. I am tired of working my butt off so I can feed and shelter everyone else in the country. I don't mind helping, but I want these services governed at a much tighter level. I am tired of paying for these people that have 6 kids, but have been on welfare since the first was born. How can anyone say that they can honestly vote one party all the way down? That is absurd. Do us all a favor and please go on vacation or stay home during this years election. It is people like you who screw up our government and have put us in the situation we are now in!

Anonymous said...

It is supposed to be a free county, meaning even ignorant people should vote. It is our own job to be informed or not.

Anonymous said...

Amen Stop!

I would bet that Unwaveringlefty is gay, nothing wrong with that I am gay also. But gays have always been taught to hate the Republican party because of thier stance on Gay Rights and Gay Marriage. What I do in my bedroom is my own business. I do not let this part of my life dictate how I vote in the polls. Unwaveringlefty, you need to open your mind and realize there is so much part of your life that you are hurting by voting one party.

Anonymous said...

True Anon 12:21, it is a free country. But it also means that uneducated voters should not be allowed to whine when they do not like the direction the country is headed. Personally, I think that we as citizens should hold our elected officials accountable for thier votes. I believe that our officials should be our voice and should vote to represent the general consensus of thier district. I do believe Rose does a great job at this. There are many cases in which she did not vote the popular vote, but it is what the majority of her voters wanted. How else do you think Rhonda Storms could be so popular. It is because she votes the voice of the Country/Conservative of her district.

Anonymous said...

If only all of the polititions would vote the voice of their constituants, then it would be like a representative government based on the will of the people.

Sort of like a democracy.

Seminole Heights said...

What is the best way to change the Republican Party? Leave and join the Libertarians or Democrats? No. Transformation/Subversion is best done from inside. This is what the conservatives have done.(They did the same with the Southern Baptists.)

Moderates and Liberals need to work from the inside to take back the Republican Party from these extremists.

That is why I remain a Republican.

I vote for who I think is qualified regardless of party affiliation. I voted against Bush in primaries and in the general election both times because I thought he was a boob. (I was not so happy with uninspiring Al Gore and almost considered voting for Nader just to send a message) I would have voted for Colin Powell in a heartbeat. I plan to vote for a Democrat in another County Commmission race.

Anonymous said...

Okay, how about this? All she has on her website is the standard GOP boilerplate, albeit couched in "I'll know when growth is wrong" and "I'll watch your tax dollars as if they were my own" and promising to hold the line against tax increases. Problem is that there isn't that much she can do about them - state sales taxes aren't set at the county level, income taxes are a federal matter, and property taxes go up much more rapidly with housing prices than they do with millage rates.

She's probably smart enough to know all this, which is why she's so vague about what she would do if elected. Sorry, but if you're a politician there's no way I'll take your word for anything. Spell out what you'll do or go somewhere else.

I know there's been controversy about rumors of gayness spread by one of the other candidates. Those rumors have been around a while, and I don't really care one way or the other if she's a lesbian. But I do care about not being represented in my district by a Republican; over and over again in history Republican administrations at multiple levels have become corrupt much more quickly than Democrats have, and they don't show many signs of changing.

As for there being a place in the GOP for moderates, hah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hee hee hoo hoo haw haw HAW! The only use the GOP has for moderates is as a smiling mask over their two faces - one a drooling religious fanatic, and the other a flinty-eyed banker.

Tyler Durden said...

To Anon 2:44 i dont think the world will end if you have a republican representative in your district.

unwaveringlefty said...

Dear stoptheinsanity:
FYI you are NOT working your butt off for those who have 6 kids and take governemental assistance, but rather for the top 1% of the wealthiest of the wealthy to be able to own their own islands, multiple mansions and 14-figure bonuses. For a Democrat, you sound like a typical brain-washed bubba Republican. There is NOTHING wrong with a society that helps its poor and helpless and homeless and disenfranchised and elderly and sick etc. If you think that we should'nt be spending our public dollars on these groups then I hope that you are not really representative of our whole society because that would be very, very sad, indeed!!

I'mwithUnwaveringLefty said...

We have been hearing that "internal subversion" story for over 25 years now. That's another problem with the so-called "moderate" republicans: APATHY. They don't seem to be swayed one way or the other. They just want to feel safe there claiming neutrality in the face of clear adversity. Wars, turmoil, deficits, inflation, soaring insurance costs, the price of gas, the continued contamination of our precious Earth, social division, radical fundamentalism, growing classism, failing educational system, out-of-reach health care, and the list just goes on and on and the blogger comes out with his support of a (the "L" word) Republican. That is TRUE INSANITY!!!

Anonymous said...

The true insanity is that we have been putting up with all this for so long. Reformat the government!

Better yet, no government.

But wait, humanity has not evolved far enough yet. We spend all our efforts on technology, letting humanity wane in the periphery.

We need to mature as beings and outgrow government.

Tyler Durden said...

To unwaveringlefty your right, us republicans suck... we dont do anything right! You democrats and liberals are so much better! Seriously do you really want all of your hard earned dollars going to Shaneequa and her ten kids? Why is that my responsiblity? If you cant afford that many children DONT get pregnant! Its not the general populations duty to take of "Shaneequa's" problems. Dont make us pay for her kids... if she's not able to take care of her kids she shouldnt have had that many.Go after all the different fathers who arent paying child support. Dont make me take care of her kids. Dont get me wrong I'm all for helping people but there comes a point where helping people is crossed over and the welfare becomes a money-making paycheck and that is messed up!

Anonymous said...

PaaaaaLeeeaaase! Who do you think is supporting the welfare system. It is all of us hardworking, middle class citizens. Take a look at your pay stub and see how many dollars are being taken out. I am not saying I am for abolishing the welfare system, but I am saying it needs revamped. Unfortunately, the Dems want to keep adding to the problem (and I am a Democrat). Trust me, I vote Dem many more times than Republican. But, you can't allow yourself to be so closed minded that you will only vote one party. By voting bipartisan, you allow more checks and balances in our government. It is so easy for the healthy, but lazy, to take advantage of our welfare system. We need time limits placed on benefits. How do you stop the baby makers from continually popping out more children and collecting more benefits. The stats are staggering when you look at how many single moms are on welfare. You can’t punish the children, but there must be a way to fix the problem. The answer is not raising taxes and pumping more money to the problem.

On the flip side, Republicans must learn to control spending. It is crazy to see some of the fees and money that is spent on simple items and contracts. However, our government has created a system that is easy to take advantage of. Both parties have their MAJOR flaws, that is why it is impossible to vote down one party line.

Anonymous said...

" Seriously do you really want all of your hard earned dollars going to Shaneequa and her ten kids? Why is that my responsiblity? If you cant afford that many children DONT get pregnant! Its not the general populations duty to take of "Shaneequa's" problems. Dont make us pay for her kids... if she's not able to take care of her kids she shouldnt have had that many.Go after all the different fathers who arent paying child support."

Lovely. Really, I wonder what group of people he's using if he's talking about "Shaneequa's" Your not just a rupublican your also an asshole!

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as checks and balances with a 2 party system. you need at least one more party for that to work...

Anonymous said...

No, Tyler Durden, the world won't end. But it will get a little more corrupt and dishonest. Conservative Republicans can't help it - it's in their political DNA to worship the private sector like it was a Cargo Cult, and then act surprised when said private sector helps itself to as much taxpayer money as it can get its hands on (think Enron in California).

And moderate Republicans - well, that's the same thing that Samuel Johnson said about second marriages. It's the triumph of hope over experience. Like a battered wife who believes her husband when he says he's sorry and things will be different, they stick around in the forlorn hope that they can keep things from getting worse.

Anonymous said...

You guys remind me off my two dogs. They are companions, and keeping each other safe is in their best interest. Yet when they see another animal and start barking at it, they tend to get into it with each other, completely ignoring the real issue.

Anonymous said...

The real issue here being that a 2 party system is part of the problem, as well as the fact governments don't work.

Anonymous said...

Man I love this site. I can see why it is one of the best in town. The people that read this site are so passionate about their beliefs.

Now for my thoughts on the subject. If everyone went into the polls and voted their party lines, what would be the point of an election. Couldn't the Supervisor of elections tell us which party had the majority of registered voters and the winner be declared. It is frightening to think that people actually go in and vote a straight party ticket. I can only hope that for each uneducated voter, there is one that will cancel their vote out.

Anonymous said...

I think that is why we have a 50/50 split in this country right now... idiots vs. assholes.

GoLeftyGO!1 said...

Dear PaaaaaaLeeeeese and Racist Pig. You are both EXACTLY what is wrong with this country. FYI, Bill Clinton overhauled the welfare system that you are so worried about over 10 years ago. His program REDUCED the welfare rolls by over 50% and put TIME LIMITS ON WELFARE BENEFITS. So basically you are just talking out of your BUTT without knowing what the HELL you are talking about!! As for Shaniqua are just a plain idiot!! You are of the David Duke Republicans.

Anonymous said...


BushSentByGod said...

Holy God, help us now. If Ms. Ferlita is a lesbian sodomite, then she should not even be allowed to hold public office. Our Lord is in control of our sacred Republican party and keeping us all safe from the evil Democrats. The Democratic party is for killing babies, teaching science instead of the Word and for legitamizing homosexuality as normal trying to recruit good honest normal Americans into their evil ways.

Tyler Durden said...

First of all i am by no means racist! i was just using a general statment. If you would like lets call her Sally Sue who is white, black, or asian race is no matter its welfare and people who abuse the system i have a problem with not their race. Call me an idiot get your facts straight before you staret the name calling and i am not a David Duke of republicans! I vote for the best candidate not for the party. In the last elections i voted more democrat then i did republican so please dont jump to your conclusions until you get all the facts!

Anonymous said...

you are lying, there is no such thing as the best candidate. they may be be good at one point, but the moment they sign up to run for office, the pact with satan was made...

you may not be a racist, but the words you used are classist.

Tyler Durden said...

Look... again all Im saying is, that i dont like people who abuse the system; i dont care what class, race, sex or creed you are! And as for best candidate you're right there isn't a "best candidate" but you do pick the one you feel will be the best person for that position.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the best candidate for a position is a dead one. They will have better results with their decisions.

amarathonguy said...

I have avoided posting a response to so many of the incendiary comments posted to this site because I sense it a waste of time. The intensity of the opinions expressed indicates little desire to dialogue, learn, integrate, unite, or grow. They ramble and rant away and bore me in their myopia. A few words of wisdom appear only to be sideswiped by yet another racist epithet, classist slur, or opponent bashing insult.

The original article on Rose Ferlita, whom I do not know, had nothing to do with wefare reform or abuse...nor does the county commission. The original article endorsed a woman who would like to de-politicize the office because national party politics and agendas have little or nothing to do with the work of the commission. The respondents focused on her party affiliation and personal life instead of her poliyical individuality and her accomplishments.

This week at Walgreens two old people walked away w/o needed meds because they couldn't afford them. A guy I know who owns a F250, F350, a car and a 5000 sq ft house asked why he should have to pay for their meds. According to him poor people choose poverty and his tax breaks are helping them too. If we can not change the greedy and the selfish then we must outnumber them at the polls.


This country has become polarized by this administration. We need centrists from both parties break free.

Anonymous said...

All very valid points, but I do see the point of the previous poster (who I do not feel was being racist) asking basically at what point does it end? At what point does the recipient stand on their own two feet and move forward. Our government is the first to offer handouts, yet they do not give the recipient the proper tools/education needed to make it on thier own. The insteresting thing is, if you listen to the recipient, 9 times out of 10, they are the first to cry foul!

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." - Chinese Proverb

Anonymous said...

I agree amarathonguy. Like I said, my dogs have the same problem staying on the issue.

Polarization is a key word here.

An important thing to know about polarity is that if one end exists, then so does the other. Collapsing the polarity seems to be in order.

Youallsuck said...

I feel like I want to hurt some of you all.
So you have a disabled Fu@king vet who served their country and cant get good healthcare from the government now. The same government who promised to take care of them in the event they become disabled.
Lets just kick them to the d@mn curb so we can get an extra $1.00 a year back on our income tax check.
Do you know what it feels like to have most of your body feel like it is on fire all the time?
When you serve your country and become disabled and have the government tell you to go hit the road, why dont you call me and we will discuss politics.
Having 10 kids is a different story.
Saying the government shouldn't help out disabled folks is another fu#k turd.
It's hard enough to hold a job.
And that is a direct result of not having enough money for the VA which extends through TWO Presidents.
Democrat and Republican.
Neither one have been able to fix it.
But the Clinton administration was able to send the rangers into Mogadishu without so much as the tanks that they requested.
Les Aspin, Clintons wonderful Secretary of Defense said he wanted to have a tankless army and the rangers didn't need any.
They asked for 3 things.
1. Bradley tanks
2. Abrams tanks
3. AC-130 Gunship
Every request was DENIED from the Clinton administration.
Someone in my family is a ranger who was involved at Socom with making requests for that equipment.
President Clinton committed murder as far as I am concerned.
Say what you want about Republicans but the Democrats are just as bad.
As far as Les Aspin?
He resigned (forced out)
The tankless Army? Never happened
The rangers that didn't die?
Probably disabled and forced to "Live off the system."
You all are real selfish a$$holes.
Myself? I am a disabled veteran who is in pain a lot.
We are in the middle of a war and this is the biggest problem you all can find?
Why don't you volunteer at the VA to atone for your sins against humanity.
They can obviously use the help anyways.

amarathonguy said...

The Republican Party has a simple agenda: Take from the poor and give to the rich. Plunder the environment until it collapses and tell people that environmental collapse is a myth. Export all good paying jobs overseas and bust unions so that stock dividends will rise. Eliminate all public services so that the rich can keep their taxes and pay for the services themselves while the poor suffer. Pander to the interests of lobbyists and revival tent pharisees who claim to speak for God.

Their is nothing about pumping blood through a dead woman's body or allowing unneeded embryos to be discarded that is pro-life.

FEMA has told all Katrina victims that live in trailers that they CAN NOT speak to reporters w/o a FEMA rep present? Is this Nazi Germany?

I believe this administration barely hides its war crimes, assaults on the constitution and basic human rights behind its political manuevering by posturing around the flag. I pledge daily to a flag that stands for your right to NOT stand and recite!

People came here for freedom from religious persecution. The Republican builds their agenda around it. Be careful when you allow a church to take over. Our constitution was written because the writers feared the Vatican's wwealth and power.

Name 5 things that this administration has done to benefit you in your life.


We need change from the culture of corruption, the endless lies and spinning, and the assault on the life of all Americans.

Two women who love eachother living together do not thretaeb anyone's marriage. Stressing families financially is the leading cause of divorce.
I nterestingly, the highest rate of divorce is in the extreme religious righty and the lowest is in atheists.

I wish Ms Ferlita were a Democrat. I think she sounds like one.

amarathonguy said...

I and we do teach people to fish. There will always be those too damaged, too stuck to learn. We must care for all including those who are stuck.

It could be us who are being judged

Anonymous said...

War crimes..please.
Bill Clinton committed just as many.
He just did his under the covers and you don't hear about them as much.
Since you all want to use the war as a crutch for everything thats "Wrong" with Republicans, I just thought I would share a few of the war crimes that Bill Clinton committed.
He was to busy getting a blow job from Monica to worry about sending any tanks to Rangers who were about to emabark on a suicide mission.
Thats just one of many things he did in office in addition to take contributions from known drug traffickers and pardon every criminal from here to New York before he left office.
Well, not every one...only if you contributed to his campaign but who's counting.
But there is one good thing he did and that was reform welfare.
So no one can complain anymore about anyone having 10 crack babies live off of the system.
YOU refuse to see that all politicians are corrupt.
Not just one party or the other.
Not to say that George Bush is right on everything but at least he can send some Da#n tanks to the troops when they ask for some instead of telling them to suck it up...this is a tankless Army.
I don't know so you are going to slam the Republicans every chance you get.
George Bush is not the root of all your ills.
You are the root of all your ills.
Your personality leaves much to be desired.
If I am making any broad generalizations here forgive me.
You sure made some whoppers about the Republicans on here.
Like I said..when you serve your country in a time of me up and talk politics to me...
Wait a minute...are you allowed?Rose is a Republican for a reason..
Because your party has turned into the crying baby party.
The woe is me party.
The government is to blame for everything party.
Grow a set will ya?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rose is all that qualified to be a commissioner, to tell you the truth. The thing she spends most of her time talking about is public safety, and her two endorsements are from the county sheriff and the state's attorney, and for her particular district it's duplicative. District 1 is mostly made up of Tampa and *some* of South Hillsborough County, which means that public safety needs are *already* mainly handled by Tampa Police Department and Tampa Fire Rescue. So that leaves some goofy boilerplate about how she watches tax dollars and says "no" to tax and fee increases and thinks growth is fine as long as it pays for itself. But what does any of that *mean*? Any business owner knows you can't cut your way to long term profitability; at some point if you want to keep up your operations you have to go get more revenue. The alternative is going out of business. Rose has to know that too.

And getting growth to pay for itself is *much* easier said than done. How do you know how much growth actually costs? What do you count? Do you count extra teachers needed for schools? Costs of roads and sewers and water hookups? How about extra health care costs brought on by more cars on the road emitting more CO and CO2 for us to breathe, or more accidents caused by more crowded roads and short tempers? Is there anyone on her campaign even *asking* these questions, let alone figuring out how to answer them? Has Rose given this any thougth at all, or is she too busy posing for pictures?

This sounds like a city council member who's getting some advice from a political consultant about what hot buzz topics to include to get people all swoony and turn off their brains.

Sure, the City Council doesn't get heard from as much as the County Commission. Why should it? We have a strong mayor system in Tampa, and there isn't that much for city council to do except pass adult entertainment ordinances and handle zoning issues. Being a big fish in that pond is pretty unimpressive. Mary Mulhern is a better candidate than Rose Ferlita, and *she* is a real Democrat instead of a Republican trying to camouflage herself as a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Ok Ralph Hughes..
I heard some gossip about you the other day..
I am waiting until the time is right to unleash a massive smear campaign on you..
Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house =---)

SL said...

Wait, Louie and I just went fishing and we only got to eat one meal. What the heck went wrong.

Baby Eater said...

I eat babies.

tiny... said...

I eat babies too!
At least that's what most Repubs think.
I woke up today and thought what a wonderful state the world is in. Didn't you?
Moderate Republican, sheesh. Those four things around you? Walls. Those markings? Writing. If you got to this part you know the rest.
All this over a Rose.
If you get anything out of this it should be to get your left or right ass to the polls.
Back to the dog parties.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love a political debate. First of all I vote for the BEST canididate be it D, R, L, G, etc. Every party has stances I hate. For example, I hate religion anywhere near my laws or politics, but I also hate gun control!!

Here are the items I think need to change before we can move forward at all:
-ACTUALLY separate religion and state (Religion obscures realistic judgement in every instance and leads those to make decisions that detrimental to the society as a whole) Religion is a crutch for those who have no ability to make decisions/choices for themselves or control their own destiny
-Abolish social welfare and aid to those that DON'T DESERVE it (Who deserves aid is another story-but it is definetly not Shaneeqa or Betty with 10 kids, recent immigrants, substance addicts, anone who refuses to work) There is a job for EVERY individual in America, if you don't work it IS your choice and I'm not paying you!! (Maybe it isn't what you WANT to do, but I don't WANT to give you my tax money either!)
-We need to stay out of other countries unless it is a threat to us, physically or economically and when we do go into a country we need to anhilate and move on!

I am not completely happy with Republican right now, but at least i know what they are doing or going to do. All the Democrats have said recently is that they won't do what Republicans are doing, but WHAT WILL they do. Liberatarian party is looking up...but need much more backing to ever produce enough votes, same with others.

I wish for the day that a candidate runs on a ticket of "For the good of the country not my party."

One more thing, our country runs on big business, if you want to bring down big business you are trying to bring down America. I love the Mom and Pop business and want them to stay, but we need big business as well!!!

jaded1 said...

Just a point on welfare reform:
Forget about Shaneequa's 10 kids, try reforming corporate welfare. That is where our tax money really goes. Big oil averages 2.5 BILLION dollars a year in government subsidies.This in addition to astronomical profits at the expense of the average American. Walmart, the largest company in the world, just got 34 million dollars in tax money, to widen the road in front of their headquarters so their employees could get to work easier.
Neither party represents the American people anymore. The fringes at both ends of the spectrum are dividing us against each other and we follow along, mooing like so much cattle.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:20, all interesting stuff. But the main point remains - how can you *tell* what Rose is running on? Most of her district already has public safety coverage (TPD, Tampa Fire Rescue) and every candidate swears up and down that they'll not waste tax money. But what would she *really* do with some of the issues that keep popping up in front of the commission?

* nude dance bars - not that many people care about this one, but the ones that do make a *lot* of noise and Ronda Storms listens to them and tries again and again to force the issue. And the other commmissioners are afraid to look like perverts so they go along.

* Jim Norman's $40 million vanity stadium out in the boonies. Would she vote yes or no on this one?

* Funding for Planned Parenthood's Source Teen Theater. $35,000 for two years is less than rounding error in the county budget, for a program that does a lot of good. Ronda made killing this a mission. How would Rose vote?

Unwaveringlefty said...

UnwaveringLefty is in TOTAL agreement with jaded1.

Anonymous said...

down with big business, down with government.

america didn't start out with big business brain.

its seems to have started out reflecting on most of the views expressed here.

funny. not ha ha funny.

purge. replace. reformat.

Anonymous said...

We are approaching the third episode in the Star Wars trilogy...Will we have to wait til we lose everything before we will realize?

Maybe that is the way it needs to be.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43,
When I turned eighteen in 1992 I got to vote in my first presidential election (Clinton v. Bush). I wasn't really taken with Clinton and I was toying with the idea that maybe things needed to get worse before they could really get better, so I actually considered voting for Bush Sr. I told my dad my plan and he said, "Yeah, I had the same idea once. You know who I voted for? Nixon." I've been picking the lesser of two evils ever since...except for the time I voted for Nader. I'm still kicking myself over that one.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that taking down the world trade center and bombing the hell out of us wasn't a threat.
See, when I was in the Navy, the USS Cole was bombed and the US didn't do squat (Clinton's regime.)
We all waited for justice but we all kept on waiting.
It was too hard to focus on the issue when he was focusing on what tie to wear that Monica picked out.
Let's not forget about the bombing of the US barracks in Saudia Arabia either.
Hmmm...oddly enough it was in 1996 when Clinton was President.
19 Servicemembers were killed and hundreds injured.
No justice was ever really served.
Most of the military members there were from Eglin Air Force base and were enforcing the no fly zone around southern Iraq.
Dont tell me that Bush is a killer because Clinton just let us get diced and sliced and never sought to have any justice for us.
The Democrats cry about everything so that is mainly what you hear.
Did you know that all Cindy Sheehan had to do was sign a piece of paper to get a free headstone for her son.
So he would be remembered.
She never did it.
She has always hated Republicans even before her son was killed...the same son that she gave up to his father and didn't speak to for years.
But know she wants to be portrayed as this loving mother ho cared so much for her son.
Give me a damn break.
She won't even put a headstone on his grave.
Her agenda is whatever she wants it to be at the time.
She didn't even speak to her son for years.
But now she cares.
The democratic party is having a hard time finding folks because no one wants to belong to a party of whiners and "It's all about me."
I for one am not fooled.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to say was supposed to be who.
I guess its karma.

amarathonguy said...

Two vets complaining about the Democratic party while it is the Republican administration that sent kids w/o armor to Iraq, that denies the truth that the Generals on the front lines are saying about the civil war that has developed, that is cutting the very benefits that the Ranger in pain needs. No one died when Clinton lied. There was a budget surplus and he had very high overall approval ratings. This administration continues to assault the constitution, the courts, and what's left of the middle class.
The real progress in this country came from the thinking of progressives. The liberty we know came from the thinking of liberals.
Under the guise of conservativism and an agenda of greed, hate, and fear these neocons are destroying their own party which used to work to guard agaiunst waste and keep radical thinkers at bay.
Our country has indeed seen corruption in both parties and an honorable person coming froward to lead would be very welcome.
Those who won't sell their souls to party bosses don't stand much of a chance. Look at what they did and what happened to Colin Powelll who might have been a good candidate for president but was totally used.
We need a honorable leader and a problem solver who can keep businesses, families, our planet healthy. Not a war monger.
I believe each party ahs contributed to our success as a culture and to our struggles but this administration is tearing apart its own party as well as solving nothing.

Anonymous said...

No one died when Clinton lied?
Are you fu@king kidding me?
No rangers in Mogadishu dies when Clinton lied.
You're right.
The soldiers in the Barracks didn't die you're right.
Clinton not doing anything about Osama when he knew about him already didn't cause the soldiers on the USS Cole to're right.
Go fly a fu@king kite.
You need to be informed instead of using catch slogans that someone like Cindy Sheehan made up who has never spent a day in her life in the military.
Servicemembers dies all the time because of Clinton's refusal to fund the military.
George Bush not sending armor reinforced vehicles?
A lot of them are.
What in the hell do you think we used in the first gulf war.
No one was complaining then.
A few whiners in the military (probably democrats) think they signed up to get a free education and not have to work.
Everything is free in life.
Freedom isn't free a$$wipe.
Do you enjoy walking around in your Joe Boxers every morning?
That's because the troops are overseas fighting their a$$es off to keep the terrorists over there and not here.
You all started this thread and have nothing to back your statements up.
"No one died when Clinton lied."
That just shows how ignorant you really are.
May I suggest viewing the movie Black hawk Down?
It will get you up to speed.

amarathonguy said...

If you want to argue, then address the points of the post. The lie about Monica had nothing to do with barracks or war ships or foreign policy. The strategy to get us into Iraq when the intelligence did not support the statements has had everything to do with thousands of American deaths, tens of thousands of innocent Arab deaths, and an escalating unrest in the region. Do you really think we are doing more good than harm?
PS The cursing neither impresses nor intimidtes.
Is Murtha a fit enough critic for you?

jaded1 said...

I've always been amazed that vets slammed Democrats when the Republicans have fucked you over just as bad if not worse.
You are right in that Clinton did nothing when American interest were bombed. But the same exact thing occured when Reagen and Bush1 were in office.
April'83- The us embassy in Beirut was bombed and 17 Americans, mostly CIA, were killed. Nothing was done.
Oct'83- The Marine barracks in Lebanon was hit by a truck bomb and 241 Marines were killed. Not only was nothing done, but that colossal asswipe Oliver North's fingerprints were all over the munitions that Hezbollah used , which they received from Iran, who got'em from Ollie in his nifty little arms for hostages scam.
So while good, patriotic Marine Ollie was busy selling out his fellow soldiers, and wiping his ass on the Constitution, the Republican President Ronald Reagan, was busy acting like crazy old Uncle Fester and DID NOTHING. And look where we are today. I don't blame you and your anger for the way that you and other veterans have been treated. But to blame the Democratic Party for it is shortsighted. And there are alternatives for treatment other than the VA. You have a computer, use it to seek them out.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha..
That is why Murtha is getting sued right now...For lying...
Like you.
You seem to be forgetting the First Gulf War that President Bush was involved in when you say they did nothing.
Democrats are "So Notorious" like Tori Spelling for not doing anything for the vets or active duty troops.
The only Democrat who has done anything for the vets is Bill Nelson, and that is because he himself is a vet.
You are really uninformed if you think some vets have alternatives to using the VA.
A lot DON'T.
That is their ONLY way of getting health care after wars.
It's so simple right...just go somewhere else...
---When you are missing your legs?
Do you want them to hobble on down and use their insurance that they are not getting when they cant work and have no money?
In any of the above posts have you ever read that Republicans have made no mistakes...NO.
The Democrats are the ones who slammed us and then can't take any criticism without then calling us Republicans angry and shortsighted.
Vets don't want to belong to a party of whiners because we rarely whine unless it is about the VA healthcare system which produces little to no results.
What would a party of non-whiners have in common with a party of whiners?
First of all marathonguy, I will address the points of the posts minus the name calling and slams that you all put on the Republican party.
The war in Iraq is a direct result of the planes hitting in New York City. We had to take all appropriate reponses to ANY threats that were posed. How would we know what they were up to when the former President probably covered EVERYTHING up.
He had just taken office.
They had planned this bombing when President CLINTON was getting his blowjobs in office not BUSH.
When else has America ever been bombed on its own soil before.
We went to war then too only people didn't whine as much as you all do now and protest at dead soldiers funerals.
Monica had everything to do with foreign policy.
The President had terrible advisors and should have been protecting the country and not sleeping with a slut.
Now we all know what he was doing those 8 years and it sure wasn't working.
We caught a brutal dictator so yes I do think we are doing more good.
He isn't torturing anyone anymore.
And one more thing..
The democratic party is the biggest non-supporter of the military than all the parties.
I remember being in the military when Clinton was in office and having to rob parts from one humvee to another because there wasn't any funding to get things properly fixed.
I only responded to what I thought was an uneducated attack on the part of Marathon guy and a few others who FIRST resorted to baby like name calling about Republicans without even knowing what in the world it was that they were talking about.
They probably have never done a day in the military and don't even know the real stories behind some of these events..
Just the stories the biased news media wants you to hear.
You guys now don't know what to say except that we are angry.
Who's angry?
I am sipping my Corona and watching Black Hawk Down while you drink your strawberry daquiri and watch the Princess diaries and stew about how the Republicans have "Done you wrong."
Live in the past there and go run it off.

amarathonguy said...

Get an education instead of drinking,ranting, and swaggering. I am not impressed and your type of writing is why I hesitated for so long to enter this forum.

Saddam had zero to do with 9/11 no matter how desperately the Republicans wanted him to.
There are far more brutal dictators in many other countries. Should we invade there to win in 2008 inspite of a miserable record so far.
Try writing without the ineffective swagger. It only shows weakness. Do you think trying to be a middle school bully works in a debate?
Black Hawk Down is an awesome movie. A study in heroics. Unfortunately in war after war after war history has shown that the heroics of honorable men were overshadowed by the politicians who used them and them abandoned them.
This administration will go down in history as one of the all time worst, It has posted record low approval ratings, record deficits, record corruption, and still has a few poor souls fooled that it is accomplishing anything.
The poor suffer, the rich prosper and the Party in control of both houses of Congress, the Whitehouse, and the courts has accomplished nothing.
Another thing...
It is your posts that are full of name calling and insults and pretty lacking in reason. Do you get all your news from Fox?

Rick F. said...

All this on a post about Rose?
Vote for her? Not on my life!
What exactly has she advocated and pushed for to protect neighborhoods in her 8 years on council?
I remember well her words when approached long before her run for office about trying to get a business group going in Seminole Heights.."her concern was limited to the vicinity of her business, nothing more."
She challenged the only candidate that wouldn't make her sexual orientation an issue. If she had challenged another candidate, there wouldn't have been a big enough closet to hide in.
She got elected due to her endorsement by the Firefighters. They being upset that her opponent (a democrat) actually opposed buying fire-fighting equipment on bond money that wouldn't be paid for until long after the useful life of the fire trucks under consideration had expired. I guess that is a good example of her sense of fiscal responsibility.
Where has Rose been on reducing the City of Tampa'a millage rate? The City is awash (just like the county) in rising revenues from the ever increasing property assessments. Where was Rose in calling for a roll-back in the City's millage rate?
Where was Rose on the Stormwater tax? (BY THE WAY I HOPE THER IS A HUGE TURN-OUT ON THE PUBLIC HEARING ON THIS MATTER ON AUGUST 24TH AT CITY COUNCIL) The city determined that the median residence occupies 3310 square feet of impervious surface. That amounts to nearly 60% of the average lot in Seminole Heights. How many lots do you see that are 60% impervious in this neighborhood or that even come close to 3310 square feet? it is another pitch to subsidize the stormwater run-off problems created by the McMansions sprouting like weeds in South Tampa and New Tampa. Where was Rose?
Where exactly has she been in producing results for this neighborhood she professes such great fondness for????

As to the Republican affiliation.
Every Republican president since Gerald Ford has set new records in deficit spending on the federal level. Yep...Reagan toped Ford. Bush one topped Reagan's record. And the shrub in the White House topped poppy's record. Oh and the so called "death tax" well republicans love that one...the campaign by the 18 wealthiest families in America have been working hard spending nearly $500,000,000 lobbying for its repeal. Why because they stand to save $71,000,000,000 in taxes! The average American estate is exempt from any inheritance tax.
Then there is the issue of the war. There was not a single Iraqi national among the 19 terrorists on 9/11. There were 15 Saudi nationals...if it is about terrorism why are we not in Mecca or Medina? If the Republicans thought Saddam was so evil why was Rumsfeld over shaking his hand during the Reagan-Bush years. Why did Republican president's provide him with most of his weapons and technology to create WMD's? It wasn't WMD's but we will never know the real motives. Unlike first president named George who admitted mistakes and was remember as one who could not tell a lie, this latter George cannot tell the truth.
Yeah vote Republican more tax breaks for billionaires. I am sure we have relatives that will give us money in our old age when the Republicans have acheived their 70 year old dream of ending Social Security (in 1935 8 out of 10 over 65 were in poverty; today it is less than 1 in 10).
Let's talk about pro-life want to reduce the need for about giving teens factual sex education. How about making birth control readily available? Wishing and praying hasn't worked. What about Republican's fighting to block the use of DNA testing that might exhonorate those wrongly sentenced to death row? How about them opposing every effort to enact reasonable gun control?
Let's see oh there is the sanctity of marriage. I guess your marriage is sacred as long as your wife is not virtually brain dead and in a coma and there are no points to be made with religious nut cases. Oh also as long as you are not John and Larry or Betty and Alice seeking a marriage license. The much maligned state of Massachusetts has the lowest per capita divorce rate in the nation...maybe those Bible-belt Republicans could learn something by studying Massachusetts. Let's send them all there just before the November elections.

No I don't come from long line of Democrats. To the contrary, the aunt who put me through college was personal friends of Dwight and Mamie. Her sister and her family actually spent Christmas with the Nixon's. My senior internship was is a Republican state senator's office prior to my move to Florida.

I just refuse to drink the kool-aid in their communion cup. It is anathama to the teachings of itenerant teacher and carpenter that I try to follow.

So I'll pray for a Democratic landslide in November and the beginning of impeachment proceedings.

As Upton Sinclair said in the 1930's...if Fascism comes to America in will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

jaded1 said...

What exactly did I lie about? Or is that just your way of not addressing the points I made?And lets talk about the first Gulf "war". You know the one that lasted, what, 8 days. And where we obliterated 100,000 innocent Iraqis? For oil? Saddam was much easier to deal with when he was contained. Sure he was a brutal dictator but if we were really concerned about people being brutalized let's go help the people in Darfur. Now THERE is some top of the line atrocities. But we'll never do more than what's minimally expected of us because hey there's no freaking oil there, so that Bush and his little dick Cheney can rake in millions off the backs of people like you.
Before you plant the inevitable liberal pansy label on me, I come from a long line of military people. My grandparents both served in WWII, one uncle won a purple heart and a bronze star in Korea, another uncle did 3 tours as a Marine in Vietnam, and my father and cousin are on the black wall in DC. And they all talked how the politicians sent them into hell with dangerously inadequate equipment. So, you are not the first vet to be used up and thrown away and chances are you won't be the last. You volunteered to serve your country, and for that we are all grateful, whether you believe that or not, I could care less. But your blind allegiance is to a party or a group of people who would piss on you if they had the chance. There is nothing noble about this war, nor are any of us any safer from our enemies whose numbers grow by the day, due to the last 40 years of foreign policy perpetuated by both the dick-happy and the dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone forgotten that we did catch Osama's big terrorist man in Iraq?
The one who chopped off heads...a US soldier?
Viva La Bush!

Anonymous said...

rick f. Get a life and don't type so much! You are requiring me to read and think.

notaseminoleheightscrybaby said...

arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, youre still retarded.

Rick F. said...

reading good
thinking good

that was a 1:54 am post. Have life. need to sleep more.