Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The lies and distortions begin

Brad Swanson, candidate for Hillsborough County Commission, who can't run on issues because he is a wussy candidate compared to Rose Felrita, had decided to engage in mud throwing based on lies and distortions.

Steve Otto comments in today's column

"Say What?
He goes on in his letter to say, "Rose represents neighborhoods which are teeming with drug dealers and addicts. Yet she feels that marijuana should be legalized."
. . .
Anyhow, this letter points out that Ferlita represents neighborhoods "teeming with drug dealers and addicts." I guess so. She represents District 2 in the city, which happens to be a citywide district.

Then he goes on to suggest Ferlita wants to legalize marijuana. Too bad he didn't reprint the entire article he quoted, from the "Weekly Planet" on Dec. 8, 2004.

It was a long piece by Wayne Garcia on local Republican perspectives on the use of marijuana.

In that story, where Garcia talks to Ferlita about the use of marijuana on terminal patients, he points out that "she is also a consultant to a substance abuse nonprofit and sees marijuana as a dangerous gateway drug. She doesn't favor any form of legalization or decriminalization."

Until Wayne Garcia puts a link to the article in Blurbex, via the Wayback Machine we can read the article in its entirety.

"The most sympathetic read you will get from a local Republican on the issue comes from Ferlita, whose opinion on medical marijuana is informed by the fact that as an inner-city pharmacy owner, she has a large HIV-positive clientele who depend on the legal marijuana derivative Marinol for relief.

"In terms of terminal patients, marijuana is a wonderful drug," Ferlita said. (Disclosure: I have done political consulting for Ferlita, Murman and Homan in the past.) "Let's not try to overlook the good from something just because it is an illegal drug."

Before you go penciling in Councilwoman Ferlita for your next bong-fest, however, realize that she is also a consultant to a substance abuse nonprofit and sees marijuana as a dangerous gateway drug. She doesn't favor any form of legalization or decriminalization.

"You see many people in those facilities who started with marijuana," Ferlita said. "I can't discount the fact that, right now, marijuana is an illegal drug and it is abused."

This comment came in an article that was promted by a story in "William F. Buckley Jr.'s conservative weekly bible, the National Review."

"What's needed now are conservative politicians willing to say enough is enough: Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars down the drain each year. People losing their jobs, their property, and their freedom for nothing more than possessing a joint or growing a few marijuana plants," the magazine intoned.

"And all for what? To send a message? To keep pretending that we're protecting our children?" the cover story asked. "Alcohol Prohibition made a lot more sense than marijuana prohibition does today -- and it, too, was a disaster."

"And although there is a perfectly respectable case against using marijuana, the penalties imposed on those who reject that case, or who give way to weakness of resolution, are very difficult to defend," Buckley himself wrote two weeks after the marijuana cover story ran. "If all our laws were paradigmatic, imagine what we would do to anyone caught lighting a cigarette, or drinking a beer. Or? committing adultery. Send them all to Guantanamo?"

Brad Swanson - let's see what further lies and distortions he and his undemoractic Boss Tweed Ralph Hughes cook up as things progress.


Anonymous said...

The Tampa Tribune did a breakdown of the statements in his ads a few days ago. He calls Rose a sympathizer to homosexuals. This guy is nothing but trouble.

Tyler Durden said...

While i will say i agree that Felrita is a better candidate. I do disagree with her on the fact that marijuana is a gateway drug. Marijuana is no more a gateway drug than alcohol. Im sure most of us have tried marijuana and smoked it in the past, hell some still might, but I'm sure you're not saying... "man i need some crack now that I've smoked some pot." Do i care if it ever becomes legal? Well.... not really, I dont smoke the stuff...but to say its ok for medical use and not recreational is hypocritical in my opinion.

ShaynaPunim said...

My doctor told me I need marijuana to get high.

jaded1 said...

Girl, I am LMAO!

ShreksWife said...

Years ago, my boyfriend had AIDS. He was in his final months. Either from the diease, or the drug cocktails he was on or a combination of both, his appetite was non-existent. his doctor tried to get him to smoke pot. He wouldn't. So his doctor prescribed marinol. We had the script filled at Rose Drugs, and he took the marinol, not by choice, but because I made him take it. I couln't stand to see him wasting away as he was. I knew the disease would take his life, but I didn't want him to die of starvation. The marinol gave him a ravenous appetite. for the last month of his life, he was eating and enjoying food, and with the exception of the first couple doses he took, he never really felt "high", just hungry.

So to those that disagree with marijuana use for terminally ill persons, I say to you, get to know one and see how it helps them before you pass your judgements and opinions.

in loving memory of
Montgomery Manzanares, 1964-2000

Anonymous said...

Although I do not smoke marijuana at ALL, my 80 year old grandmother who had terminally ill cancer did.
I had to take care of her while she wasted away and the cancer caused her bones to break. I do not support anyone using this drug that does not have a serious medical problem.
^^^If you are able to go to the doctor and get other pain medications, then that is the way things should be done.^^^
Only a doctor is qualified to determine how to treat your pain.
Every day I wake up is a struggle. Most times I don't feel my foot and I cant sleep at night and I cant chew good due to a different problem. My arm mainly just burns all the time. The thought has never crossed my mind to smoke marijuana.
^^^However, I think a lot of doctors are afraid to treat pain because of the Feds.^^^
Someone who has serious pain should be able to get treatment without feeling like a criminal.
I felt like I wanted to write on this topic and not just sit back and watch the action for a change!
I smile every chance I get but inside I am not happy.
__Don't ever let the government have control over someone's pain management and for god sakes...bring the rest of the troops home__

Anonymous said...

They can BOTH go to Hell - Republicans F'up everything they get their greedy mitts on, IMHO.

Flyer anon said...

Stop the drug war in it's tracks.
Marijuana possession = jury trial = law nullification.
It happened w/fugitive slave laws, it happened w/alcohol prohibition it happened w/anti-sodomy laws can stop bad laws.
For more info:

Anonymous said...

Rather have pot smokers in my hood then a drunk who drives to the bar on his way home and kill a family with his intoxicated self

Flyer anon said...

Another group I'm big on. Got Rob on WMNF to do 60 min. w/them.

Anonymous said...

FIJA = psuedo militia wanna be's. you're big on jury nullification, no? could ya BE any more to the right? you are but a hair away from guess is you would like to align yourselves with them but they won't have you...hhhmmm surprise, surprise, they're based in montana. do us a favor, GO BACK.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say I was promoting a liberal or a ruby ridge type thinking. I just stated my opinion.
Pain can affect people in ways that people without pain can't understand.
*I once went to Walgreens and got waited on by a woman pharmacist who looked to be Indian to me.
Maybe there was a cultural difference, maybe not.
This is an exact exchange of what happened. ^I had a new pain medicine prescription because my old one wasn't working anymore and I had to take some extras.
It's better than not eating any food...
I went back to my doctor who promptly wrote me a new prescription because he knows why I am in pain and that there is a valid medical reason for it.
I take it up to the counter and the woman draws on my prescription and takes it. *Then tells me it will be 4 days before she can fill this new prescription. ^I have never before had a problem and this was the first time I took a different prescription. Its not like I had JUST gotten the old one filled.
*I told her that I would end up in the hospital if she didn't fill that prescription. She refused to fill it and then had the balls to tell me that I couldn't have my presciption back that I handed her. I then asked her if it was my insurance company or her that wouldn't fill it and she said it was her.
*I was burning up (literally) at this point and I told her if I didn't get that prescription back into my hand in about one minute, I was going to call the cops.
I went right over to The Medicine Shop and filled it.
^^This woman, along with many other people judge pain based on looks. If you look ok and are not in a wheelchair, you can't be in pain.^^
Sorry to disappoint, but the Walgreen's pharmacist had nothing to do with George Bush.
Rose Ferlita is more qualified to make a statement about pain than Brad Swanson is. I am sure people tell her every day how hard it is to get out of bed and keep going when there are times you dont want to.

TampaTribuneArticle said...

Here is the article the earlier post was referring to in the Tampa Tribune


Ad Watch: Letter From Brad Swanson
Skip directly to the full story.
By RAY REYES The Tampa Tribune

Published: Jul 27, 2006

These are two examples of more than 10,000 campaign letters mailed by Brad Swanson to Hillsborough County residents this month as the first-time Republican candidate runs for the county commission District 1 seat.

Title: There is no title to the letter.

Message: The letters thank or ask Republican voters for their support in the primary election Sept. 5 and focus on Swanson's conservative platform, which includes cutting expenditures and not raising taxes, managing growth and upholding traditional family values. In the letters, Swanson also criticizes one of his opponents in the District 1 race, longtime Tampa City Councilwoman and Republican Rose Ferlita, for what he says is "her liberal voting record on the Tampa City Council and her support of local gay rights issues."

Content: Swanson writes that he had qualified for the primary election by "collecting over 1,400 petition signatures and saving over $5,000 in filing fees." The letters feature seven bulleted points of what he calls his "core conservative beliefs" and mention the endorsement of Hillsborough County fire Capt. George Sucarichi. On the reverse side of one letter sent to a Tampa family, a St. Petersburg Times story about a gay pride event last month was reprinted.

Swanson writes: "Finally, I'm not surprised that our local gay community has endorsed my opponent, Rose Ferlita (please see reverse side for a story on PRIDE). She has taken a proactive role in defending local gay issues, including her recent objection to our county's commission's vote removing 'gay pride' displays from within the children's section of our community libraries."

Breaking It Down
Ad: "Finally, I'm not surprised that our local gay community has endorsed my opponent, Rose Ferlita (please see reverse side story on PRIDE)."

Fact check: The St. Pete Pride festival, held June 24 in downtown St. Petersburg, drew a crowd of 45,000 - and groups of religious protesters. Organizers said members of the St. Petersburg City Council were on hand to read a proclamation endorsing the event, but they have no record of Ferlita attending the festival. Swanson said he reprinted the newspaper story to show Republican voters "what type of groups are supporting" Ferlita.

Ad: "She has taken a proactive role in defending local gay issues …"

Fact check: Last year, the county commission voted to abstain from "acknowledging, promoting and participating" in gay pride events. After the vote, Ferlita said, "I certainly do not agree with the majority of the county commission" and added that such events would have had a positive economic impact on the city.

Ad: Brad Swanson: "I'm also honored to receive the endorsement of the Fire Captain of Hillsborough County, George Sucarichi …"

Fact check: Sucarichi, who is also the president of Hillsborough County Firefighters Local 2294, said Wednesday that he has endorsed Swanson for the District 1 seat.

Ad: " … we've qualified for the Republican Primary Election by collecting over 1,400 petition signatures in our district from like-minded conservatives and saving over $5,000 in filing fees."

Fact check: According to the county's supervisor of elections office, the minimum petition signatures needed for the District 1 seat are 1,473. If those signatures were collected by the noon deadline Friday, candidates did not have to pay the $5,335.14 filing fee.

His platform: cutting expenditures, not raising taxes … upholding … family values.

Republican Brad Swanson lists beliefs in his bid for Hillsborough County Commission's District 1 seat.

BringingdownSwanson said...

Here is another comment this *ss has made...

""Facts are facts. Every opportunity that the gay agenda has come up before my opponent, Rose, she has supported it. It has been long rumored that she is gay. Whether she is or not, she needs to explain to Republican voters why she votes so hard for the gay agenda. She is a liberal on every issue, from raising taxes [to social issues.] This is one example of her showing her strength as a liberal. The coordination [between her campaign and the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered community] I feel is out there. I am already receiving harassment calls from the gay community. But I will say this, we have received many more very supportive calls from Republicans … that have been very supportive of the voters knowing about the facts."

Anonymous said...

Check out these post. This guy is evil!

Flyer anon said...

OK, so what.
I'm just gonna' see who this blog supports and vote for the challanger.
and tell everyone to do the same.
Kinda' like when Rob of WMNF tells ppl to get the xtian colliation voters guide to help them w/there decision.

Anonymous said...

The good thing with that is that it will be about 200 for our candidate, one for the dumb *ss.

Anonymous said...

This guy Swanson shows his true colors. I am so freakin sick of polititians that believe you can only vote one way. At least Rose will vote for what is best for the city, not what her party dictates. I think we should abolish the two party system, have a true democracy. May the best plan win. I tend to vote republican, however I am registered Democrat. However, I have no issue voting on either side. It is always who/what is best for me. Unfortunately, Republicans tend to vote only one way, It does not matter who or how many people get hurt or affected. Rock on Rose!!!!!!

Resident Blogger said...

BungalowSwanson.....I think you are confused. The “harassment” you feel from the gay community is not the responsibility or directive of Rose. They are only one of the groups of people who support Rose. I am straight, I watch city council on TV and pay particular attention to how the council votes and why. I support Rose. Couldn't care less if she has a husband or wife. I just like the attention she pays to her job and her commitment to what she perceives as right. I do mot necessarily agree with her every vote. However, I support her whole heartedly. She is a kind druggist also. When I am in her store and her customers come in, I watch how she interacts with them. Making them feel comfortable, taking the time to ask about them and their families. Always asking if she can help. S he genuinely cares and it is that caring that I see in her approach to her council job. I very much look forward to her honest, informed approach in the county!

I would urge you to pay more attention to the issues, which are many, and less time to your own ill conceived spin of your opponents views So far it just makes you look low and dishonest and no one for whom I would even consider voting. How about campaigning on your merits and let Rose do the same and allow us, the voters, to make our choice?

Anonymous said...

I would highly encourage everyone to write this candidate to encourage him to stick to the issue, stop the name calling and attacks. He is one that feels that since he is married, has 2 children and lives in a middle class neighborhood, he is more qualified. I know they are running for District one, but since they will have voting power, they can adversely affect us all. His email is

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Seminole Heights in the past, I have always tried to keep up with the happenings, I am a religous reader/poster to the blog. I feel it is my responsibility to write to Mr. Swanson, Below is the letter that was sent to both Mr. Swanson and Ms. Ferlita.


Dear Mr. Swanson,

I am writing regarding your personal, mean-spirited attacks on Ms. Rose Ferlita. As a long time Tampa resident, I feel I can no longer sit idly by as you continue to take cheap shots at your opponent. I feel that these are signs of a desperate candidate to attempt to gain some form of recognition. Please ask yourself is it worth it. If you lose, what will you have accomplished? It is so upsetting to see what has happened to the Republican Party. It appears that if you go to church, preach conservatism, you are the best candidate. It seems that all of our candidates spew hatred, discrimination and bigotry in the name of religion and the Republican Party. Please remember, the same good book that teaches us that Homosexuality is wrong, also tells us that it is wrong to re-marry after a divorce. It also teaches us that it is wrong for a married person to have an extramarital affair. However, both of our top Gubernatorial candidates fit in this category. Haven't heard much about this in their speeches have we. I am highly offended at your personal attacks and am writing to ask you to please apologize, and stick to the issues. So far, I have not seen one ounce of substance out of your campaign. All you have done is stirred the hornets nest. If you look at Ms. Ferlita's record, you will see that this woman has done more for this city, even when unpopular. She has been a true voice of the voter, not just another representative for big business. As a small business owner, I look for values such as hers to stand up for me. Stop taking on special interest. Personally, what happens in someone’s private bedroom is none of yours or my business. What anyone does has no affect on my life. Instead my concern are taxes, social service, Cleaning up this littered city/county, strengthen code enforcement, improving our roads, finding and answer for our insurance and property taxes. These are what we truly want to know. So far, I have not seen any of this from your campaign. Ms. Ferlita has been an exceptional servant to our city and neighborhoods. By personally attacking her, you have caused a backlash to your campaign. You have rallied the voters to come to the aid of her campaign. Seminole Heights, where her business is located, has benefited for years from her hard work and service. You have successfully managed to get them fired up to ensure Rose Ferlita is elected. Visit You will see the true feelings that this neighborhood has for this candidate. What you fail to realize is that while other areas may be out of your district, with voting power, all candidates do represent the entire city. Seminole Heights is the largest single neighborhood within the city of Tampa. They have a huge disposable income and politically, they are the number one force in this city. They have won neighborhood of the year on a national lever due to their activism. The blog mentioned above was voted one of the "top must read blogs in the entire city" and yes, they do have gay population. The Republican party will soon face the biggest challenge yet, how will they come more inclusive. They are based on discrimination and exclusion all while hiding behind religion and “Freedom”. Personally, I am tired of dirty politics. I am tired of the underhanded, cheap shots taken at opponents, especially in a PRIMARY! When you lose the primary, how can you possibly face the voters of Tampa and endorse your parties candidate. I am ashamed and embarrassed at your high-school behavior. I feel I must do everything in my power to ensure that my city, my party will never be represented by a candidate of your low morals and personality. I will do everything in my power to volunteer to help Ms. Ferlitas campaign, I will donated the maximum allowed by law and I will recruit and spread the work to my colleagues, friends and neighbors. Do yourself a favor, google your name and see what kind of man you have become, do you really want your kids to grow up to see that this same man is their father.


Bruce and Sheryl Allbright

Educated and Compassionate Republicans for Rose.

PS. I have not met Rose personally, but I am an educated voter that watches the City Council meetings occasionally. I have cc'd her on this email as a show of support for your lack of tolerance and void substance on the true issues that matter to responsible, educated voters.

Anonymous said...

Please note. Seminole Heights is not in District 1. However we can influence those who live there

Anonymous said...

While we are not in District 1, they will be voting on issues that affect us here in Seminole Heights. We must do all we can to influence results in all elections for City and County Government. This can be done by monetary or volunteer donations.

Anonymous said...

I can saftely say after trying to read all this I need a monster bong hit.

Anonymous said...

It is about 4:20. Just don't let Mr. Swanson find out.

Anonymous said...

I was reading this thread when 4:20 rolled around. To bad I'm not rolling a joint.

Anonymous said...

By law, what is the maximum amount you can give to a county commissioner candidate?

Anonymous said...


420... is not any longer what it once it out...I belive it refers now to a deceased party.