Monday, September 04, 2006

What Grinds My Gears

(Thanks to last nights episode of Family Guy for the Title)

Tonight we went to Wendy's for some drive thru dinner. As I order I notice that the order screen does not work so I do not know if my order was taken correctly. The price seemed high. I get my order nd my receipt. I was charged for a 1/2 swiss and bacon burger, not the 1/4 lb one I ordered. So I have to go inside and get if fixed. They take my 1/2 pounder, throw it away and cook me a 1/4 and refund the overage. (In McDonalds they would have had me keep the sanwich and just refunded the overage)

The McDonalds on Hills and 19th has had it's order system out for 3 weeks it seems.

What is it with these stores? Why have the systems if you are not going to get theme fixed!


Anonymous said...

its fast food.
the employees are teenagers.
they can't pay decent wages.

the food will kill you.

what can you really expect for a few dollar meal?

Anonymous said...

Don't go to them!

Anonymous said...

Why would someone even bother posting this?

Anonymous said...

Same reason someone would bother responding to it I guess.