Thursday, September 28, 2006

South Seminole Heights looking for Newsletter Distributors

"Dear Neighbors,

We need a few volunteers to help to distribute the next issue of The Banner newsletter.

Each distribution route can be covered in about 45 minutes.

The distribution would need to be completed between of October 1 to 7. We will drop the newsletters at the volunteers' doorstep with instructions.

If you are willing to give about 45 minutes of your time for the benefit our neighborhood, please call Gary at 404-5222.

We appreciate your willingness to help!



CPacific said...


I reside off of west Hanna ave

Im able to help if you have a route in my area

Do you ?
Your welcome to contact me

746 6744 ask for carolann

I can walk this stuff cant I
I no longer have car.I have access to one tho if needed.


Anonymous said...


Again, you live in Old Seminole Heights not Southeast Sem Hts but be my guest to assist in distribution of the newsletter.

Cpacific said...

old seminole? Hm I see.
ok well good luck in the area distribution.